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Driver Implementation for iCompression or Conexant Video Capture Cards

The primary goal of the IVTV project is to provide a "clean room" Linux
open source driver implementation for video capture cards based on the
iCompression iTVC15 or Conexant CX23415/CX23416 MPEG Codec. Examples of
such cards are the Hauppauge PVR 250/350 series of MPEG video capture
cards, the Hauppauge "freestyle", and the AVerMedia M179 AVerTV. The
freestyle has not been tested, but it should work or at least be easy
to get working.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
ivtv-buffer.patch 0000000310 310 Bytes over 13 years
ivtv-firmware.tar.gz 0000125526 123 KB over 13 years
ivtv-optflags.patch 0000000328 328 Bytes about 12 years
ivtv-splice.patch 0000000512 512 Bytes over 14 years
ivtv-utils-1.4.0.tar.bz2 0000157601 154 KB about 12 years
ivtv.changes 0000010273 10 KB over 9 years
ivtv.spec 0000004406 4.3 KB over 9 years
preamble 0000000020 20 Bytes about 15 years
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