Network Kanji Code Conversion Filter

Nkf is a yet another Kanji code converter among networks, hosts, and
terminals. It converts input Kanji code to designated Kanji code, such
as 7-bit JIS, MS-kanji (shifted-JIS) or EUC.

One of the most unique facility of nkf is the guess of the input kanji
code. It currently recognizes 7-bit JIS, MS-kanji (shifted-JIS), and
EUC. So users do not need the input Kanji code specification.

By default, X0201 kana is converted into X0208 kana. For X0201 kana,
SO/SI, SSO and ESC-(-I methods are supported. For automatic code
detection, nkf assumes no X0201 kana in MS-Kanji. To accept X0201 in
MS-Kanji, use -X, -x, or -S.

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