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A Library to Manipulate XML Files

The XML C library was initially developed for the GNOME project. It is
now used by many programs to load and save extensible data structures
or manipulate any kind of XML files.

This library implements a number of existing standards related to
markup languages, including the XML standard, name spaces in XML, XML
Base, RFC 2396, XPath, XPointer, HTML4, XInclude, SGML catalogs, and
XML catalogs. In most cases, libxml tries to implement the
specification in a rather strict way. To some extent, it provides
support for the following specifications, but does not claim to
implement them: DOM, FTP client, HTTP client, and SAX.

The library also supports RelaxNG. Support for W3C XML Schemas is in

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
baselibs.conf 0000000022 22 Bytes over 13 years
libxml2-2.7.8.tar.bz2 0003770737 3.6 MB almost 11 years
libxml2-CVE-2010-4494.patch 0000000783 783 Bytes almost 11 years
libxml2-CVE-2011-1944.patch 0000004050 3.96 KB over 10 years
libxml2-CVE-2011-2821.patch 0000007022 6.86 KB almost 10 years
libxml2-CVE-2011-3102.patch 0000000943 943 Bytes over 9 years
libxml2-CVE-2011-3919.patch 0000000681 681 Bytes almost 10 years
libxml2-CVE-2012-0841.patch 0000009028 8.82 KB over 9 years
libxml2-python-rpmlintrc 0000000088 88 Bytes over 13 years
libxml2-python.changes 0000059004 57.6 KB almost 11 years
libxml2-python.spec 0000002663 2.6 KB over 9 years
libxml2.changes 0000061327 59.9 KB over 9 years
libxml2.spec 0000005305 5.18 KB over 9 years
noxref.patch 0000003721 3.63 KB over 11 years
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