Implementation of the SASL framework and a few common SASL mechanisms

GNU SASL is an implementation of the Simple Authentication and
Security Layer framework and a few common SASL mechanisms. SASL is
used by network servers (e.g., IMAP, SMTP) to request authentication
from clients, and in clients to authenticate against servers.

Source Files
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libgsasl-1.10.0.tar.gz 0001854755 1.77 MB 23 days
libgsasl-1.10.0.tar.gz.sig 0000000488 488 Bytes 23 days
libgsasl.changes 0000009118 8.9 KB 23 days
libgsasl.keyring 0000082317 80.4 KB 23 days
libgsasl.spec 0000003482 3.4 KB 23 days
Comments for libgsasl 2

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dmulder wrote 11 months ago

It seems this package has inadvertently disabled gssapi: [ 71s] configure: checking for GSS implementation (yes) [ 71s] configure: auto-detecting GSS/MIT/Heimdal [ 71s] configure: use --with-gssapi-impl=IMPL to hard code [ 71s] configure: where IMPL is gss',mit', or `heimdal' [ 71s] checking for libgss... no [ 71s] configure: WARNING: GNU GSS not found (see [ 71s] configure: WARNING: Auto-detecting MIT/Heimdal is unreliable, disabling GSSAPI

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elvigia wrote 11 months ago

I accepted your request now.

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