A MySQL visual modeling tool

MySQL Workbench provides DBAs and developers an integrated tools environment
* Database Design & Modeling
* SQL Development (replacing MySQL Query Browser)
* Database Administration (replacing MySQL Administrator)

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fix_aarch64_build.patch 0000000560 560 Bytes over 2 years
mysql-workbench-antlr4.patch 0000001320 1.29 KB 10 months
mysql-workbench-community-8.0.19-src.tar.gz 0019391463 18.5 MB 10 months
mysql-workbench-dependences.patch 0000000369 369 Bytes 10 months
mysql-workbench-hidpi.patch 0000012975 12.7 KB 10 months
mysql-workbench-keyring-check.patch 0000000812 812 Bytes almost 2 years
mysql-workbench-license-location.patch 0000000574 574 Bytes almost 2 years
mysql-workbench-mariadb.patch 0000004057 3.96 KB 10 months
mysql-workbench-no-check-for-updates.patch 0000001212 1.18 KB almost 2 years
mysql-workbench-old-api.patch 0000000731 731 Bytes almost 2 years
mysql-workbench-proj-ldconfig.patch 0000000695 695 Bytes 9 months
mysql-workbench-unbundle-libscintilla.patch 0000006890 6.73 KB 10 months
mysql-workbench-unused-glx-call.patch 0000000552 552 Bytes 10 months
mysql-workbench-warnings-fix.patch 0000003205 3.13 KB 10 months
mysql-workbench.changes 0000022575 22 KB 9 months
mysql-workbench.rpmlintrc 0000000227 227 Bytes over 6 years
mysql-workbench.spec 0000007439 7.26 KB 9 months
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Comments for mysql-workbench 6

Fred Blaise's avatar

chapeaurouge wrote over 1 year ago


Could you please do a build for version 8.0.18? It's been a while since I used osc, and it seems I can't install it right now due to some python3-M2Crypto issue (didn't look further).

Thanks! Best,

andre verwijs's avatar

dutchglory wrote about 1 year ago

same here, please update to 8.0.18 source code here: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/ (for OS choose "source code" )

thank you..

Fred Blaise's avatar

chapeaurouge wrote 10 months ago

@dimstar_suse, could you please work some magic here to update the package? Does not even start for me after updating to tumbleweed VERSION_ID="20200322" :-/ Thanks.

Mykola Krachkovsky's avatar

NickLion wrote 15 days ago

Sorry so late after breakage as I had no time to dig python code, but I've finally have found problem (python2 have internal libffi ABI 7 and TW have libffi ABI 8). You could use my patched python2 from [1] for now. If it won't be possible to drag that change into TW repository (as python2 is obsolete and ABI change is potentially quite harmful) I'll try to hack-around just workbench. But as far as python2 would be removed so would be mysql-workbench as it's not python3-ready.

[1] https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/NickLion:/branches:/devel:/languages:/python:/Factory/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/

Dmitry Sidorov's avatar

JonMagon wrote 1 day ago

It's dependent on libgdal.so.27 and can't be installed on Tumbleweed. 8.0.22 from server:database successfully installed, but throws errors on run. With fresh installed OS it also doesn't work and in fact wasn't working before. I never faced issues with this tool in other distributions. What's wrong with this package?

Mykola Krachkovsky's avatar

NickLion wrote 1 day ago

Update request wasn't accepted yet, so there is old version in factory now.

PS package is not wrong, it's python2.

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