The Linux Loader, a Boot Menu

LILO boots Linux from your hard drive. It can also boot other operating
systems, such as MS-DOS and OS/2, and can even boot DOS from the second
hard drive. The configuration file is /etc/lilo.conf.

The PowerPC variant can be used on new PowerMacs and CHRP machines.

The ix86 variant comes with Memtest86, offering an image that can be
booted to perform a memory test.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
lilo-24.2.tar.gz 0000777400 759 KB over 3 years
lilo-ppc-24.2.tar.xz 0000235864 230 KB almost 3 years
lilo.changes 0000125776 123 KB almost 3 years
lilo.spec 0000006913 6.75 KB almost 3 years
lilo.src.Makefile.patch 0000000811 811 Bytes over 3 years
lilo.x86.array-bounds.patch 0000001858 1.81 KB almost 8 years
lilo.x86.checkit.patch 0000000331 331 Bytes almost 8 years
lilo.x86.mount_by_persistent_name.patch 0000002555 2.5 KB almost 8 years
yaboot-24.2-150408.027659a.tar.xz 0000209032 204 KB almost 3 years
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