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C++ library of math., signal processing and communication routines


IT++ is a C++ library of mathematical, signal processing and communication classes and functions. Its main use is in simulation of communication systems and for performing research in the area of communications. The kernel of the library consists of generic vector and matrix classes, and a set of accompanying routines. Such a kernel makes IT++ similar to MATLAB or GNU Octave.

Source Files
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gtest_support.patch 0000003196 3.12 KB about 8 years
itpp-4.3.1.tar.bz2 0001289687 1.23 MB over 7 years
itpp-4.3.1_memmove.patch 0000000605 605 Bytes almost 7 years
itpp-reproducible.patch 0000001354 1.32 KB about 4 years
itpp-respect_dlib_suffix.diff 0000001013 1013 Bytes about 6 years
itpp.changes 0000005289 5.17 KB over 2 years
itpp.spec 0000005302 5.18 KB over 2 years
libitpp-4.0.7-namespace.patch 0000000240 240 Bytes about 11 years
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