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A Backup and Archiving Utility

GNU cpio is a program to manage archives of files. This package also
includes 'mt', a tape drive control program. Cpio copies files into or
out of a cpio or tar archive. An archive is a file that contains other
files plus information about them, such as their pathname, owner, time
stamps, and access permissions. The archive can be another file on the
disk, a magnetic tape, or a pipe. This package normally includes the
program 'rmt', which provides remote tape drive control. Because there
is a compatible 'rmt' in the 'dump' package, 'rmt' is not included in
this package. If you are planning to use the remote tape features
provided by cpio, install the 'dump' package as well.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-Fix-memory-overrun-on-reading-improperly-created-lin.patch 0000008326 8.13 KB over 7 years
cpio-2.11.tar.bz2 0001018483 995 KB about 12 years
cpio-close_files_after_copy.patch 0000000460 460 Bytes almost 12 years
cpio-default_tape_dev.patch 0000000926 926 Bytes about 12 years
cpio-dev_number.patch 0000000983 983 Bytes about 12 years
cpio-dir_perm.patch 0000008121 7.93 KB about 12 years
cpio-eof_tape_handling.patch 0000001922 1.88 KB about 12 years
cpio-fix_truncation_check.patch 0000000492 492 Bytes almost 8 years
cpio-mt.patch 0000018223 17.8 KB about 12 years
cpio-open_nonblock.patch 0000001393 1.36 KB about 12 years
cpio-pattern-file-sigsegv.patch 0000000750 750 Bytes almost 12 years
cpio-stdio.in.patch 0000000582 582 Bytes almost 10 years
cpio-use_new_ascii_format.patch 0000000945 945 Bytes about 12 years
cpio-use_sbin_rmt.patch 0000001020 1020 Bytes about 12 years
cpio.changes 0000015611 15.2 KB about 7 years
cpio.spec 0000004287 4.19 KB about 7 years
paxutils-rtapelib_mtget.patch 0000000490 490 Bytes over 8 years
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