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FreeWnn Japanese Input System--Server Only

FreeWnn is a Kana-Kanji translation system, originally developed by a
joint project made up of Kyoto University, OMRON Corporation [formerly
known as Tateishi Electronics Co.], and ASTEC Inc. Further development
and maintenance is now done by the "FreeWnn Project"

The name "Wnn", is an acronym for the Japanese sentence "Watashino
Namaeha Nakanodesu" (literally, it means "my name is Nakano."), and is
derived from a goal of the project: to develop a system powerful enough
to translate a whole sentence like that at once. The source code has
been written in C and is freely distributed. Consequently, Wnn spread
widely among workstation platforms, and became a de facto standard as a
Kana-Kanji translation system for UNIX operating systems.

Wnn works in a client/server manner. The server portion of Wnn, or
jserver, is used as a Kana-Kanji translation engine for clients like
"xwnmo" and "kinput2" (input systems for the X Window System) or for
clients like "Egg", which are part of Mule (MUlti-Lingual Emacs) and

This package contains only the Japanese server.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
FreeWnn-1.1.1-a023.tar.gz 0003712238 3.54 MB about 7 years
FreeWnn-fsstnd.patch 0000001930 1.88 KB about 9 years
FreeWnn-ja.patch 0000005060 4.94 KB about 7 years
FreeWnn-noroot.patch 0000009960 9.73 KB about 7 years
FreeWnn-s390x.patch 0000001522 1.49 KB over 12 years
FreeWnn-trad_cpp.patch 0000002963 2.89 KB about 7 years
FreeWnn-warnings.patch 0000001293 1.26 KB about 7 years
fwnn-rpmlintrc 0000000175 175 Bytes over 12 years
fwnn.changes 0000023788 23.2 KB about 7 years
fwnn.spec 0000020770 20.3 KB about 7 years
rcfcwnn 0000002323 2.27 KB about 7 years
rcfkwnn 0000002250 2.2 KB about 7 years
rcftwnn 0000002301 2.25 KB about 7 years
rcfwnn 0000002255 2.2 KB about 7 years
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