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PHP MemcacheD client Extension


This extension uses libmemcached library to provide API for communicating with memcached servers.

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Comments for php7-memcached 2

Hans de Raad

hcderaad wrote 7 months ago

The PECL extension has released a new version after the last OBS revision (OBS 3.1.2 -> 3.1.3): http://pecl.php.net/package-info.php?package=memcached&version=3.1.3 Fixes * Fix --disable-memcached-session by ifdef-ing session INI handler callbacks (#396, #420)

Also the required libmemcached version seems somewhat out of date (libmemcached-devel >= 1.0.10 in the specfile), the PECL extension advises: It is highly recommended to use version 1.0.18 of libmemcached.

Arjen de Korte

adkorte wrote 7 months ago

The required version of libmemcached-devel is just that - the package won't build if only an older version is available. Since this extension is tested with 1.0.8 or higher, the current requirement is actually a little more strict than absolutely necessary.

Having said that, the package will always be built against the actual version in the distribution, which as far as I can see is 1.0.18 for almost any (if not all) supported releases.

It makes no sense to require a higher version of libmemcached-devel.