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R - statistics package (S-Plus like)

R is a language which is not entirely unlike the S language developed at
AT&T Bell Laboratories by Rick Becker, John Chambers and Allan Wilks.
AUTHORS: R Core Team

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R-3.3.1.tar.bz2 25 MB 5 days ago
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Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 403835 1 day ago (revision 48)
- upstream release 3.3.1
- Most important changes
  CHANGES IN R 3.3.1:
    * R CMD INSTALL and hence install.packages() gave an internal error
      installing a package called description from a tarball on a
      case-insensitive file system.
    * match(x, t) (and hence x %in% t) failed when x was of length one,
      and either character and x and t only differed in their Encoding
      or when x and t where complex with NAs or NaNs.  (PR#16885.)
    * unloadNamespace(ns) also works again when ns is a 'namespace', as
      from getNamespace().
    * rgamma(1,Inf) or rgamma(1, 0,0) no longer give NaN but the
      correct limit.
    * length(baseenv()) is correct now.
    * pretty(d, ..) for date-time d rarely failed when "halfmonth" time
      steps were tried (PR#16923) and on 'inaccurate' platforms such as
      32-bit windows or a configuration with --disable-long-double; see
      comment #15 of PR#16761.
    * In text.default(x, y, labels), the rarely(?) used default for
      labels is now correct also for the case of a 2-column matrix x
      and missing y.
    * as.factor(c(a = 1L)) preserves names() again as in R < 3.1.0.
    * strtrim(""[0], 0[0]) now works.
    * Use of Ctrl-C to terminate a reverse incremental search started
      by Ctrl-R in the readline-based Unix terminal interface is now
      supported for readline >= 6.3 (Ctrl-G always worked).  (PR#16603)
    * diff(<difftime>) now keeps the "units" attribute, as subtraction
      already did, PR#16940.

Comments for openSUSE:Factory (1)

Aaron Puchert aaronpuchert wrote 2 months ago

The main package is categorized as "Productivity/Scientific/Math", while some subpackages are in "Development/Libraries/Other", and the most are in "Developement/Libraries/Other". (Note the typo!) That doesn't sound right.

Maybe now that there are so many packages, does it make sense to open a new category? "Development/Libraries/R"? This could also be the canonical place for packages from CRAN.