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Session Tools for the GNOME Desktop

This package provides the basic session tools, like session management
functionality, for the GNOME Desktop.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
gnome 3.26 KB over 2 years ago Download File
gnome-session-3.20.2.tar.xz 768 KB about 1 month ago Download File
gnome-session-check-dbus-update-activation-environment.patch 1.05 KB 6 days ago Download File
gnome-session-ice-auth-for-suid.patch 649 Bytes about 8 years ago Download File
gnome-session-logging-to-systemd-journal-configurable.patch 4.79 KB about 1 month ago Download File
gnome-session.changes 128 KB 6 days ago Download File
gnome-session.spec 6.51 KB 8 days ago Download File
gnome.desktop 6.66 KB 10 months ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 419967 2 days ago (revision 162)
- Update
  gnome-session-check-dbus-update-activation-environment.patch: use
  the upstream commited solution

- Add gnome-session-check-dbus-update-activation-environment.patch:
  Check if dbus-update-activation-environment exists before calling
  it to silence warnings for SLE12 SP2 and LEAP 42.2 (bsc#993342,

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