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The GNU Transport Layer Security Library

The GnuTLS project aims to develop a library that provides a secure
layer over a reliable transport layer. Currently the GnuTLS library
implements the proposed standards of the IETF's TLS working group.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
baselibs.conf 147 Bytes 10 months ago Download File
gnutls-3.4.8.tar.xz 6.32 MB 19 days ago
gnutls-3.4.8.tar.xz.sig 287 Bytes 19 days ago Download File
gnutls.changes 120 KB 19 days ago Download File
gnutls.keyring 82.1 KB over 2 years ago Download File
gnutls.spec 9.8 KB 19 days ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 354655 14 days ago (revision 88)
- Update to 3.4.8
  All changes since 3.4.4:
  * libgnutls: Corrected memory leak in gnutls_pubkey_import_privkey()
    when used with PKCS #11 keys.
  * libgnutls: For DSA and ECDSA keys in PKCS #11 objects, import
    their public keys from either a public key object or a certificate.
    That is, because private keys do not contain all the required
    parameters for a direct import.
  * libgnutls: Fixed issue when writing ECDSA private keys in PKCS #11
  * libgnutls: Fixed out-of-bounds read in 
  * libgnutls: The CHACHA20-POLY1305 ciphersuites were updated to 
    conform to draft-ietf-tls-chacha20-poly1305-02.
  * libgnutls: Several fixes in PKCS #7 signing which improve 
    compatibility with the MacOSX tools.
  * libgnutls: The max-record extension not negotiated on DTLS. This
    resolves issue with the max-record being negotiated but ignored.
  * certtool: Added the --p7-include-cert and --p7-show-data options.
  * libgnutls: Properly require TLS 1.2 in all CBC-SHA256 and CBC-SHA384
    ciphersuites. This solves an interoperability issue with openssl.
  * libgnutls: Corrected the setting of salt size in 
  * libgnutls: On a rehandshake allow switching from anonymous to ECDHE 
    and DHE ciphersuites.
  * libgnutls: Corrected regression from 3.3.x which prevented 
    ARCFOUR128 from using arbitrary key sizes.
  * libgnutls: Added GNUTLS_SKIP_GLOBAL_INIT macro to allow programs
    skipping the implicit global initialization.
  * gnutls.pc: Don't include libtool specific options to link flags. (forwarded request 354652 from namtrac)

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