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A compiled, garbage-collected, concurrent programming language

Go is an expressive, concurrent, garbage collected systems programming language that is type safe and memory safe. It has pointers but no pointer arithmetic. Go has fast builds, clean syntax, garbage collection, methods for any type, and run-time reflection. It feels like a dynamic language but has the speed and safety of a static language.

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README.SUSE 4.79 KB about 1 year ago Download File
allow-binary-only-packages.patch 532 Bytes 8 months ago Download File
armv6l.patch 356 Bytes about 2 months ago Download File
fix_certificates_lookup.patch 842 Bytes about 2 months ago Download File
gcc5-go.patch 2.5 KB about 2 months ago Download File
gcc6-go.patch 2.5 KB about 1 month ago Download File
go-1.5-build-dont-reinstall-stdlibs.patch 1.18 KB 11 months ago Download File
go-1.5-install-dont-reinstall-stdlibs.patch 581 Bytes about 2 months ago Download File
go-rpmlintrc 163 Bytes over 5 years ago Download File
go.changes 56.5 KB 27 days ago Download File
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go1.7.src.tar.gz 13.4 MB 2 months ago
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Latest Revision

Thomas Boerger Thomas Boerger (tboerger) accepted request 431323 17 days ago (revision 270)
- update to go1.7.0 (bsc#996303)
  Most of its changes are in the implementation of the toolchain,
  runtime, and libraries. There is one minor change to the language
  The release adds a port to IBM LinuxOne; updates the x86-64 compiler
  back end to generate more efficient code; includes the context package,
  promoted from the x/net subrepository and now used in the standard
  library; and adds support in the testing package for creating
  hierarchies of tests and benchmarks. The release also finalizes
  the vendoring support started in Go 1.5, making it a standard feature. 
  more at: https://golang.org/doc/go1.7
  Review patches: 
    - armv6l.patch
    - fix_certificates_lookup.patch,
    - go-1.5-install-dont-reinstall-stdlibs.patch
    - gcc5-go.patch

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