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Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs from audio CDs

libdiscid is a C library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs from audio
CDs. It reads a CD's table of contents (TOC) and generates an
identifier which can be used to lookup the CD at MusicBrainz.
Additionally, it provides a submission URL for adding the DiscID to the

The interface of this library is new, but the DiscID algorithm and the
operating system dependent CD-ROM/DVD-ROM access code have been ported
from libmusicbrainz version 2. For more info about the interface read
the [WWW] API documentation.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
baselibs.conf 11 Bytes about 4 years ago Download File
libdiscid-0.6.1.tar.gz 358 KB about 1 year ago Download File
libdiscid-no-crypto.patch 2.76 KB 12 months ago Download File
libdiscid.changes 5.78 KB 12 months ago Download File
libdiscid.spec 3.33 KB 12 months ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 286474 12 months ago (revision 25)
- Add baselibs.conf as source 

- Update to version 0.6.1
  * LIB-59: windows: fix bug preventing ISRC reads
- Changes from version 0.6.0
  * LIB-41: add discid_get_troc_string() for fuzzy toc lookup
  * LIB-54: add libmusicbrainz example with fuzzy toc lookup
  * LIB-43: windows: the default drive is the first cd drive letter
  * LIB-45: Linux/BSD/Solaris: try several possible default device names
  * LIB-28: Mac: allow drive numbers as devices, default now "1"
  * LIB-55, LIB-56: allow drive numbers for Windows and Linux
  * LIB-53: discid_get_submission_url() returns the new NGS url
    currently no functional change, the old url was redirected
  * LIB-52: more validation for parameters of discid_put()
  * LIB-48: assert successful read/put when API is used
  * the discisrc example prints the name of the device used
- Add pkgconfig(libmusicbrainz5) build require; new upstream dependency
- Update libdiscid-no-crypto.patch

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