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PyMOL is a Python-enhanced molecular graphics tool. It excels at 3D visualization of proteins, small molecules, density, surfaces, and trajectories. It also includes molecular editing, ray tracing, and movies. Open Source PyMOL is free to everyone!

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Latest Revision

David Hall David Hall (cowsandmilk) committed 4 days ago (revision 99)
- update to svn rev 4160
  * experimental MMTF load support
  * map export in CCP4 format
  * SDF V3000 import/export support
  * refactor molecular file formats export: Unified handling of PDB, PQR, mmCIF, MOL2, SDF, XYZ, MAE
  * PLY geometry import (as CGO)
  * new command: unset_deep
  * new setting: cartoon_all_alt: Create cartoon for every alt code
  * stick_h_scale: default=1.0 (was: 0.4) but remove dependency on negative stick_radius
  * auto_show_classified: Visualize small (< 50 atoms) polymer classified molecules like organic
  * bymol selection operator: ignore zero-order bonds
  * menu: isomesh/surface negative color
  * improve alignment of residues with unknown resn (e.g. ligands):
    give a match score of 5 to perfect matches of unknown residue codes.
    Previously, those got match score -1.
  * remove broken and obsolete "PMO" file support
  * use "label_digits" setting with "label" command
  * do not resize window when loading a session file
  * fix ignored SCALE w/ identity rotation (e.g. 1WAP)
  * fix "scene auto, clear" (Scene > Delete)
  * new setting: pick_shading: do flat shading for programmable image color analysis
  * experimental cmd.raw_image_callback: post cmd.draw() callback

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