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The successor of the Mozilla Application Suite

Originally based on the Netscape Communicator source, the SeaMonkey
project grew to be the most advanced web browser currently available.
It supports new techniques like CSS2, MathML, SVG, XML, transparent
PNGs, and its look is fully theme-able.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
_constraints 421 Bytes about 1 year ago Download File
compare-locales.tar.bz2 29.1 KB 26 days ago Download File
create-tar.sh 1.46 KB 26 days ago Download File
find-external-requires.sh 275 Bytes over 4 years ago Download File
l10n-2.39.tar.bz2 22.2 MB 26 days ago
mozilla-language.patch 1.72 KB 2 months ago Download File
mozilla-libproxy.patch 869 Bytes 26 days ago Download File
mozilla-no-stdcxx-check.patch 2.21 KB 2 months ago Download File
mozilla-nongnome-proxies.patch 1.74 KB almost 2 years ago Download File
mozilla-ntlm-full-path.patch 948 Bytes 2 months ago Download File
mozilla-openaes-decl.patch 907 Bytes 2 months ago Download File
mozilla-shared-nss-db.patch 4.58 KB 26 days ago Download File
mozilla-ua-locale.patch 1.09 KB 12 months ago Download File
mozilla.sh.in 4.19 KB about 1 year ago Download File
seamonkey-2.39-source.tar.bz2 216 MB 26 days ago
seamonkey-desktop.tar.bz2 22.4 KB almost 5 years ago Download File
seamonkey-rpmlintrc 29 Bytes almost 7 years ago Download File
seamonkey-ua-locale.patch 575 Bytes over 3 years ago Download File
seamonkey.changes 126 KB 26 days ago Download File
seamonkey.spec 13.8 KB 26 days ago Download File
search-addons.tar.bz2 2.3 KB over 9 years ago Download File
spellcheck.js 60 Bytes about 1 year ago Download File
suse-default-prefs.js 646 Bytes over 2 years ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 342684 23 days ago (revision 119)
- update to Seamonkey 2.39 (bnc#952810)
  * MFSA 2015-116/CVE-2015-4513/CVE-2015-4514
    Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
  * MFSA 2015-117/CVE-2015-4515 (bmo#1046421)
    Information disclosure through NTLM authentication
  * MFSA 2015-118/CVE-2015-4518 (bmo#1182778, bmo#1136692)
    CSP bypass due to permissive Reader mode whitelist
  * MFSA 2015-119/CVE-2015-7185 (bmo#1149000) (Android only)
    Firefox for Android addressbar can be removed after fullscreen mode
  * MFSA 2015-120/CVE-2015-7186 (bmo#1193027) (Android only)
    Reading sensitive profile files through local HTML file on Android
  * MFSA 2015-121/CVE-2015-7187 (bmo#1195735)
    disabling scripts in Add-on SDK panels has no effect
  * MFSA 2015-122/CVE-2015-7188 (bmo#1199430)
    Trailing whitespace in IP address hostnames can bypass same-origin policy
  * MFSA 2015-123/CVE-2015-7189 (bmo#1205900)
    Buffer overflow during image interactions in canvas
  * MFSA 2015-124/CVE-2015-7190 (bmo#1208520) (Android only)
    Android intents can be used on Firefox for Android to open privileged files
  * MFSA 2015-125/CVE-2015-7191 (bmo#1208956) (Android only)
    XSS attack through intents on Firefox for Android
  * MFSA 2015-126/CVE-2015-7192 (bmo#1210023) (OS X only)
    Crash when accessing HTML tables with accessibility tools on OS X
  * MFSA 2015-127/CVE-2015-7193 (bmo#1210302)
    CORS preflight is bypassed when non-standard Content-Type headers
    are received
  * MFSA 2015-128/CVE-2015-7194 (bmo#1211262)
    Memory corruption in libjar through zip files
  * MFSA 2015-129/CVE-2015-7195 (bmo#1211871)
    Certain escaped characters in host of Location-header are being

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