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HOWTO.xdm 1.25 KB over 4 years ago Download File
display-manager.service 629 Bytes 12 months ago Download File
xdm-1.1.11.tar.bz2 436 KB over 3 years ago Download File
xdm-consolekit.diff 6.55 KB about 2 years ago Download File
xdm-fallbacks.tar.bz2 1.03 KB about 4 years ago Download File
xdm-tolerant-hostname-changes.diff 3.44 KB about 2 years ago Download File
xdm.changes 18 KB 8 days ago Download File
xdm.spec 7.06 KB 8 days ago Download File
xdm.tar.bz2 21.9 KB 3 months ago Download File
xsession.desktop 83 Bytes 5 months ago Download File

Latest Revision

Egbert Eich Egbert Eich (eeich) committed 8 days ago (revision 136)
- spec-file:
  Move '%fillup_only -n displaymanager' into %else
  clause of test for initV/systemd as this is only
  required for systemd.

Comments for X11:XOrg (1)

jc sl jcsl wrote almost 2 years ago


Could you add "*international: true" to the default Xresources file so xmessage, for example, can show accents correctly, please? I see that xinit also provides a Xresources file, so I'm not sure if this is the right package for my request.