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View File cdw.changes of Package cdw (Project Archiving:Backup)

Fri Apr 26 19:47:49 UTC 2013 - asterios.dramis@gmail.com

- Removed cdrecord, dvd+rw-tools, libtool, mkisofs, pkg-config and
  update-desktop-files build requirements (not needed).
- Added automake build requirement (because of patching Makefile.am(in)).
- Removed cdw-0.7.1-add_missing_libtinfo.patch (not needed).
- Added cdw_ld_as_needed.diff to fix build failure with ld --as-needed. Removed
  SUSE_ASNEEDED=0 (not needed anymore).

Sat May 26 09:06:06 UTC 2012 - lazy.kent@opensuse.org

- Update to 0.7.1.
  * Fixing sf#3487958.
  * Dropdowns, button dialogs and few more places, like log window,
    recognize 'q' and 'Q' keys as cancel/escape keys.
  * When burning second or following session to a disc, cdw now
    tries to check which tool has been used to create ISO file
    system already existing on a disc, and select the same tool for
    creating appended file system; user is warned if cdw can't
    recognize a tool used to create ISO file system existing on the
  * Code handling signals has been improved: more signals are being
    handled, and code has been modified to make sure that final
    debug message is printed correctly, and that exit() is called
  * There has been made small change that should help to resolve
    problems with saving data in configuration window or in wizards
    with F10 key, when user runs cdw in terminal emulators that use
    F10 for their own purposes.
  * Fixing problem with ejecting drive tray.
  * Fixing usage of meta information fields - they are used only
    when they are accessible during task creation, i.e.
    preparer/publisher/copyright fields are only used during
    creation of standalone ISO9660 file system (because there is
    this "meta" tab in ISO9660 wizard), but not during creation of
    ISO9660 file system on the fly, because the "meta" tab is
    currently missing in write wizard.
  * cdw now can recognize "not a known option" error message
    printed by xorriso to stderr, and inform user about the fact.
  * Updating COPYING file (nothing harmless, just using corrected
    file with new snail mail address of Free Software Foundation
    and updated full name of LGPL license).
- Changes in 0.7.0.
  * Adding support for xorriso. cdw can employ xorriso to burn
    files and ISO images to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R disc, and to erase
    CD-RW discs; the support is limited and imperfect.
  * Adding new compile-time and run-time dependency: libburn.
  * Adding support for more digest (checksum) tools: sha1sum,
    sha224sum, sha256sum, sha384sum, sha512sum; a digest tool can
    be selected in Configuration -> Tools page.
  * Fixing sf#3111089, sf#3149329.
  * Fixing small annoyance with tray: it is reloaded less often
    during burning/verification.
  * Adding missing -lm library in src/Makefile.am.
  * Moving configuration file and log file from their original
    default locations (in $HOME dir) into their new location (in
    $HOME/.cdw/ dir (sf#3168259).
  * Improving recognition of track formats (TAO/DAO/SAO) supported
    by disc/drive when burning with cdrecord.
  * Adding (partial) recognition of capacity of CD/DVD discs; the
    capacity is displayed in main window if Configuration -> Log
    and misc -> ISO volume size -> Get sizes from disc is selected;
    this functionality doesn't work too well when using wodim.
  * Improving response to Esc key; in previous versions the delay
    between pressing Esc key and reaction to the key was
    considerable; now it is 50ms by default, and can be changed by
    command-line option.
  * Adding command-line option "--escdelay=X", where X is time in
  * Key 'q'/'Q' is now treated by some parts of user interface as
    'Esc' key.
  * Adding "verify data" button in main menu, the button invokes
    wizard that configures new functionality of cdw: calculating
    digest of arbitrary disc file, or comparing digests of selected
    file and first track of optical disc.
  * Simplifying main window - removing unnecessary double borders.
  * Adding hiding/showing hidden files in file system browser
    widget - user can toggle the hiding using '.' (dot) character.
  * Adding a wizard dialog for creating stand-alone ISO9660 image
  * Some options related to burning and to ISO9660 file system have
    been moved to wizard dialog windows.
  * Adding option fields for mkisofs and xorriso options, that
    allow editing Publisher, System ID, Volume Set ID and (in case
    of mkisofs) Preparer, Copyright and Abstract meta data; the
    data can be read from ~/.mkisofsrc or ~/.xorrisorc files; the
    fields are accessible through ISO9660 stand-alone file wizards
    only; they are not available through wizard that prepares "burn
    from files" process.
  * "Tools" page in Configuration window has been updated:
    dropdowns for growisofs, dvd+rw-mediainfo and dvd+rw-format
    have been removed: the tools aren't as "controversial" as
    cdrecord/wodim and mkisofs/genisoimage are - dropdowns for the
    two tools have been left intact; new dropdowns: "Tools for
    handling CDs" "Tool for creating stand alone ISO9660 file" have
    been added; cdw now displays progress information during
    calculating digest of source ISO file.
- Drop cdw-add_missing_libm.patch: fixed upstream.
- Add cdw-0.7.1-add_missing_libtinfo.patch: add missing linker flag
  for openSUSE >= 12.2.
- Add cdw-0.7.1-implicit-pointer-decl.patch: fix
  implicit-pointer-decl warning.
- Corrected License tag according to SPDX Standard.
- Use full URL as a source.
- BuildRequires: libburnia-devel.
- Recommends: xorriso.
- Remove %debug_package macro: it breaks build in OBS.
- Add TODO to docs.
- Clean up and formatting spec.

Mon Apr 11 21:25:10 CET 2011 - pascal.bleser@opensuse.org

- initial version (0.6.0)