File python-fake-factory.changes of Package python-fake-factory

Mon Aug 15 14:51:56 UTC 2016 -

- Fix update-alternatives implementation.

Mon May  9 18:45:35 UTC 2016 -

- Fix update-alternatives usage.

Mon May  9 18:35:41 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 0.5.7
  * Repackage to resolve PyPI issue.
- Update to 0.5.6
  * Add date handling for datetime functions. Thanks @rpkilby.
  * Discern male and female first names in pt_BR. Thanks @gabrielusvicente.
- Update to 0.5.5
  * Specify help text for command line. Thanks @cbaines.
- Update to 0.5.4
  * Expose Provider's random instance. Thank @gsingers for the suggestion.
  * Make sure required characters are in the password. Thanks @craig552uk.
  * Add `internet` and `jobs` Providers for `fa_IR`. Thanks @hamidfzm.
  * Correct Poland phone numbers. Thanks @fizista.
  * Fix brittly tests due to seconds elapsed in-between comparison
  * Allow unicode in emails and domains. Thanks @zdelagrange for the report.
  * Use ``dateutil`` for computing next_month. Thanks @mark-love, @rshk.
  * Fix tests module import. Thanks @jorti for the report.
  * Handle unexpected length in ``ean()``. Thanks @michaelcho.
  * Add internet provider for ``ja_JP``. Thanks @massa142.
  * Add Romanized Japanese person name. Thanks @massa142.
  * Add tzinfo support to datetime methods. Thanks @j0hnsmith.
  * Add an 'office' file extensions category. Thanks @j0hnsmith.
  * Generate name according to profile's sex. Thanks @Dutcho for the report.
  * Add ``bs_BA`` phone number and internet provider. Thanks @elahmo.
  * Add a SSN provider for ``zh_CN``. Thanks @felixonmars.
  * Differentiate male and female first names in ``fr_FR`` locale. Thanks @GregoryVds
  * Add Maestro credit card. Thanks @anthonylauzon.
  * Add ``hr_HR`` localization. Thanks @mislavcimpersak.
  * Update ``de_DE`` first names. Thanks @WarrenFaith and @mschoebel.
  * Allow generation of IPv4 and IPv6 network address with valid CIDR. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  * Unittest IPv4 and IPv6 address and network generation. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  * Add a new provider to generate random binary blob. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  * Check that randomly produced language codes are parseable as locale by the
    factory constructor. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  * Fix chinese random language code. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  * Remove duplicate words from Lorem provider. Thanks @jeffwidman. 

Tue Nov 10 08:02:59 UTC 2015 -

- Initial packaging (version 0.5.3)
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