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README.SuSE for package 'isapnp'

See the documentation in /usr/doc/packages/isapnp.

1) Run pnpdump to generate an isapnp.conf file:
pnpdump > /etc/isapnp.conf

2) Edit the isapnp.conf file to place the device(s)
where your driver(s) expect. This is where step 4 would have
been useful.

a) All configuration information is commented out, so uncomment
the lines beginning with '# (' that you want to use.
b) If the resource data specified a range of values, then only
the first will be put in the config entry. This should be editted
to suit.
c) DON'T FORGET to uncomment the (ACT Y) at the end of the logical
device entry if you want the device enabled !

3) Run isapnp
on the isapnp.conf file to check it has no errors.

4) Try to load the modules to access the PnP-hardware.

5) Booting:
If the file '/etc/isapnp.conf' exists, the programm 'isapnp' will be
executed automatically by '/sbin/init.d/pnp' in runlevel 1, 2 and 3.
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