File module-renames of Package kernel-source-rt

# Modules that have been renamed (from *-new to *, etc.)
# Note: we mostly care about storage drivers in this list; others
# will not usually end up in sysconfig files, and so the appropriate
# modules will get loaded when matchign hardware is detected. For
# convenience, we also include the foo-new drivers from older
# distributions here.
# This table has been created based on the results of the
# misc/obsolete-module-aliases script in the SUSE kernel CVS.

## SLES8 => SLES10
alias	bcm-new			bcm
alias	aic79xx-new		aic79xx

## SLES9 GA .. SLES9 SP3 => SLES10
alias	bcm4400	b44
alias	bcm5700	tg3
alias	bcm5700-new	tg3
alias	carmel	sx8
alias	e1000-new	e1000
alias	lpfcdd	lpfc
alias	qla2100	qla2xxx
alias	qla2200	qla2xxx
alias	qla2300	qla2xxx
alias	qla2322	qla2xxx
alias   qla2400 qla2xxx
alias	qla6312	qla2xxx
alias	qla6322	qla2xxx
alias	tg3-new	tg3