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Fri Nov 21 19:55:34 CET 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 27be064e0907
  + High: ais: Repair and streamline service load now that OpenAIS startup functions correctly
- Requires and is related to sr3936: Fix Bug bnc#444376 - openais segafults in lcr_ifact_release during shutdown

Fri Nov 21 14:00:11 CET 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 61d0af5c31c0
  + High: cib: Ensure configuration updates contain the correct values of admin_epoch
    Otherwise the configuration can not be kept in sync across the cluster
  + High: crmd: Bug LF:1962 - Don't NACK peers because they're not (yet) in our membership.  Just ignore them.
  + High: crmd: Prevent node re-probe loops by ensuring manditory actions always complete
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1996 - Correctly process disabled monitor operations
  + High: PE: Correctly calculate the number of available nodes for the clone to use
  + High: Tools: crm cli: catch system errors on file operations
  + High: Tools: crm cli: exit with an appropriate exit code
  + High: Tools: crm cli: new command: configure upgrade
  + High: Tools: crm cli: prevent key errors on missing cib attributes
  + High: Tools: crm cli: sometimes, on errors, level would change on single shot use
  + Medium: crmd: do_dc_join_filter_offer - Check the 'join' message is for the current instance before deciding to NACK peers
  + Medium: Tools: crm cli: replace inf with INFINITY
  + Medium: Tools: crm cli: supply provider only for ocf class primitives

Tue Nov 18 14:57:43 CET 2008 -

- Add man pages for Pacemaker admin tools
- Update source tarball to revision: eda05459ce58
  + High: Core: Repair the ability to have comments in the configuration
  + High: Tools: hb2openais: update logging and set logfile appropriately
  + High: ais: Hook up the openais.conf config logging options
  + High: ais: Zero out the PID of disconnecting clients
  + High: cib: Ensure global updates cause a disk write when appropriate
  + High: crmd: Ensure PE processing does not occur for all error cases in do_pe_invoke_callback
  + High: crmd: Requests to the CIB should cause any prior PE calculations to be ignored
  + Medium: PE: Prevent lsb scripts from being used in globally unique clones
  + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - display the meaning of the operation's rc code instead of the status
  + Medium: ais: Hook up the options for specifying the expected number of nodes and total quorum votes
  + Medium: crmd: Fix the handling of unexpected PE exits to ensure the current CIB is stored

Sat Nov  8 10:24:36 CET 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: e21021b77657 
  + High: crmd: Erase the correct node's status section when it returns

Fri Nov  7 14:09:15 CET 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 7508f211e536
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1988 - Ensure recurring operations always have the correct target-rc set
  + High: PE: Fix optional colocation
  + High: PE: Improve up the detection of 'new' nodes joining the cluster
  + High: PE: Prevent assert failures in master_color() by ensuring unmanaged masters are always reallocated to their current location
  + High: Tools: crm_shadow - Show more line number information after validation failures
  + High: ais: Ensure HA_RSCTMP exists for use by resource agents
  + High: crmd: Bug:1975 - crmd should wait indefinitely for stonith operations to complete
  + Medium: PE: Bug N:437719 - Ensure scores from colocated resources count when allocating groups
  + Medium: Tools: Bug LF:1985 - crm_mon - Correctly process failed cib queries to allow reconnection after cluster restarts
  + Medium: Tools: Bug LF:1987 - crm_verify incorrectly warns of configuration upgrades for the most recent version
  + Medium: Tools: attrd - Automatically refresh all attributes after a CIB replace operation
  + Medium: Tools: crm (bnc#441028): check for key error in attributes management
  + Medium: crmd: Detect deleted resource operations automatically
  + Medium: crmd: Erase a node's resource operations and transient attributes after a successful STONITH
  + Medium: crmd: Fix the recording of pending operations in the CIB
  + Medium: xml: Relax the restriction on the contents of rsc_locaiton.node

Mon Oct 27 14:15:30 CET 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 9082ded546ec
  + High: Tools: LF:1969 - Attrd never sets any properties in the cib
  + Medium: Core: Provide better feedback if Pacemaker is started by a stack it doesn't support
  + Medium: Ensure meta attributes are used consistantly
  + Medium: PE: Allow group and clone level resource attributes
  + Medium: PE: Make a best-effort guess at a migration threshold for people with 0.6 configs
  + Medium: Tools: crm_mon - Fix the display of timing data
  + Medium: Tools: crm_verify - check that we're being asked to validate a complete config

Tue Oct 14 08:10:28 CEST 2008 -

- Add heartbeat-common as a runtime dependancy
  This ensures the clustering user/group is installed and directories
  iare created with the right permissions

Mon Oct 13 11:58:59 CEST 2008 -

- Add openais as a hard dependancy

Thu Oct  9 12:20:08 CEST 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 9a6c6d1dd871 (1.0.0)
  + High: Core: Allow the expected number of quorum votes to be configrable
  + High: Tools: Make pingd functional on Linux
  + Medium: crmd: Avoid calling GHashTable functions with NULL
  + Medium: tools: crm_resource - return with non-zero when a resource migration command is invalid
  + Medium: tools: crm_shadow - Allow the admin to start with an empty CIB (and no cluster connection)
  + Medium: PE: Use the correct attribute for action 'requires' (was prereq)

Sun Sep 28 18:57:45 CEST 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 8415675fe428
  + High: Core: Only call xmlCleanupParser() if we parsed anything.  Doing so unconditionally seems to cause a segfault
  + High: improve pingd handling; several bugs fixed
  + High: hb2openais: fix clone creation; replace EVMS strings
  + High: stonithd: fix handling of timeouts
  + High: stonithd: fix logic for stonith resource priorities
  + High: stonithd: initialize value before reading fence-timeout
  + Medium: PE: Remove new options that are better set in rsc_defaults
  + Medium: PE: Detect clients that disconnect before receiving their reply
  + Medium: PE: ptest - check the input is valid before proceeding
  + Medium: crmd: Hook up the stonith-timeout option to stonithd
  + Medium: crmd: Prevent potential use-of-NULL in global_timer_callback
  + Medium: crmd: Rationalize the logging of graph aborts
  + Medium: xml: pacemaker-0.7 should be an alias for the 1.0 schema

Mon Sep 15 11:08:19 CEST 2008 -

- Create a libpacemaker subpackage

Thu Sep 11 09:33:12 CEST 2008 -

-  Update source tarball to revision: 2087f5b1a5a0
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1950 - Ensure the current values for all notification variables are always set (even if empty)
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Ensure unmanaged masters are unconditionally repromoted to ensure they are monitored correctly.
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Fix another case of filtering causing unmanaged master failures
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1955 - Umanaged mode prevents master resources from being allocated correctly
  + High: PE: Bug N:420538 - Anit-colocation caused a positive node preference
  + High: PE: Correctly handle unmanaged resources to prevent them from being started elsewhere
  + High: PE: crm_resource - Fix the --migrate command
  + High: ais: Move the service id definition to a common location and make sure it is always used
  + High: stonithd (LF 1951): fix remote stonith operations
  + Medium: Build: Make sure crm_config.h is only ever included once
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1950 - Notifications do not contain all documented resource state fields
  + Medium: PE: Bug N:417585 - Don't restart group children who's individual score drops below zero
  + Medium: PE: Implement a true maintenance mode
  + Medium: ais: Use the agreed service number
  + Medium: Tools: Implement a unified CLI shell

Mon Sep  1 10:25:58 CEST 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 1df197982079
- Try again to fix compilation in STABLE (this time also tested with mbuild)
- STONITH is now enabled by default and the cluster will warn if no STONITH resource is found

Sat Aug 30 12:38:56 CEST 2008 -

- Update source tarball to revision: 902885c90d96
- Fixes build ordering ssue that prevented compilation of lib/common

Wed Aug 20 17:05:00 CEST 2008 -

 - Update source tarball to revision: f567855328b7 (0.7.1)
  + Added features needed to support libdlm and ocfs2-tools
  + High: admin: Fix use-after-free in crm_mon
  + High: cib: Use single quotes so that the xpath queries for nvpairs will succeed
  + High: crmd: Always connect to stonithd when the TE starts and ensure we notice if it dies
  + High: crmd: Make sure async-failures cause the failcount to be incrimented
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Handle failed clone instance probes when clone-max < #nodes
  + High: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL - order->rsc_rh will not always be non-NULL
  + High: PE: Unpack colocation sets correctly
  + High: Tools: crm_mon - Prevent use-of-NULL for orphaned resources
  + Medium: Core: Get more details regarding parser errors
  + Medium: Core: Switch to the libxml2 parser - its significantly faster
  + Medium: PE: Allow groups to be involved in optional ordering constraints
  + Medium: PE: Allow sets of operations to be reused by multiple resources
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Mark extra clone instances as orphans and don't show inactive ones
  + Medium: PE: Determin the correct migration-threshold during resource expansion
  + Medium: PE: Implement no-quorum-policy=suicide (FATE #303619)
  + Lots of bug fixes

Mon Jul 21 16:26:00 CEST 2008 -

 - Update source tarball to revision: 7a31d0c33e22 (0.7.0)
  + High: Performance enhancements
  + High: Fix memory leaks and use-after-free
  + High: Admin: All tools now use --node (-N) for specifying node unames
  + High: Admin: All tools now use --xml-file (-x) and --xml-text (-X) for specifying where to find XML blobs
  + High: cib: Implement CIB_shadow - a facility for making and testing changes before uploading them to the cluster
  + High: cib: Make registering per-op callbacks an API call and renamed (for clarity) the API call for requesting notifications
  + High: Core: Add a facility for automatically upgrading old configurations
  + High: Core: Adopt libxml2 as the XML processing library - all external clients need to be recompiled
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1459 - Allow failures to expire
  + High: PE: Replace failure-stickiness with a simple 'migration-threshold'
  + High: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Handle failed clone instance probes when clone-max < #nodes
  + High: PE: Make OCF_ERR_ARGS a node-level error rather than a cluster-level one
  + High: PE: Properly handle clones that are not installed on all nodes
  + Medium: Admin: Bug LF:1438 - Allow the list of all/active resource operations to be queried by crm_resource
  + Medium: Admin: Bug LF:1708 - crm_resource should print a warning if an attribute is already set as a meta attribute
  + Medium: Admin: Bug LF:1883 - crm_mon should display fail-count and operation history
  + Medium: Admin: Bug N:371785 - crm_resource -C doesn't also clean up fail-count attributes
  + Medium: Admin: crm_mon - include timing data for failed actions
  + Medium: cib: Bug LF:1348 - Allow rules and attribute sets to be referenced for use in other objects
  + Medium: cib: BUG LF:1918 - By default, all cib calls now timeout after 30s
  + Medium: cib: Remove some useless parts of the API
  + Medium: cib: Implement the ability for clients to connect to remote servers
  + Medium: Core: Add support for validating xml against RelaxNG schemas
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1328 - Don't fencing nodes in clusters without managed resources
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1461 - Give transient node attributes (in <status/>) preference over persistent ones (in <nodes/>)
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1884, Bug LF:1885 - Implement N:M ordering and colocation constraints
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1886 - Create a resource and operation 'defaults' config section
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1892 - Allow recurring actions to be triggered at known times
  + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1926 - Probes should complete before stop actions are invoked
  + Medium: PE: Prefer the current location if it is one of a group of nodes with the same (highest) score

Sat May  3 07:35:35 CEST 2008 -

- Use a libexecdir consistent with openais

Tue Apr 29 08:01:10 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to upstream version 0.6.3-1
- Update source tarball to revision: fd8904c9bc67
- SNMP has been moved to the management/pygui project
- Many bugfixes, primarily related to master/slave resources and failcount handling
- Fix libtool version check and supply a better default for the LCRSO directory

Sat Apr 12 19:14:17 CEST 2008 -

- version 0.6.2-1
- Initial package check-in
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