File NEWS-rsync-3.0.3 of Package rsync

NEWS for rsync 3.0.3 (29 Jun 2008)
Protocol: 30 (unchanged)
Changes since 3.0.2:


    - Fixed a wildcard matching problem in the daemon when a module has
      "use chroot" enabled.

    - Fixed a crash bug in the hard-link code.

    - Fixed the sending of xattr directory information when the code finds a
      --link-dest or --copy-dest directory with unchanged xattrs -- the
      destination directory now gets these unchanged xattrs properly applied.

    - Fixed an xattr-sending glitch that could cause an "Internal abbrev"

    - Fixed the combination of --xattrs and --backup.

    - The generator no longer allows a '.' dir to be excluded by a daemon-
      exclude rule.

    - Fixed deletion handling when copying a single, empty directory (with no
      files) to a differently named, non-existent directory.

    - Fixed the conversion of spaces into dashes in the %M log escape.

    - Fixed several places in the code that were not returning the right
      errno when a function failed.

    - Fixed the backing up of a device or special file into a backup dir.

    - Moved the setting of the socket options prior to the connect().

    - If rsync exits in the middle of a --progress output, it now outputs a
      newline to help prevent the progress line from being overwritten.

    - Fixed a problem with how a destination path with a trailing slash or
      a trailing dot-dir was compared against the daemon excludes.

    - Fixed the sending of large (size > 16GB) files when talking to an older
      rsync (protocols < 30):  we now use a compatible block size limit.

    - If a file's length is so huge that we overflow a checksum buffer count
      (i.e. several hundred TB), warn the user and avoid sending an invalid
      checksum struct over the wire.

    - If a source arg is excluded, --relative no longer adds the excluded
      arg's implied dirs to the transfer.  This fix also made the exclude
      check happen in the better place in the sending code.

    - Use the overflow_exit() function for overflows, not out_of_memory().

    - Improved the code to better handle a system that has only 32-bit file


    - The rsyncd.conf manpage now consistently refers to the parameters in
      the daemon config file as "parameters".

    - The description of the --inplace option was improved.


    - Added a new script in the support directory, deny-rsync, which allows
      an admin to (temporarily) replace the rsync command with a script that
      sends an error message to the remote client via the rsync protocol.


    - Fixed a testcase failure if the tests are run as root and made some
      compatibility improvements.

    - Improved the daemon tests, including checking module comments, the
      listing of files, and the ensuring that daemon excludes can't affect
      a dot-dir arg.

    - Improved some build rules for those that build in a separate directory
      from the source, including better install rules for the man pages, and
      the fixing of a proto.h-tstamp rule that could make the binaries get
      rebuild without cause.

    - Improved the testsuite to work around a problem with some utilities
      (e.g. cp -p & touch -r) rounding sub-second timestamps.

    - Ensure that the early patches don't cause any generated-file hunks to
      bleed-over into patches that follow.
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