File sil-padauk.spec of Package sil-padauk

# spec file for package sil-padauk (Version 2.2)
# Copyright (c) 2007 SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany.
# This file and all modifications and additions to the pristine
# package are under the same license as the package itself.
# Please submit bugfixes or comments via

# norootforbuild

Name:           sil-padauk
BuildRequires:  dos2unix xorg-x11-devel
%if "%(xft-config --prefix)" == "/usr"
%define	fontdir     /usr/share/fonts/truetype
%define	fontdir     /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype
License:        Other uncritical OpenSource License
Group:          System/X11/Fonts
AutoReqProv:    on
PreReq:         %suseconfig_fonts_prereq
Provides:       locale(my)
Version:        2.2
Release:        1
Source0:        padauk_2_2.tar.bz2
BuildArch:      noarch
BuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-build
Summary:        smart Unicode font for the Myanmar script

As part of the Unicode development effort, the encoding for the Myanmar
script is being extended. These changes are being voted on as part of a
PDAM and as such fonts that support these encoding extensions are not
officially Unicode compliant with any current version of Unicode.
Padauk conforms to the proposed extensions in anticipation of their
being accepted into the Unicode standard.

Users wishing to find a font capable of supporting Unicode data today
should look elsewhere. They should also be made aware that assuming the
extensions are accepted into Unicode, then they will need to transcode
their data to continue to be conforming.

Padauk supports the Myanmar script extensions including changes to how
Burmese is encoded, Sgaw Karen and Mon. Padauk continues to be
developed so should you find problems with the font, please send
feedback to	Requirements

Padauk includes the necessary Graphite smarts to render Myanmar script
correctly. Thus if you want to use this font you will need the Graphite
libraries and Graphite capable applications or graphics extensions.

    Non-Roman Script Initiative, SIL International <>

%setup -n ttf-sil-padauk-%{version}
dos2unix OFL*


mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{fontdir}/
install -c -m 644 *.ttf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{fontdir}




%defattr(-, root,root)
%doc FONTLOG OFL OFL-FAQ font-source
%dir %{fontdir}/

* Wed Dec 05 2007 -
- update to 2.2.
  • Now conforms to Unicode 5.1 (there were encoding changes since March)
  • OT tables included, but not as strong as graphite rendering
  • OFL 1.1
  • Add PDAM 4 characters
  • Add OT from Keith S
* Fri Oct 20 2006 -
- new package: sil-padauk, version 2.1.