File mnemosyne.changes of Package Mnemosyne

Fri Oct 25 07:33:14 UTC 2019 -

- Fix [boo#1126842] mnemosyne crashes in Tumbleweed.
  - Add missing require python3-qtwebengine-qt5.
- Add missing require python3-cheroot.

Tue Jul 16 14:49:06 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 2.6.1
  - In the grade and easiness statistics, added option to only show
    active cards, as well as options to group multiple subtags.
  - In the card browser, added option to filter on cards having all
    of a certain number of tags.
  - Fix bug with Mnemosyne not remembering the setting of 
    "Recent cards are cards with at most X retention repetitions".
  - Fix crash in the review server.
  - Fix crash in card browser when having set the card background 
    colour for all cards at once.
  - Fix interaction between Unicode and Latex.
  - Work around progress bars which don't close under Linux.
  - Work around 2038 bug, especially on Android, when grading 
    extremely easy cards.
  - Fix bug with special characters like apostrophes in export to 
    *.cards format.
  - Warn when fields are missing during tsv import.
  - When creating or editing a card, superfluous tags like having 
    both A and A::B will be consolidated in a single tag A::B.
  - Upgraded to PyQt 5.10.1 and matplotlib 2.2.2 under Windows.
- Run spec-cleaner.

Wed Aug  1 11:36:53 UTC 2018 -

- update to 2.6
  - Import of Anki databases (both *.anki2 and *.apgk) as well as
    possibility to edit these M-sided card types (though not yet in 
    a way that would change the number of sister cards).
  - Fix display of question in the card browser in case you
    configured Mnemosyne to show question and answer in the same 
  - Fix bugs with increase of non-latin fonts
  - Fix cornercase bug in RTL handler
  - Upgrade to latest version of libraries (PyQt, Python, 
  - Improve keyboard shortcuts.
  - Fixes to the behaviour of the Edit dialog of the Card Browser.
  - Also save window size when exiting window by pressing escape.
  - Fix display of map cards when showing Q and A in the same box.
  - Disallow renaming a single tag to multiple tags in the tag tree 
  - In case you get crashes in the browser when trying to display 
    only untagged cards, you can now run 'File - Compact - 
    Defragment database' to fix this
  - Fix crash in headless server.
  - Fix crashes when running separate scripts.

- changes from 2.5
  - New feature: Study Modes, allowing you to e.g. only study 
    unlearned cards. The Cramming scheduler is also migrated to 
    this functionality.
  - Added option to "Configure Mnemosyne" to affect how cards are 
    displayed, in two boxes with fixed size, two boxes with 
    adaptive size, or a single box top aligned.
  - Tweaks to tag combobox.
  - Updated to PyQt 5.8.2.
  - Scaling for high-definition displays now enabled by default.
    (start with --disable-high-dpi-scaling if you prefer the 
    previous behaviour).
  - Fix crash when deleting unused media files.
  - Small performance optimisations in the database.
  - Fix crash in configuration widget under Linux with some fonts
   (e.g. Google Noto fonts).
  - Fix crash when selecting negative tags.
  - Fix keyboard shortcuts not working sometimes.
  - Improved compatibility with different Qt versions under Linux
  - When setting the fonts for all the card types at once, 
    the dialog will now correctly remember the setting.
  - Added warning if OpenGL libraries are missing under Linux
  - Try and work around cases where the progress bar after sync 
    wouldn't close under Linux.
  - Fix crash when running with the --debug option.

- changes from 2.4.1
  - Updated to PyQt 5.7.1.
  - Fix broken cramming plugin. 
  - Fix encoding problems with import and export
  - Improve subdirectory handling. 
  - Make configuration storing more thread-safe.
  - Warn if an old plugin needs to be updated. 
  - Location and size of 'Add cards' window is saved again.
  - Fix removing tags through card browser.
  - Fix loss of keyboard focus when switching back to the main 
  - Fixed crash in card browser when working with forbidden tags 
  - Fix autoscaling of Q and A sometimes not working under Linux.
  - Fix error related missing idna encoding when starting server 
  - Fix error related to upgrading from very old databases.
  - Fix for latest version of cherrypy unbundling its WSGIserver. 
  - New command line option "--qt-opengl" which can be set to
    either 'desktop', 'angle' or 'software', which you can play 
    around with if you have display issues.

- changes from 2.4
  - Upgraded all code to Python3 and PyQt5, so that Mnemosyne no 
    longer depends on libraries which are gradually becoming 
  - The move to PyQt5 enabled to show progress bars with 
    percentages for certain long operations like initial sync.
  - Improved startup speed. 
  - New command line option "--high-dpi-scaling" to enable scaling 
    for displays with high DPI values. Not enabled by default 
    because it can cause some issues with multiple connected 
  - Tag combobox now expands to give suggestions for tags also 
    when using more than one tag.

- remove mnemosyne-install-path.patch, because now in upstream
- cleanup spec

Tue May  3 17:08:05 UTC 2016 -

- update to 2.3.6
  - Logs older than 1 year are now automatically archived in a 
    separate file, which is not backed up all the time, speeding 
    up e.g. the sync process.
  - The card browser now supports more html formatting,
    e.g. ruby tags. 
  - URLs in cards in the review widget now open in an external 
    browser, rather than the internal Qt webview which does not 
    have back buttons e.g..
  - Only changing a card type in the 'Edit current card' dialog now 
    works again
  - Failed cards no longer are listed as overdue in the card
  - When adding a tag with the same name both on client and server 
    before syncing, rename one of these tags. Users still need to 
    unify and activate the tags though
  - Added a --version command line argument to display the version
  - Also accept files with *.tsv extention when importing 
    tab-separated data
  - Don't leave the 'Client Logging in...'' dialog on the sync
    server open in case the client provides a wrong password
  - Fixed formatting when using 'db_media:///' in cards with 

Tue Dec  8 09:36:06 UTC 2015 -

- update to 2.3.5
  -Fix editing of empty fields
  -Fix crash when compacting database
  -Fix sound system under Linux
  -Make determining local IP address more robust
- update to 2.3.4
  -When importing another database with learning data, don't reset 
   the creation and modification times of cards.
  -When switching card sets, no longer keep showing an unlearned 
   card that was being asked when the switch took place, but give 
   precedence to scheduled cards.
  -Improve robustness of sync protocol.
  -When moving to a next card, kill the audio from the previous 
  -Multiple media files per card now works in conjunction with the 
   'start' and 'stop' options.
  -When editing a card from the card browser, PgUp and PgDown no 
   longer discard the changes
  -Fixed issue where creating clones of card types would sometimes 
   clone the wrong card type.
  -Prefill tag behaviour plugin: don't update the last used tags 
   when editing a card, only when adding new cards.
  -Better runtime documentation for the '(De)activate cards' dialog
  -Allow Cntl-C to copy text from question if answer is showing
  -Fix Windows-specific bug, where Mnemosyne would not notice that 
   you were trying to open a backup and would not take the 
   appropriate actions.
  -When running the sync server on e.g. a headless machine which 
   does not have latex installed, don't waste time looking for 
   updated latex cards.
  -Fix regression where a currently active set would not show up as 
   highlighed in the 'saved sets' panel when starting 
   '(de)activate cards'
  -Improve run-time help with respect to editing a saved set
  -To work around bugs in Qt under Linux, media are also played 
   using mplayer, just like under Windows
  -Fix problems with not detecting autorepeat when pressing grade 
  -Fix RTL issues (reported by Mateusz Konieczny).
  -Fix potential bug when exporting clones of cloned card types.
- update to 2.3.3
  -Fix regression where it was not possible to grade map cards
  -Also allow mass conversion of cards to Cloze and Sentence card 
  -Change ',' to ' - ' when importing legacy tag names
  -Fix some keyboard shortcuts while displaying map cards

Thu Feb 26 13:49:37 UTC 2015 -

- update to 2.3.2
  -Option to merge databases (under File - Import - Mnemosyne 
   2.x *.db files).
  -Make sure latex files are always pregenerated before sync
  -Fix error syncing filenames containing double dots
  -Strip control characters from strings when exporting and syncing
  -Smart sorting of card types in dialog boxes-Fix when importing 
   1.x databases containing a single quote in a media filename
  -Don't replace newline with <br> inside textarea tags
  -Fix crash when running in headless mode after having run with 
   the GUI 
  -Fix handling of media filenames containing '#'
  -Don't crash the SQL engine if you have more than 1000 tags
  -Fix regression in merging and editing duplicate cards
  -Update the window title on a sync server if a different 
   database was loaded.
  -Make upgrading from 2.3 config database more robust
  -Better error handling when trying to load a database which 
   no longer exists in its previous location.
  -Make sure we can run on systems with PyQt5 installed
  -The "db_media:" tag now expands to an absolute path on 
   all systems
  -The local timezone is now stored in the science logs. 

Sat Dec  6 22:44:28 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 2.3.1
  (details in changelog and on
- require python-webob

Sat Apr 26 22:54:54 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 2.3
  (details in changelog and on

Fri Oct 26 12:33:42 UTC 2012 -

- Spec file cleanups:
  + Update License to norms
  + Add Copyright preamble
  + Package an AUTHORS file instead of specifying the authors with
    the Description in spec file
  + Miscellaneous formatting fixes.

Fri Oct 26 12:08:17 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 2.1 (details in changelog and on

Mon Jul 16 07:59:18 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 2.0 (see changelog)

Mon Apr 11 08:58:11 UTC 2011 -

- added recommended dependency for latex

Fri Mar 25 12:30:10 UTC 2011 -

- added dependency for python-imaging module- 

Thu Mar 17 07:48:42 UTC 2011 -

- fix build on x86_64

Wed Mar 16 16:31:21 UTC 2011 -

-update to version 1.2.2- 

Mon Nov 24 19:06:58 CET 2008 -

- initial package 1.1.1 for openSUSE-Education