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Sat Aug  1 14:30:00 CEST 2009 -

- update to 0.8.68
- also updated demo_dataset to 0.8.68 

Fri Jan 23 15:09:47 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.8.63:
  + Fix for rare erroneous display of a register as complete when 
    current event is not set.
  + Fix to the cilumn filter in the MarkBook, the new multiple 
    profiles had introduced a problem when anything other than 
    'All' was selected.
  + Fix to the display of mrs for in the title field caused by an 
    error in the lang file.
  + Labelling of the column filter changed to empahsise R for 
    Reports, as T for tracking is moving to the P for profile 
  + Removed the categorydef for budget types which was just being 
    too prescriptive.
  + Amended the order of budgets on the main orders.php page to 
    list subbudgets following directly on from their overbudget.
  + Implemented the order search based on invoice reference number.
  + Fix to the default start date in the Report book scripts.
  + The main student lists in InfoBook, SEN and Medical can now have
    unlimited numbers of columns. Extra display fields now include
    non-privte medical details (ie. allergies and diet).
- added class_include.conf and remove the .htaccess file in source
- add an empty dbh_connect.php, so apache can write it during install
  (yes, security...)

Fri Dec 19 23:24:18 CET 2008 -

- update to 0.8.61:
  + Bugfix for alumni students. Leavers where getting community name='yid'
    and not ='P:yid'. All should now be 'P:yid' with only current students
    having name=yid.
  + Fixed a possible file vulnerability in the export script
  + Removed the wholo school lists from SEN and MedBook needs a filter
    option before listing sids
  + Added a general concern to the sentypes

Tue Dec 16 18:50:45 CET 2008 -

- update to 0.8.60:
  + Changed list_subject_components() to allow for components which 
    cross all subjects (subject_id=%) being careul that strands do not.
  + Allowed for multiple assessment profiles for the same currriculum
  + You now get one P filter button for each profile.
  + Included some of the non-standard absence codes into the calculation
    of the attendance summary - without UA and UB were
    being counted as absences

Tue Dec  9 11:46:33 CET 2008 -

- update to 0.8.59:
  + Changed the way the profile assessments are queried in the mark 
    table to allow for profiles with bid=%.
  + Made use of the rating_name field in categorydef table to define 
    the marktype to be used for summary profile columns in the 
  + Added a new list script for profiles.
  + Allowed the new_assessment scripts to manage both profile 
    assessments and plain assessments.
  + Made the xslt based functions compatible with PHP5 using a wrapper
    library written by Alexandre Alapetite. These are principally 
    used for the publish to pdf button in reports. This depends upon 
    the xsl module for PHP5 being loaded.
  + Work on import_students to allow using the enrolment number as 
    a way to doing multiple imports for existing students and not 
    just new ones.
  + Added two fields to info table which allow for other personal ids
    (apply the patch!).
  + Included guardian priority as part of the import scripts and tied
    phone numbers.
  + Exposed the upn field as PersonalNumber.
  + Implemented, at last, the edit button for changing properties of
    pre-existing reports.
  + New curriculum functions to list all classes a student attends and,
    related, all subject teachers of that student.
  + Included a date field on the invoices.

Mon Oct 20 17:50:53 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.8.56:
  + Bugfix to enrolments_list_action when display is for comid=-1.
  + Bugfix to the absences_list to correctly filter lates.
  + Bugifx to column headers in MarkBook export.
  + Bugfix to the incidents table - fresh installs were missing their
    category field.
  + A bugfix to fetch_enrolmentAssessments.
  + bugfix to calculating current balances for budgets - special action
    orders (ie. petty cash) without an invoice were being overlooked.
  + Added the tutor's name to register_list and a shortcut link to 
    webmail which prefills their email address for messaging.
  + The categorydef script can now filter by secid, and you may 
    want to manually edit your catdefs to make use of it.
  + New function get_student_section returns secid.
  + Improved permissions on the SEN pages to allow form tutors and 
    subject responsibiles to edit.
  + Assessments profiles now allow for differences in 
    component status.
  + Reworked the enrolments' tables. Applications now have a config 
    option to have 'live' numbers or 'static' numbers to be updated 
  + The score table has an extra field called extra for annotating cells
    in the MarkBook. This is only implemented so far for homework, the
    extra field records wether the work was returned late or not.  
  + New config options for enrolment assessments.
  ...and many more, please read CHANGELOG file!

Mon Aug 11 23:21:47 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.8.51:
  + addition of a dutch translation and 
  + export of a FET compatible file for timetabling
  + Added a field 'code' to the guardian table for use for ID 
    or fiscal codes
  + Allowed for the option of remote authentication in the 
    httpscripts when a session does not exist. Aimed at CURLing 
    between ClaSS sites.
  + The enrolments matrix now makes a remote call to all sites 
    listed in $CFG->feeders and asks for a count of transfers.
  + Updated the import_student scripts' habdling of saved file 

Mon Aug 11 17:21:47 CEST 2008 -

- fix typos in Requires

Mon Feb 25 15:11:06 CET 2008 -

- update to 0.8.40:
  + many bug fixes and new features including:
  + improved reporting of comments, incidents and attendance, 
  + full enrolment and
  + re-enrolment statistics. 
  + Read the CHANGELOG for full details.- 

Mon Dec 10 16:17:16 CET 2007 -

- added php5-pear-db, php5-pear-xml_util, php5-pearl-XML_Parser,
  php5-pearl-XML_Serializer to Requires
- added php-mysql mod_php_any to Requires

Fri Nov 16 12:36:47 CET 2007 -

- update to ClaSS-0.8.32
  + Bugfix to the contact_details.php in the InfoBook which was 
    confusing gids when they share an address.
  + New list_course_subjects() function.
  + Fixed a bug in class_matrix.php which prevented blank records 
    being updated even when cribbid entry existed.
  + A new db table added for homework. This is currently only used 
    by the new_homework.php scripts.
  + ... (see package CHANGELOG for more details)

Tue Apr 03 00:00:00 CET 2007 -

- update to ClaSS-0.8.14
  + The use of listvariables for list_community.php had broken the cohort
    matrix. Had to bugfix by making selectedvalue for arrays to be
    correctly handled.
  + Also the import_students dob was broken. This needs to be made clever.
  + New field added to table users to hold the emailpasswd and used to feed
    to the external webmail app
  + Adopted phpmailer library for handling email.

Mon Jan 22 00:00:00 CET 2007 -

- initial version 0.8.5
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