File gns3-server.changes of Package gns3-server

Tue Aug  6 13:38:47 UTC 2019 - Todd R <>

- This package doesn't support jsonschema 3.

Thu Apr 18 17:54:21 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Trim name repetition from summary. (rpmlint would warn about this)
- Use find "-exec +" mode and remove wrong backslash.

Wed Apr 17 09:40:34 UTC 2019 - Joop Boonen <>

- Added some fixes for new python module versions
  * Added gns3-server-timeout-fix.patch to fix Timeout(aiohttp.Timeout)
  * Added gns3-server-requirements-fix.patch to update the requirements

Tue Apr 16 10:40:52 UTC 2019 - Joop Boonen <>

- Build version 2.1.16
  ## 2.1.16 15/04/2019
    * Fix broken embedded console for Ethernet switch. Fixes #1574
    * Remove old unused argument option. Fixes #1569
  ## 2.1.15 21/03/2019
    * Fix IOU symlink issue on remote servers.
    * Fix vcpus configuration for GNS3 VM on VMware. Ref #2738.
  ## 2.1.14 27/02/2019
    * Fix issue when setting cpuid.corespersocket for the GNS3 VM. Fixes
    * Bump ACPI Shutdown Timeout to 120 seconds. Ref #1536
  ## 2.1.13 26/02/2019
    * Force jsonschema dependency to 2.6.0
    * Less aggressive connections to uBridge. Ref #1289
    * Fix topology images (Pictures) disappearing from projects. Fixes #1514.
    * Reset MAC addresses when duplicating a project. Fixes #1522
    * Fix API call to create a node from an appliance doesn't return the new node data. Fixes #1527
    * Detect invalid environment variable and send a warning when creating a Docker node. Ref #2683
    * Do not export/import symlinks for projects. Fixes #2699
    * Fix symlink not being created for duplicated IOU devices. Fixes
    * Configure coresPerSocket value in VMX file for the GNS3 VM. Fixes
    * Count logical CPUs to detect if the number of vCPUs is too high when configuring the GNS3 VM. Fixes #2688.
    * Add explicit error when trying to pull a Docker image from Docker Hub without Internet access. Fixes #1506.
    * Fixes double display output in GRUB in QEMU v3.1. Fixes #1516.
  ## 2.1.12 23/01/2019
    * Tune how to get the size of SVG images. Ref
    * Automatically create a symbolic link to the IOU image in the IOU working directory. Fixes #1484
    * Fix link pause/filters only work for the first interface of Docker containers. Fixes #1482
    * Telnet console resize support for Docker VM.
    * Fix _fix_permissions() garbles permissions in Docker VM. Ref #1428
    * Fix "None is not of type 'integer'" when opening project containing a Qemu VM. Fixes #2610.
    * Only require Xtigervnc or Xvfb+x11vnc for Docker with vnc console. Ref #1438
    * Support tigervnc in Docker VM. Ref #1438
    * Update minimum VIX version requirements for VMware. Ref #1415.
  ## 2.1.11 28/09/2018
    * Catch some exceptions.
  ## 2.1.10 15/09/2018
    * Include locale information and GNS3 VM version in crash reports.
    * Fix small errors like unhandled exceptions etc.
    * Import encodings.idna to avoid LookupError when standard library is in a zip file.
    * Catch exceptions in various locations to fix small issues reported by Sentry.
    * Check if serial pipe can be opened for VMware and VirtualBox VMs.
    * Improve the invalid port format detection. Fixes
    * Update aiohttp verion requirement in order to support Python 3.7. Fixes
    * Update and fix minor issues.
    * Catch asyncio.CancelledError when shutting down the server.
    * Report GNS3 VM errors to the GUI server summary. Ref #1359.
    * Replace vboxnet0 (if it does not exist) by the first available vboxnet interface on Windows. Fixes
    * Check if the VirtualBox host-only network exists when starting a GNS3 VM running on VirtualBox. Ref
    * Change file timestamps if necessary because ZIP does not support timestamps before 1980. Fixes #1360.
    * Add missing coroutine decorator Ref
    * Refactor asyncio locking system for Python 3.7 support. Ref Ref
    * Use asyncio.ensure_future() instead of asyncio.async() with conservative approach to support Python < 3.4.4. Fixes
    * Forbid controller and compute servers to be different versions. Report last compute server error to clients and display in the server summary.
    * Fix exception with short names for Dynamips interfaces. Fixes #1386.
    * Add missing Qemu boot priority values. Fixes
  ## 2.1.9 13/08/2018
    * Fix some more problems with interface short names. Fixes
    * Fix incorrect short port names in topology summary. Fixes
    * Set lower process priority when computing idle-pc value on Windows. Ref #2522.
    * Catch exception: ZIP does not support timestamps before 1980. Ref #1360.
    * Sync appliances
  ## 2.1.8 14/06/2018
    * 'caplog.text()' syntax is deprecated, use 'caplog.text' property instead.
    * Remove problematic pytest-capturelog dev dependency.
    * Fix API status code for start/stop/suspend/reload a node. Fixes #1353. Fix issues with test. Update documentation.
    * Don't send variables to computes where are empty, Ref: #1340
  ## 2.1.7 12/06/2018
    * Don't release NIO UDP ports when updating docker container.
    * Timeout for stream file.
    * Fix switching console type from telnet to VNC throws error.
    * Fix timeout error with "save as" for large projects.
    * Update API documentation
    * Add API endpoint to return all links attached to a node.
    * Fix issue with some SVG symbols that could not be used in GNS3. This was due to the height and width values being percentages.
    * Show correct free disk space value.
    * Force prompt-toolkit to version 1.0.15
    * Remove unwanted trailing characters and other white spaces when reading .md5sum files.
    * Change order to find vnetlib on Windows (PATH -> Registry -> Default directories).
  ## 2.1.6 22/05/2018
    * Locks down async-timeout<3.0.0 for P3.4 support; Fixes: #1331
    * Create/update project on compute when variables changes
    * Support for nested global variables
    * Don't clean logo images when applied to the project
    * Support of supplier and variables in topology
    * Project global variables
    * Add command information when uBridge has an error. Ref #1289
    * Handle asyncio timeouts. Ref #1307.
    * Fix bug with export project. Ref #1187 #1307.
    * Offload slow file operations to threads for snapshots and project "save as". Ref #1187 #1307.
    *  support based on, Ref: #2482
    * Fix exception from send_signal() on Windows.
    * Add support of ExtraHosts for Docker, Ref. gns3-gui#2482
  ## 2.1.5 18/04/2018
    * Set the first byte to 0C when generating a random MAC address for a Qemu VM. Ref #1267.
    * Update appliance files.
    * Do not use VMnet0 when allocating VMnet adapters.
    * Use SO_REUSEADDR before calling bind() where missing. Fixes #1289.
    * Do not fail a Dynamips project conversion if a file being used.
    * Catch exceptions when using AsyncioTelnetServer. Fixes #1321.
    * Grid size support for projects.
    * Remove 'include INSTALL' from MANIFEST.
    * Fix issue with start all.
    * Check for valid IP address and prevent to run on non-Windows platforms.
    * Enable UDP tunnel option and use ICMP probing by default.
    * Use the configured IP address to trace.
    * Have TraceNG start without needing cmd.exe
  ## 2.1.4 12/03/2018
    * Add Juniper JunOS space appliance.
    * Sync checkpoint gaia appliance template.
    * Sync appliance templates.
    * Make sure we use an IPv4 address in the remote install script.
    * Delete old pcap file when starting a new packet capture.
    * Fix bug preventing to export portable projects with IOU images.
    * Ignore invalid BPF filters. Ref #1290.
    * Different approach to handle no data returned by uBridge hypervisors. Fixes #1289.
    * Do not raise exception if Dynamips or uBridge hypervisor don't return data and are still running. Fixes #1289
    * Fix Dynamips private config not loaded into nvram when starting a router. Fixes #1313.
    * Make sure we don't try to read when opening a file in binary more. Fixes #1301.
    * Compatybility with controller, default_symbol and hover_symbol, Fixes: #2444
    * Filter snapshots directory during the snapshot, Fixes: #1297
    * Handle docker env with last empty line, Fixes: #2420
    * Require uBridge version 0.9.14 on Linux
    * Pywin32 instead of pypiwin32, Ref. #1276
    * Fix missing 'locales' package in base image
    * Implement a minimum interval between psutil calls. Fixes #2262
    * Fix error when appliance template is broken (missing fields). Fixes #1287.
    * Fix "Change of linked base VM doesn't work with templates migrated from 2.0"
    * Fix "Unable to override non-custom VMware adapter".
    * Let a project be opened when a port cannot be found (can happens if a project is corrupted).
    * Add an error message when Docker container is not ready to be started. Ref #1281.
    * Update documentation.
    * Sync appliance files.
    * Fix issue when running multiple project containing IOU nodes on the same server. Ref #1239.
    * Set first byte to 52 when generating a random MAC address for a Qemu VM. Ref #1267.
    * Update link state and save project when a link is suspended or filters are added/removed (without node properties set).
    * More generic dependency for pypiwin32, Ref. #1276
  ## 2.1.3 19/01/2018
    * Update appliance files.
    * Suspend for Docker nodes.
    * Unlock yarl version and multidict
    * Fix same MAC address for duplicated Qemu nodes.
    * Fix same base MAC for duplicated IOS routers. Fixes #1264.
    * Fix "Creating multiple IOU nodes at once assigns the same application id". Fixes #1239.
    * Fix "Transport selection via DSN is deprecated" message. Sync is configured with HTTPTransport.
    * Refresh CPU/RAM info every 1 second. Ref #2262.
    * Rename ethernet switch arp command to mac
    * Fix error while getting appliance list. Fixes #1258.
    * Fix UnboundLocalError: local variable 'node' referenced before assignment. Fixes #1256.
    * Default symbol must be computer.svg
    * Compatibility for old node templates (those with default_symbol and hover_symbol properties).
    * Fix problem when searching for VBoxManage. Fixes #1261.
    * Improve the search for VBoxManage.
    * Fixing race condition when starting the GNS3 VM.
    * Default VPCS name format is now PC-{0}.
  ## 2.1.2 08/01/2018
    * Do not show log message if configuration file doesn't exist. Fixes #1206.
    * Update API documentation
    * Update API documentation. Fixes #1253.
    * GNS3-API: implement GET for specific drawing and link Fixes #1249
  ## 2.1.1 22/12/2017
    * Protect variable replacement for Qemu options. Escape double quotes.
    * Add proper exception when cannot find tunnel on QEMU, Fixes: #1241
    * Increase timeout for creation of image, Ref. #2239
    * Protect variable replacement for Qemu options.
    * Do not overwrites persistent Docker volumes. Fixes #2358.
    * Allow users to see an error when the server cannot stream a PCAP file.
    * Fix issue with Qemu + SPICE when IPv4 is not enabled.
    * Warn users if the GNS3 VM and local server are not in the same subnet. Fixes #1231.
    * Add missing appliance files.
    * Update appliance files.
    * Fix auto idle-pc from preferences.
    * Keep consistance of aiohttp.web.HTTPForbidden() execution
    * Make sure connected links are removed when a node is deleted.
    * Validate idle-pc values for auto idle-pc feature.
    * Fix error when updating packet filter on stopped Docker link. Fixes #1229.
    * Remotely close telnet console. Ref #2330
    * EthernetSwitch closing connections, Ref: gui/#2330
    * Export files from remote server, Fixes: gui/#2271
    * New option: require KVM. If false, Qemu VMs will not be prevented to run without KVM.
    * Implement variable replacement for Qemu VM options.
    * Avoid duplicate "-nographic" option.
    * Show qemu-img stdout in case of an error.
    * Use the correct NVRAM amount when pushing private config to IOU.
    * Check and fix corrupt Qemu disk images. Fixes #2301.
    * Update warning messages when connecting to non custom adapter for VMware VMs.
    * Fix "Can't use VirtualBox VM when an interface is managed by VirtualBox". Fixes #2335.
    * Add low disk space warning when creating a new project.
  ## 2.1.0 09/11/2017
    * Fix typo in vcpus on VirtualBoxVM, fixes: #1213
  ## 2.1.0rc4 07/11/2017
    * Fix GNS3VM vCPUs control on VMware, fixes: #2324
    * Fix typo in sample gns3_server.conf. Fixes #1210.
    * Warning for getting endpoint of compute
    * Enable debug mode on async loop only in dev/debug mode
    * Add warning when using IOU with a hostname length above 15 characters.
    * Improve VMware VMs discovery process. Ref #1201.
    * Improve error message when IOU VM process is unexpectedly stopped.
    * Improved error message when the number of network adapters is above the maximum for VirtualBox VMs. Better support for potential future chipsets in addition of PIIX3 and ICH9.
    * Added localhost and CORS
  ## 2.1.0rc3 19/10/2017
    * Set vhv.enable before run for VMWare 14. Fixes #1184
    * Tweak how VMware VMs are found with fallback to search in the default location for VMs.
    * QEMU: fix logging of base mac address when creating a new node
    * Sync appliance files.
    * Fix creation of an VMware VM failed with invalid JSON. Fixes #2282.
    * Endpoint for obtaining direct action on compute
    * Fix IOU detection of layer 1 keepalive support. Fixes #1183.
    * Fixes path normalization during file upload on nodes (Fixes: #2276)
  ## 2.1.0rc2 04/10/2017
    * Don't create directory structure during json dump. Fixes #2270
    * Add more information when qemu-img fails.
    * Fix issue with multidict when upgrading GNS3 VM to use dev channel.
    * Restore file permissions fails for volumes with soft links. Fixes #1180.
    * Use RAW sockets by default on Linux.
    * Add missing https console keyword in JSON schema. Fixes #1179.
    * Allow projects to be opened even when a node port is already used.
  ## 2.1.0rc1 13/09/2017
    * Fix NAT node not working on Windows. Fixes #1163.
    * Do not prevent a project to be deleted. Fixes #2237.
  ## 2.1.0b2 05/09/2017
    * Round-robin nodes across all available compute resources. Fixes #1165.
    * Try to improve error reporting when streaming a PCAP file. Ref #2235.
    * Use Npcap DLL on Windows when checking for uBridge version.
    * Fixes running switch console inside PyCharm terminal (Ref. #1172)
    * Load meta of the project on loading time (Fixes #2225)
    * Added checking if NIO exists (Fixes #1160)
    * Fixes NAT node not working on Windows (#1163)
    * Fixes loading project when link_id is not set (#1159)
    * Return platform value on appliances list (Fixes #2211)
    * Fixes not known category in Appliances (Fixes #1156)
  ## 2.1.0b1 04/08/2017
    * Sync appliances
    * Interface starting with gns3 are not display by default in the cloud
    * Catch error when something that is not the GNS3 server answer to virtualbox requests
    * Catch KeyError: <aiohttp.connector._TransportPlaceholder
    * Add a warning when you try to load and the server is not started with --local
    * Sync appliances
    * Fix permission on exited container
  ## 2.1.0a2 31/07/2017
    * Handle invalid appliances files
    * Sync appliances
    * Fix naming of node with a number in the name
    * Fix race condition in startup of capture
    * Fix bug when exporting debug information with multiple remote servers
    * Fix OSError when uploading images
    * Fix an error when a symbol is not available on filesystem
    * Fix ServerDisconnectedError for stop_all
    * This fix the images always included in portable project
    * Fix support of docker appliance with a usage
    * Duplicate API for ATM, Ethernet Hub and Frame Relay Switch
    * History support for console and telnet application
    * Fix IOU image upload
    * Duplicate IOU
    * Support duplicate for Docker
    * Duplicate support for qemu
  ## 2.1.0a1 24/07/2017
    * Packet filtering
    * Suspend a link
    * Duplicate a node
    * Move config to central server
    * Appliance templates on server

Sat Jun 24 19:42:05 UTC 2017 -

- update to 2.0.3

Wed May  3 13:29:48 UTC 2017 -

- renamed rpmlintrc into gns3-server-rpmlintrc

Wed May  3 07:20:09 UTC 2017 -

- new upstream version 2.0.0
  * full changelog here:

Wed Aug 24 08:26:32 UTC 2016 -

- New upstream version 1.5.2
  * Move utils.vmnet to gns3 namespace
  * Fix Exporting portable projects with QEMU includes base images even when selecting no.
  * Catch error when md5sum file is corrupted
  * requirements.txt : added support for newer aiohttp version
  * Improve compaction of .gns3project
  * Fix crash when winpcap is not installed

Fri Jul  8 20:49:40 UTC 2016 -

- New upstream verson 1.5.1
  * Increase the number of interface for docker
  * Add the method in the bad request answer
  * Fix a rare crash in IOU
  * Fix a crash when docker is used but not installed
  * Backport Docker node hot linking
  * Allows hot-linking for Docker containers. Ref #267

Tue Jun 28 19:24:07 UTC 2016 -

- New upstream version 1.5.0
  * Fix import of project with no disk
  * Allow for (a lot) more docker container ports. Fixes #593.
  * Raise an error if you try to use Docker on non Linux host
  * Fix a crash in Docker if daemon stop to respond
  * Fix a crash if Dynamips router has no initial configuration
  * Kill ghosts process at startup (Dynamips, VPCS, Ubridge)

Fri Apr 29 07:46:25 UTC 2016 -

- New upstream version 1.4.6
  * More robust save/restore for VirtualBox linked clone VM hard disks.
  * Prevent non linked cloned hard disks to be detached when using VirtualBox linked cloned VMs. Fixes #1184.
  * Stricter checks to match VMware version to the right vmrun (VIX library) version.
  * Also checks the VIX library version when only using the GNS3 VM running in VMware.
  * Allow only .pcap to be downloaded from remote stream API
  * Fix incrementation of qemu mac address
  * Clear warnings about using linked clones with VMware Player.
  * Alternative method to find the Documents folder on Windows.
  * Add IOU support and install config in /etc

Mon Mar 28 12:46:00 UTC 2016 -

- New upstream version 1.4.5
  * Stop the VMware VM if there is an error while setting up the network connections or console.
  * Remote install on 14.04 ubuntu
  * Include VMware VMs paths found preferences.ini
  * Allow to stop a VMware VM from GNS3 even if halted within the VM. Fixes #1118.
  * Keep Dynamips stdout log file in the project directory.
  * Get MAC addresses for host interfaces to use for filtering frames from vmnet interfaces.
  * Dynamips uuid hypervisor command is no longer supported.
  * Restart NPF service after adding vmnet adapters on Windows.
  * Support /etc/gns3/gns3_server.conf for the config
  * Improve warning if fusion is not installed or in non standard location

Sat Feb 27 17:28:19 UTC 2016 -

- New upstream version 1.4.4
  * Check if VMware Fusion is correctly installed when retrieving the VM list.

Sat Feb 20 20:45:15 UTC 2016 -

- new upstream version 1.4.3
  * changes effect only the GUI

Mon Feb 15 13:28:23 UTC 2016 -

- new upstream version 1.4.1
 * VMware raise error if version is not found
 * For topologies before 1.4 manage qemu missing
 * Fixes issue with packet capture on VMware VMs. Fixes #396.
 * Fixes concurrency issue when closing multiple VMware linked clone VMs. Fixes #410.
 * Fixes "can only use tap interfaces that both already exist and are up". Fixes #399.
 * Send machine stats via the notification stream
 * Check for /dev/kvm instead of kvm-ok
 * Show a warning when starting ASA8
 * Fix error when setting Qemu VM boot to 'cd' (HDD or CD/DVD-ROM)
 * Improve dynamips startup_config dump
 * Dump environnement to server debug log
 * Fix usage of qemu 0.10 on Windows
 * Show hostname when the hostname is missing in the iourc.txt

Thu Jan 14 09:08:55 UTC 2016 -

- New upsteam version 1.4.0

Mon Dec 21 11:11:17 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.13
  * Contributing instructions
  * Correctly display log messages.
  * Tentative fix for "WinError 64 The specified network name is no longer available" issues.
  * Fix minor errors reported by
  * Add doc on how to got code coverage
  * Raise an error when you use a port outside the ranges
  * Fix asyncio error when closing the app
  * Release UDP ports when closing a Qemu VM. Fixes #323.

Fri Oct  9 09:18:02 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.11

Wed Sep 16 13:32:37 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.10
  * Catch exception when a process cannot be killed. Fixes #296.
  * Backport: fixes NAT NIO for Qemu VMs (do not launch any legacy scripts)
  * Fixes Unicode error. Fixes #290.
  * Don't delete Dynamips ROM files. They are used to restore the nvram.
Sat Aug  8 14:14:08 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.9
  * Backport: removes code that deletes IOS router instance files.

Tue Jun 23 11:17:22 UTC 2015 -

- new upstream version 1.3.7
  * client side improvements only. Server version synced with client as they both have to match

Wed Jun 17 07:11:44 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.6
  * Ignore invalid characters when reading the output of a process
  * Turn on / off authentication
  * Do not stop saving IOS router configs when there is an exception while a project is committed.
  * Fixed crash if a private config exist in IOS but not a private config file
  * Basic Authentication support for servers.
  * Fixed crash when Virtualbox list of VMS returns an empty line.

Thu Jun  4 16:36:23 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.4
  * Drop useless dependencies dateutil
  * Check if port or adapter is connected before starting/stopping a packet capture. Fixes #196.
  * Prevent users to add links to running Qemu VMs and start a capture on running VirtualBox VMs.
  * Fixes bug: couldn't set PCMCIA disk1 size for IOS routers.
  * Fix crash if you pass an invalid hostname
  * Catch VPCS kill errors
  * Raise a VirtualBox error if adapter doesn't exists
  * Ignore VirtualBox VM names with a carriage return in name
  * Cleanup the temporary project after modules have been notified of the path change
  * Do not return error if we can't remove the old project directory
  * Catch encoding errors in windows logger
  * Use setter for the qemu_path (allow to pass only the binary name)
  * Fixes TAP connection when using VPCS.
  * Fixes crash when launching Qemu on OSX from another location.
  * Adds NAT NIO in device schema validation so they can return an error that it is not supported.

Fri May 15 09:08:24 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.3
  * Return an error if an adapter slot doesn't exist on an IOS router.
  * NIO NAT support for VirtualBox VMs.
  * NIO NAT support for QEMU VMs (user mode back-end is used).
  * Throw an error if user put an invalid port range in config file
  * Turn off configuration parser interpolation
  * Catch configuration file parsing errors
  * Force closing the event loop to avoid warning with Python 3.4.3
  * Catch error when you can't mark a project as no longer temporary
  * Catch BrokenPipeError for OSX frozen server
  * Match how IOU initial-config is set for VPCS VM.
  * Refactors how startup-config and private-config are handled for IOS routers.
  * Catch the "WinError 0 The operation completed successfully" exception at a higher level.
  * Fix temporary project not cleanup with save as
  * If image is not found in VM directory look in images folder
  * Ordered MAC addresses for QEMU based VMs.
  * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
  * Force utf-8 configuraton files reading
  * Do not list file starting with a . in upload handler
  * Do not crash when closing a project if VirtualBox is not accessible
  * Catch connection reset errors
  * Check for empty iourc path.
  * Fixes bugs with IOS router configs. Fixes #354.
  * Use a temporary directory as egg cache
  * Catch crash error in IOU in case of permission denied

Fri May  1 20:15:25 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.2
  * Cleanup the VirtualBox Media Manager after closing a project.
  * Avoid Cygwin warning with VPCS on Windows.
  * Close VirtualBox VM linked clone disks after the VM is unregistered.
  * TAP interface support for QEMU VMs.
  * Return an explicit error when a NIO type is not supported by a VM.
  * Do not erase the IOU config
  * Explicit utf-8 decoding.
  * Check NIO exists when stopping an IOU capture.
  * Fixes c7200 NPE setting.
  * Fixes VPCS process termination.
  * Catch FileNotFoundError exception in os.getcwd()
  * Fixes #270. Relative paths management with empty ones.
  * New crash report key and doesn't send report for developers
  * Catch COM errors when connecting to WMI.
  * Don't assume the PATH environment variable exists.
  * Use UUIDs instead of the VM names for VirtualBox pipe paths.
  * Add --log options for daemon support
  * Basic upstart script
  * Add qemu-kvm to the list of binary
  * Fix IOU licence check flag
  * Config paths are not used when updating Dynamips or IOU VM settings.
  * Fixes initial-configs that were not restored when opening a project containing IOU VMs.
  * Prevent parallel execution of VBox commands
  * Fix a crash when in some cases you can't access to VBOX state
  * Fix crash if VirtualBox doesn't return API version
  * Fix a crash in VirtualBox vm creation
  * Allocate random names for Dynamips NIOs.
  * Explicitly delete Dynamips NIOs and unmap VCs for ATM and Frame-Relay switches.

Wed Apr 22 22:00:04 UTC 2015 -

- gns-server 1.3.1 has hard dep to python3-jsonschema 2.4.0+

Sun Apr 12 11:09:07 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.1
  * Initial config file content can be empty (fix export issues)
  * Fix crash if IOU initial config is emtpy
  * Return more informations about bad requests for crash reports
  * Allow less strict dependencies for easier install
  * Missing project name in documentation
  * Some spring cleaning
  * Fix missing IOU documentation
  * Add missing project name in curl documentation
  * Look in old IOU images location in order to smooth transition
  * Do not overwrite initial-config IOU if client send an empty
  * Fix documentation about /ports/udp
  * Fix issues with macos X dynamips not freeing UDP port
  * Fix encoding error when saving dynamips configuration
  * The upload web page return a 200 in case of error (IE compatibility)
  * Do not crash if dynamips config contain non ascii chars
  * Test path with chinese charcaters in Qemu
  * Do not crash if no console port is available for VBox
  * Raise a DynamipsError if we can't access to VM status
  * Check name of the VBoxManage executable
  * Exclude docs and tests package from distribution
  * Catch error when qemu additional options are invalid
  * Fix ClientDisconnectedError
  * Fix crash when NIO doesn't exist
  * Turn off crash report if raven not available
  * Fix crash when IOU script file is incorrect

Sun Apr 12 11:06:16 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.3.0
  * Fix issue when asyncio read is cancelled and data is still sent by Dynamips hypervisor.
  * Fix unicode decode error when saving IOS router configs.
  * Fix error when missing adapter in Dynamips IOS router.
  * Fix crash if we call stop on dynamips on non started process.
  * Fix use_default_iou_values param was not set.
  * Fix issue when IOURC environment variable is set to None.
  * Fix issue when exporting IOS router configs.
  * Fix check if VPCS process is running.
  * Fix bug when remove_nio() is not a coroutine for ATM and FR switches.
  * Fix how to test if iou and iouyap are running.
  * Allocate a random port for Qemu monitor. Fixes issue with pre 1.3 projects.
  * Fix default chassis bug.
- removed python3-zmq from requires and buildrequired

Wed Apr  1 12:56:57 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.2.4
  * Fix issue when asyncio read is cancelled and data is still sent by Dynamips hypervisor.
  * Fix unicode decode error when saving IOS router configs.
  * Fix error when missing adapter in Dynamips IOS router.
  * Fix crash if we call stop on dynamips on non started process.
  * Fix use_default_iou_values param was not set.
  * Fix issue when IOURC environment variable is set to None.
  * Fix issue when exporting IOS router configs.
  * Fix check if VPCS process is running.
  * Fix bug when remove_nio() is not a coroutine for ATM and FR switches.
  * Fix how to test if iou and iouyap are running.
  * Allocate a random port for Qemu monitor. Fixes issue with pre 1.3 projects.
  * Fix default chassis bug.
  * Update sentry key
  * For more detailed changelog visit 

Sat Jan 17 11:35:10 UTC 2015 -

- New upstream version 1.2.3
  * Fixed temporary files path setting in general preferences which was not used.
  * Fixed missing devices from the node view when they use a remote server.
  * Fixed broken ASA kernel/initrd file browsers.
  * Fixed bug with WICs interfaces no showing up in the port list.
  * Fixed broken -netdev + legacy virtio in Qemu support.

- New upstream version 1.2.2
  - Small improvements / new features
   * Auxiliary console support for IOS routers.
   * Suspend / resume support for Qemu.
   * Dynamically configure network connections of running Qemu VMs (only with recent Qemu versions).
   * VPCS multi-host support (useful for old .net labs).
   * EtherSwitch routers can be added and configured like other IOS routers.
   * Change hostname option in the contextual device menu.
   * Import & export config options in contextual device menu.
   * Auto screenshot when saving a project.
   * Auto start project support (you have to manually edit your .gns3 project file).
   * Possibility to run VirtualBox as another user (Linux/OSX only).
   * Changes to the IOU L2 initial-config (16 Ethernet interfaces, no shutdown by default and 0 serial interfaces).
   * Upgraded SuperPutty to version in the all-in-one installer.
   * Support for IOURC file on the server side.
   * Bumped the maximum network adapters to 32 for Qemu (depending on Qemu version you cannot go above 8 or
     even 28, Qemu will just not start).
   * Possibility to apply or not the same text to all selected items when editing notes.
   * Added snapshot named 'reset' to linked cloned VirtualBox VMs.
   * Base configs are now stored in the GNS3 config directory.
   * Short port names in the topology summary.
   * Added the VirtualBox VM name in VirtualBox device tooltips.
   * More network interface options to the Qemu VM configuration interface as well as descriptions for all NICs.
   * Set 5 seconds timeout for local server connections.
   * Check if any device runs and warn the user before closing a project.
   * Restore the debug level status when starting.
   * Automatically select the symbol and category corresponding the edited item in the symbol selection dialog.
   * Scale SVG images to icon sizes.
   * Console switching from local/remote to remote/local while a VirtualBox VM is running.
   * More checks on minimum RAM for IOS routers and updates default values to match the latest IOS image requirements.
   * Default Jungle dock location is now bottom right corner.
  - Bug fixes
   * Fixed the default jungle news loading on Windows.
   * Fixed SuperPutty integration (not the default, still have to select it in the preferences).
   * Avoid uninitialized nodes to be saved in the project file.
   * Fixed bug when importing Host node with UDP NIOs.
   * Prevent GNS3 to crash on Windows when importing GNS3 config file.
   * Fixed resource access on Mac OS X.
   * Fixed transparency or border style restoration for ellipses and rectangles.
   * Support spaces in the controller name of VirtualBox clones.
   * Ignore Unicode errors when executing vboxmanage.
   * Get Windows interface list from the registry if the COM service fails. 

Fri Dec 26 09:16:43 UTC 2014 -

- added cpulimit to requirements 

Sat Dec  6 21:50:20 UTC 2014 -

- clean up in the dependencies list.
  * qemu and wireshark are now required not just recommended
  * vde2 and xdotool have been removed, they aren't used at all

Fri Dec  5 11:42:13 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.2.1
  * Early support for IOSv and IOSv-L2 (with Qemu for now, which is slow on Windows/Mac OS X).
  * Support for CPU throttling and process priority for Qemu.
  * Support for full screen mode (View -> Fullscreen).
  * Bundled Qemu 0.13.0 in the Windows all-in-one. Default for all local Qemu VMs.
  * Bundled Qemu 0.14.1 in the Mac OS X App. Default for all local Qemu VMs.
  * Changed ASA defaults to use Qemu 0.13.0 (on Windows), have 4 interfaces and CPU throttling to 65%.
  * Fixed SecureCRT command line when space in the device name.
  * Fixed C7200 IO cards insert/remove issues and makes C7200-IO-FE the default.
  * Fixed port sorting issues.
  * Added default path for VBoxManage on Mac OS X
  * Upgraded gns3-converter to version 1.1.1 for Windows all-in-one and Mac OS X DMG.
  * New idle-PC field validation.
  * Possibility to load the project from command line (or double-click on a project on Windows).
  * Fixed Unicode error when using VirtualBox VM with a name containing non-english characters.
  * Updated the IOU VM with iouyap version 0.95 (packet capture).

Tue Nov 25 12:28:04 UTC 2014 -

- Fixed license tag

Sat Nov 22 13:39:53 UTC 2014 -

- dropped vboxwrapper in favour of VBoxManage provided by virtualbox

Thu Nov 20 08:15:53 UTC 2014 -

- new upstream version 1.2
  * New VirtualBox support.
  * New GUI styles: charcoal (default) & classic. Changing GUI Preferences
  * Integration of GNS3 converter (allows old .net topologies to be opened).
  * VirtualBox linked clones support (experimental, still some problems with temporary projects).
  * Allow Qemu VM to have no interface.
  * Option to allow console connections to any local IP address when using the local server.
  * Automatically extract IOS configs when a project is closed.
  * Fix "new project" bug when using the GNS3 IOU VM.
  * qemu-system-i386 is the new default on 32-bit platforms.
  * Option to deactivate the new project dialog at startup.
  * Add "open a project" and "recent projects" buttons to the new project dialog.
  * New host node (cloud with all available Ethernet & TAP interfaces added).
  * Fix platform detection issue with some Cisco IOS image file name.
  * Add delay (default 500 ms) when Console to all nodes.
  * Check for duplicate node names in Preferences.
  * Fix bug when editing a Qemu VM configured to run on a remote server.
  * News dock widget is smaller.
  * Add detection of qemu and qemu.exe binaries.
  * New Telnet server for VirtualBox.

Sat Nov 15 18:12:16 UTC 2014 -

- added new dependency python3-apache-libcloud

Thu Oct 23 09:03:29 UTC 2014 -

- new upstream version 1.1
- bug fixes
  * Warning message when using a remote server with IOU
  * Serial console for VirtualBox
  * Fixes EtherSwitch router
  * New Idle-PC dialog
  * Fixes #123 (Qemu binaries list not showing up)
  * Fixes #119
  * Fixes #126 (broken remote server feature)
  * Fixes #120 (broken cloud)

Tue Oct 21 20:52:35 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0
- New features
  * Snapshots support (currently only for local projects).
  * Possibility to configure a category for nodes (routers,
    switches, end devices or security devices).
  * Added support for xfce4-terminal, for Xubuntu.
  * Remote servers and load-balancing (some bugs, still
    things to improve).
  * Check for update feature.
  * GNS3 Jungle dock widget.
  * Getting started dialog.
  * Added path lookup directory for Qemu on OSX.
  * Bug fix when loading a project containing a remote server.
- Know issues and notes
  * VirtualBox support doesn’t work on Mac OS X.
  * VirtualBox support on other platforms hasn’t been fully tested
    and bugs may still be present.
  * Again, regarding VirtualBox integration, we have plans to rewrite
    the back-end to add more features and remove the dependency
    on vboxwrapper.

Mon Oct 20 20:56:56 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 Beta 4
- New features:
  * Preferences has been completely re-vamped for the
    various emulators: Dynamips, IOU, VirtualBox and Qemu.
-Know issues and notes
 * VirtualBox/QEMU on Mac OS X hasn’t been tested at all.
 * VirtualBox support on other platforms hasn’t been fully tested
   and bugs may still be present.
 * Regarding VirtualBox integration, we have plans to rewrite the
   back-end to add more features and remove the dependency on vboxwrapper.

Thu Sep 25 08:31:21 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 Beta 3
- New features
  * QEMU integration with ASA and IDS pre-configuration options.
  * Solarwinds Response Time Viewer integration (Windows 64-bit only).
- know issues and notes
  * VirtualBox support on other platforms hasn’t been fully tested and
    bugs may still be present.
  * Regarding VirtualBox integration, we have plans to rewrite the
    back-end to add more features and remove the dependency on vboxwrapper.
  * We still have a couple of beta releases planned before
    our first release candidate.

Wed Sep 3 07:41:38 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 Beta 2
  * Improved VirtualBox support on Windows and Linux.
  * VirtualBox support on Linux/OSX requires VirtualBox wrapper version >= 9.1
  * New “enable console” option for VirtualBox VMs.
  * New “start at” option for VirtualBox VMs (adapter start index, 0 by default).
  * EtherSwitch support (based on a c3745 image).
  * Multi-drop feature (use SHIFT key while dropping a new node on the drawing area).
  * Default font and color for labels.
  * Support for rectangle and ellipse color transparency.
  * New topology summary options: filter devices with capture(s) and stop all captures.
  * Commands for the GNS3 console (version, start, stop, suspend, reload, show device, show run, help and debug).
  * Layers implementation (anything below layer 0 will be locked to the drawing area).
  * Numeric sorting for Ethernet/hub ports.
  * Restore default buttons for general, packet capture and GNS3 server preferences.
  * Changed the default port ranges.
  * Normalized capture file names.
  * More checks on device names, especially for IOS and IOU which forbid some characters.
  * Handles zoom in or out using the mouse wheel + CTRL. Resets the zoom using CTRL+0.
  * Prevent node labels to be deleted.
  * The sparse memory feature is off by default for c1700 and c2600 platforms (to prevent a bug on reboot).

Thu Jul 24 07:41:38 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 Beta 1
  * Base VirtualBox support (still some issues, most of them on Linux and Mac OS X).
  * Prevent users to set the port and VLAN settings to 0 on Ethernet swithes.
  * Fixed issue when spaces are in capture file paths.
  * Fixed bug with live capture on Windows.
  * Work around for the c7200 reload bug in Dynamips <= 0.2.13.
  * Fixed some inconsistencies when exporting configs.
  * The early release dialog is gone!

Thu Jul 10 09:45:26 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 alpha 8
  * New feature: insert an image on the view.
  * New feature: change node symbols.
  * Default port configuration for Ethernet switch and hub devices.
  * New feature: import/export device configs.
  * Fixed issue when deleting note items that had parent items.
  * Check the minimum required amount of RAM when adding IOS images.
  * Start a packet capture from the device contextual menu.
  * Improvements on the topology summary and link highlighting.
  * Find an alternative IOS or IOU image if one cannot be found when importing a topology.
  * Find an alternative Ethernet interface if one cannot be found when importing a topology.
  * Use Windows interface names instead of their GUID (more user friendly).
  * Fixed IOU and VPCS renaming issues.
  * Fixed size restoration issues for rectangles and ellipses when loading a project.
  * Check for VPCS version >= 0.5b1
  * Fixed errors when connecting an IOU device to a cloud.
  * Packet capture for IOU works with the latest iouyap version (0.95) available here.

Tue Jul  1 07:08:30 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 alpha 7
  * Packet capture for IOS routers.
  * Packet capture for the Ethernet hub and Ethernet,
    ATM and Frame relay switches.
  * Packet capture for IOU (not working, issue with iouyap).
  * Add notes, rectangles & ellipses to topologies.
  * Show/hide interface labels.
  * Contextual device menu.
  * Recent file menu.
  * Lab instructions support (automatically open any file named
     instructions.* in the project directory or from the Help menu)
  * Load a project by dropping the project file on the view.
  * Duplicate option for notes, rectangles and ellipses.
  * Style settings for note, rectangle and ellipse items. Possibility
    to edit interface and node labels.
  * Fix: use Dynamips, IOU and VPCS identifiers to correctly
    load topologies.
  * IOU: rename startup-config to initial-config (makes more
    sense for IOU).
  * Option to uncompress IOS images.
  * Check for sticky bit when checking for executable access.
  * Fix: IOS image relative path problems.
  * Lots of small bug fixes.

Sat May 31 09:31:58 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 alpha 6
  * New host names management.
  * New project dialog (in preparation for cloud support).
  * Logs saved to files (GNS3_client.log and GNS3_server.log).
  * Relative paths support for IOS/IOU images in project files.
  * Fixed decoding errors when reading device configs.
  * Fixed privileged access checks for IOU.
  * Fixed validation issue with c2600 XM chassis.
  * Fixed VPCS start on Linux/UNIX.
  * Fixed Ethernet hub when loading a project.
Thu May 22 06:08:46 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0 alpha 5
  * VPCS support (only version >= 0.5b1
  * Fixed console port errors when loading a project.
  * Fixed startup-config errors when loading a project.
  * Fixed minor issues on Mac OS X (DMG file coming soon).
  * IOU default startup-configs for layer 2 and layer 3 images.
    Allowing for faster loading times too.
  * Option to prevent starting the local server when openning the GUI.
  * Prevent devices to be started, stopped or suspended if their status is not right
  * More checks for cloud connections.
  * Show item coordinates in the status bar.
  * Amend device configs (hostname) when renaming.
  * UDP connection checks.

Thu May 15 07:43:17 UTC 2014 -

- - New upstream version 1.0 alpha 4
  * Show Windows interface names in cloud tooltips.
  * Disconnect the server if the version differs from the GUI version.
  * Move cloud code to a builtin module and support for clouds on remote servers.
  * Options to use the default IOU RAM & NVRAM values.
  * Changed the name of default base startup and private configs.
  * Added “All files” filter when looking for an IOU or IOS image in the file broswer.
  * Graceful server shutdown on Windows.
  * Error message that JIT sharing is only supported in Dynamips unstable.
  * New UDP and console port allocation system for IOU. Fixes duplicated port issues.
  * Delete some Dynamips files that are useless to save in projects.
  * Fix: the path to GNS3 server was not saved.
  * Fix: RAM and NVRAM IOU image settings not propagated when creating an IOU device.
  * Fix: bug where IOS nvram/disk files were not kept after closing a topology.
  * Fix: bug that prevented changing any IOU device setting when connected to another node.
  * Fix: duplicated node id issue.
  * Fix: major bug with ghost instance overwriting any second router files (R2).
  * Fix: error when ldd cannot be found.
  * Fix: issues with local base configs for IOS.

Sat May 3 13:00:00 UTC 2014 -

- spec file inprovements hard coding minimum required version for dependencies
- new upstream version 1.0_alpha3
  * Follow the “VMware model” to organize projects.
  * Topology files have the .gns3 extension instead of .net (they are still supported).
  * Fixed problem to capture on TAP or Ethernet interfaces when not root.
  * Updated the upload page.
  * Server request validations.
  * Graceful shutdown for the server & modules
  * Checks for valid IOS & IOU images
  * Checks for missing shared library dependencies in an IOU image.
  * Explicit error message for missing 32-bit binary support on 64-bit Linux when starting IOU.
  * Check if iouyap can access Ethernet and TAP devices.
  * Windows network interfaces support in clouds (need improvements but it works…)
  * Update tooltips to show node IDs.
  * Ranges for Dynamips UDP, console, auxiliary console and hypervisor ports.
  * Use Dynamips UDP NIO auto back-end for UDP tunnel connections (excepting stubs).
  * The GUI can check the server version.
  * Explicitly show an error if an IOS network module cannot be added or removed.
  * Support for –version on the command line for both the server and GUI.
  * Delete IOS ghost files when closing a project.
  * Check for the correct locale on Linux/UNIX.
  * Fixed bugs with duplicated node IDs.
  * Save exception.log in the same directory as the GNS3 settings file.
  * Added the view -> docks menu.
  * Checks on node ID returned by the server.
Wed Apr 18 14:49:56 UTC 2014 -

- New upstream version 1.0_alpha2
  * IOS can now communicate with IOU devices running on a different host/VM.
  * Windows topology saving/loading issues have been fixed.
  * Improved non-blocking server connections.
  * Tooltips for all devices have been added.
  * Improved address/host binding implementation.
  * No need to first “save as” before saving an IOU topology.
  * Check for the required version of Dynamips (>= 0.2.11).
  * Checks for free console and aux ports.
  * Fixed local server shutdown on Windows.
  * Fixed bugs when changing local server settings.
  * Fixed c2600 router configuration errors.
  * File upload size limit to the server has been changed from 100MB (the default) to 500MB.
  * Fixed Frame-Relay & ATM issues when loading a topology.
  * Any computed idle-pc value is applied to all routers with the same IOS image.
  * New terminal command for ROXTerm.
  * Possibility to delete nodes using the delete key.
  * Fixed GUI inconsistencies and small bugs all over the place.

Tue Apr 01 14:49:56 UTC 2014 -

- new package using git service