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Mon Jun  7 08:21:44 UTC 2021 - ecsos <>

- Update to 2.0.0
  Nootka knows rhythms and plays a few more instruments
     - updated online documentation and links to it
     - updated Slovenian translation
     - bug fixes
     - PulseAudio backend can work through PipeWire when available
     - lightly colorize dialog buttons for better legibility

- Changes from 1.9.1 rc2
     - chart tip can be clicked to show complete melody of question
     - level creator can display preview of entire melody
     - updated Hungarian translation
     - version checker/updater was ported to QML
     - fixed and improved saxophone support
     - fixed displaying note names over instrument during exercises
     - fixed crash after 'note selection help' was displayed
     - a lot of small fixes
     - better fit to different screen sizes and layouts

- Changes from 1.9.0 rc1
     - when window is not wide enough, instrument can be scrolled
     - dialogues can change content layout to fit available size
     - added exercise to play Bach Minuet adjusted to instruments
     - bandoneon improvements (rhythms detection, layout)
     - initial translation into Ukrainian language
     - updated translations (cs, es, de, fr, it, pl)
     - fixed many bugs (crashes, smaller glitches)
     - improved way of zooming instrument to select note on it
     - screen rotation is supported (for tablets)
     - do not require access to files at very beginning

- Run spec-cleaner.

Mon Apr 19 08:59:38 UTC 2021 - ecsos <>

- Update to 1.4.7
  - No changelog from upstream found.

Sun Aug  4 10:45:53 UTC 2019 -

- update to 1.4.6
  - Nootka speaks Slovenian
  - A new approach to listen to an user
  - support for new Android versions
  - a few bug-fixes
    Repaired crash after exam summary and keep notes of generated 
    melody inside clef range.
  - keep in line with Linux standards
    This is more for packagers. /usr/share/icons/hicolor paths are 
    used for icons and appdata.xml was added. 

Sun Apr 22 18:35:02 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.4.5
  - added Hungarian translations
  - Stylus support on touch screens (Requires Qt 5.9)
  - using secure SSL connections when possible (update check,links)
  - Don't stop pitch detection when question and answer are a sound
Mon Sep 11 21:05:49 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.4.4
  - German translation is complete
  - support for marking more frets on the fingerboard
  - fixed annoying crash on entering settings when 'other' 
    instrument was used
- drop patch nootka-moc-fix.patch because now in upstream

Wed Jul 12 09:00:40 UTC 2017 -

- add patch nootka-moc-fix.patch to build for Factory

Mon Jun 12 08:36:37 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.4.3
  - attempt to fix random crashes related to audio input
  - improved look of checkable buttons (note name)
  - removed a few memory leaks

Fri Feb 24 18:28:25 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.4.2
  - added standalone AppImage for Linux
  - don't stop pitch detection after playing a note
  - avoid false update messages
  - properly detect default language under Win 10

Fri Jan 20 16:13:03 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.4.1
  - Fixed issues with note range in custom created levels

Wed Dec 14 18:30:09 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.4.0
  - new method to make random melodies more... melodic
  - melody can be randomized from selected notes, i.e. pentatonic scale
  - so added level with pentatonic scales
  - solfege or letter note names can be selected during first run wizard
  - improved look of sound views, better fit to high DPI screens
  - reduced number of paint operations, works even 2-4 times faster
  - volume settings and pitch preview can be invoked with volume keys
  - settings menu entry is placed on the top menu label
  - stop pitch detection when app is going background, restore when backs
  - fixed positioning of tips with question content
  - other small fixes

- changes from 1.3.0 alpha1
  - removed roundness of widget/tips
  - scroll-able widgets can be flicked with mouse/finger
  - improved scaling of dialog windows
  - prepared code for further features
  Under the hood
  - Android and Desktop code are in the single branch now
  - reorganized layout of libraries, score is in separate lib
  - exam execution moved to plugin

- changes from 1.2A.7 rc3
  - handle pinch gesture to zoom score in/out
  - touching screen suspends pitch detection
  - updated Qt version to 5.6.1
  - prevent stopping input sound randomly
  - fixed issues with saving exams/levels on device

Mon Aug 29 09:25:30 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.2.7
  - translated to Spanish language
  - better method of handling input audio data, increased buffer size
  - forwarding input to output works with every sound system now
  - fixed reason of random crashes when audio input started
  - repaired starting exam with melodies from single note mode view
  - file descriptions are translated under Mac Os Finder
  - fixed deb package compatibility with Ubuntu 16.04
  - other minor fixes

Mon Jun 13 09:17:09 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.2.6
  - clicking melody note displays guitar position (only exercises)
  - updated Russian translation
  - improvements of scaling guitar image for different resolutions
  - fixed bug with doubled fingerboard on high resolution screens
  - keep right-side note pane always visible, even at the staff end

Fri Apr 15 09:34:40 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.2.5
  - added new levels
  - added donors list
  - clef menu visibility fixes for Qt 5.6 compatibility
  - fixed storing of instrument scale for non guitars
  - other minor fixes

Wed Feb  3 10:47:42 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.2.4
  - reduced memory consumption of pitch detection process
  - Ported 1.2 branch to Mac Os
  - Fixed crash when note name tip was invoked from temporary, 
    auto added note segment
  - Default color of enharmonic notes/names is set properly and 
    approved when changed
  - Resizing issues - fingerboard never goes out of a view
  - other small fixes

Sat Jan 16 10:15:49 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.2.3
  - During exams - don't run pitch detection after settings dialog 
    was closed
  - Fixed layout of exam results when note name is visible
  - Additional staff lines are hiding properly
  - Fixed conditions when 'correct' tool button is displayed
  - Questioned note and corrected one might have distorted 
    colors - fixed
  - small fixes of translations
Thu Oct  8 15:33:56 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.2.2
  - updated Russian translation
  - added flick-able scroll (by mouse dragging) to windows with help
  - fixed crash related to hiding temp note segment at the staff end
  - properly loading translations of guitar tuning
  - fixed French translation
  - fixed mistakes in Polish translation
  - preventing of text selection in help windows
Thu Sep  3 17:38:55 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.2.1
  - fixed finger position validation - it might corrupt exam files
  - properly hide disabled double accidentals buttons in note name 
  - fixed position of note name menu when it is moving between 
  - fixed compilation issues if missing c++11 flag
Sun Jul  5 21:58:49 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.2.0
  - updated on-line help
  - unlocked help button(s) to opening related help sites
  - improved displaying accidentals and neutrals in melodies
  - repaired and improved asking penalty melodies in exams
  - fixed melody chart tip - correctly displays every attempt 
  - fixed and improved animations of accidentals from note to key 
  - intonation checking respects properly setting of accuracy level
  - fixed issue when exam was corrupted due to wrongly reading it 
    from a file
  - fixed determining mistake types for melodies
  - fixed chart issues when melodies are analyzing
  - fixed a lot of small glitches

- changes from 1.1.7 rc2
  - improvements/fixes related to low latency and real-time audio
  - updated Qt libraries to the latest version in Windows installer
  - changed all static font sizes to system related sizes
  - proper clef rendering in question tips
  - proper re-sampling when rate is bigger than 48000
  - avoiding multiple calls of status messages for better 
  - fixed loading Qt translations and switching languages
  - fixed Debian package dependencies, Ubuntu 14.04 is supported 

- changes from 1.1.6 rc1
  - new, advanced settings for pitch detection
  - workarounds to avoid pitch-detection of the same note twice
  - other pitch detection improvements
  - better support when audio input and output are different 
  - updated translations
  - updated RtAudio to latest git version - many bugs fixes
  - tons of fixed bugs, mistakes and glitches...

- changes from 1.1.5 beta
  - detailed preview of melodies in charts
  - added new tool button with menu to manage a score
  - new, quick, click-less way for adding notes to a score
  - improved pop-up for selecting note name over score
  - a note from played exam melody can be selected to start playing 
    from it
  - improved look of sound meters widgets
  - intonation accuracy can be set from intonation view
  - first run wizard comes back improved  - it is a plugin now
  - improved user visible texts
  - updated Windows installer
  - tons of fixed bugs, mistakes and glitches...
  Under the hood
  - external executable-s converted to plugins, loaded on demand
  - audio device has single instance shared with external settings 

- changes from 1.1.4 alpha
  - exam tips are storing their position when moved by user
  - some icons changed
  - fixed a lot of small glitches
  Under the hood
  - removed all 'extern' statements from libraries

- changes from 1.1.3 alpha
  - There is an option for using JACK (Linux) and ASIO (Windows)
  - pitch detection range is set dynamically instead of settings
  - two pitch detection methods merged into single, two-steps 
  - improved detection of quickly repeated (the same) notes
  - exam question tips are movable and were improved
  - window elements (hints, sound view, guitar, tool bar) can be 
  - dots marking frets are configurable
  - flickering of an analyze chart was put right

- changes from 1.1.2 alpha
  - exams/exercises support for playing melodies from a score
  - exams/exercises support for writing listened melodies
  - recognizing new mistake types related to melodies
  - added tuning fork button to play middle A in exams based on 
  - added pop-up panes to quick manage a note in a score
  - improved randomization, all notes from range will occur equally
  - simple import/export melodies to XML (music) format
  Under the hood
  - binary format of exam files (*.noo) changed to text based
  - saving melodies and related information in *.noo files
  - dividing and cleaning monolithic code of examining process

- changes from 1.1.1 alpha
  - interactive score with staves (systems)
  - possibility of adding/removing notes to the score
  - GUI layout changed
  - option for displaying accidentals from key signature close 
    to a note
  - note names can be displayed on the score (below every note)
  - option for forwarding audio input through selected audio output
  - improved level creator
  Under the hood
  - ported to Qt5
  - divided for libraries and external executable files
  - updated RtAudio version
  - updated SoundTouch version (Windows/MacOs), better optimization
  - under newer Windows Os-es version WASAPI or ASIO is used and 
    DS for XP
  - merged audio input and output callback methods
  - ported binary format of *.nel files to XML

- changes from 1.0.1
  - finished German translation
    - fixed crash with some JACK configurations
    - small scaling issues in a chart 

Mon Mar 23 10:27:36 UTC 2015 -

- change source address

Fri Mar 14 11:10:49 UTC 2014 -

- cleaned up filelist and buildrequires, moved changelog to nootka.changes

Mon Feb 17 2014 See Look <> 

- Update to version 1.0.0:
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