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Tue Oct 15 09:21:27 UTC 2019 - Sebastien CHAVAUX <>

- Update to version 6.0.2:
  * Updated properties database for Pink Panther ROM.

Mon Jun 17 20:48:15 UTC 2019 - Carsten Ziepke <>

- Update to version 6.0.1:
  * Added support for CDFJ bankswitching type (Galaga, 
    Wizard of War, etc).
  * Allow the DPC+ scheme to not enable playfield 'jitter' effect 
    for certain older DPC+ driver versions; this allows 
    'Epic Adventure' ROM to finally work in Stella.
- Specfile cleaning

Thu Feb 14 11:15:56 UTC 2019 - Sebastien CHAVAUX <>

- Update to version 6.0:
   * Note: because of major TIA sound changes, the state file format has changed, and old state files will not work with this release.
   * New cycle exact audio core based on work by Chris Brenner (crispy); greatly improved audio emulation accuracy (i.e. E.T., Ms. Pacman).
   * Full rewrite of the audio subsystem; resample TIA output to target sample rate directly in Stella.
   * Added option to force stereo sound for all ROMs, or to use the setting on a per-ROM basis.
   * Threading: decouple emulation from frame rendering.
   * Main loop rewritten; emulating speed and timing is now much more faithful (i.e. speed in Pick'n'Pile).
   * Added preliminary support for 'CTY' bankswitching scheme and recently released 'Chetiry' ROMs. Special thanks to SpiceWare for adding music support to this scheme.
   * UI modernization (new widget look, dialog titles added, dialogs refactored).
   * The bankswitch scheme can now be forced by naming the ROM with a specific extension (ie: .f8s for F8SC, .fe for FE, etc). The supported extensions are the same as the ones from HarmonyCart and UnoCart.
   * Audio settings replaced with new '' settings.
   * FPS setting replaced with speed setting for adjusting emulation speed.
   * Extra functionality for Time Machine dialog (start/stop recording; minor fixes).
   * When logging messages to the System Logger, condense similar messages that arrive in batches into fewer messages (including timestamps).
   * Fixes for collision corner cases (during HBlank).
   * Fixed excessive CPU usage while in UI modes (ROM launcher, debugger, etc).
   * The 'launcherexts' option has been replaced by a true/false option named 'launcherroms', which specifies to show only ROMs or all files in the ROM launcher.
   * Changes in 'Game Properties' dialog
        'Default' button now affects only current tab like in all other dialogs.
        'Display' and 'Console' tab changes are now immediate.
        Fixed bug when selecting 'Auto-detect' format for 50Hz ROMs 
   * Fixed bug in autodetecting Genesis controllers.
   * Fixed bug with 'thumb.trapfatal' commandline argument; sometimes Stella would lock up when encountering a fatal error instead of entering the debugger and displaying a message.
   * Fixed bug in reading from settings file with entries that were empty; the parsing was failing. This affected the 'cpurandom' argument; when all options in it were turned off, they were all turned on again during the next program run.
   * Fixed bug with 'hold' events; they are now released a short time after starting a ROM.
   * When starting Stella for the first time, the first ROM selected will determine which path to use by default for subsequent runs.
   * Fixed emulator crash when starting SaveKey ROMs from commandline with SaveKey messages enabled.
   * Fixed missing TV format update in frame stats dialog when switching display type.
   * Fixed missing debug color update when switching display type.
   * 'Fill to scanline' now works for scanlines above current scanline too.
   * The debugger 'uhex' command is now honoured in CDF and BUS schemes.
   * When switching screenmodes, the sound is now paused and later resumed. This fixes popping and cracking sounds apparent on some systems, notably macOS when toggling windowed/fullscreen mode.
   * State file format has been optimized to be smaller, and faster loading and saving. This affects both the files saved to your computer as well as Time Machine functionality.
   * The ROM name saved in a PNG tEXt chunk now honours the 'snapname' setting.
   * Improved snapshots when phosphor is enabled.
   * Updated PAL palette.
   * Added 'Cartridge.StartBank' ROM property, to force a ROM to use a specific bank for its reset vector.
   * Added Developer setting, which breaks on reads from write ports. It now detects such conditions in many more cases. This new way of detecting RWP errors obsoletes the old '_rwport' debugger command, which has now been removed.
   * Added recently released 'Arkyology' prototype ROM to the database.
   * Fixed 'Street Racer' and 'Video Olympics' ROMs to use paddles in both ports.
   * For UNIX systems: in the ROM launcher, when using symlinks use the symlink pathname instead of the underlying filesystem pathname.
   * The UNIX builds now use the system-installed PNG and ZLIB libraries by default.
   * The Macintosh builds are now named 'macOS' throughout the codebase to reflect the new naming from Apple.
   * For better compatibility, the Windows 32-bit version does not require SSE2 anymore.
   * Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.

Tue Nov 27 11:06:32 UTC 2018 - Christopher Hofmann <>

- Initial version 5.1.3
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