File tell-the-truth-about-private-api.patch of Package libqt5-qtwebkit

From: Fabian Vogt <>
Subject: Tell the same truth as QtCore about the private API

It may change with each new release, so also include the minor
and patch versions in the symbol version.

Index: qtwebkit-5.212.0-alpha2/Tools/qt/
--- qtwebkit-5.212.0-alpha2.orig/Tools/qt/
+++ qtwebkit-5.212.0-alpha2/Tools/qt/
@@ -32,14 +32,15 @@ my $qtNamespace = shift @ARGV;
 die "Usage: $0 <Qt version> [Qt namespace]\n" unless $qtVer;
-$qtVer =~ /^(\d+)\.(\d+)\.\d+$/ or die "$qtVer is not valid Qt version\n";
+$qtVer =~ /^(\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+)$/ or die "$qtVer is not valid Qt version\n";
 my $major = $1;
 my $minor = $2;
+my $patch = $3;
 # Next code tries to mirror logic of mkspecs/features/qt_module.prf
-"Qt_${major}_PRIVATE_API {
+"Qt_${major}.${minor}.${patch}_PRIVATE_API {
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