File banshee-community-extensions.changes of Package banshee-community-extensions

Sat Oct 09 21:51:48 UTC 2010 -

- Fix Requires: for telepathy extension.
  Use telepathy-mission-control NOT telepathy-mission-control-5

Thu Sep 30 16:18:22 CDT 2010 -

- Update to version 1.8.0
  * Bugs Fixed:
    - [AlarmClock] Rework synchronization to avoid an infinite loop
    - [AlarmClock] Fix a crash on exit
    - [SoundMenu] Add dependency on the MPRIS extension

Wed Sep 22 17:02:55 CDT 2010 -

- Update to version 1.7.6
  * Enhancements:
    - [Lyrics] Add a Copy button to the lyrics window
    - [Lyrics] Fix up the label in LyricsPane
    - [Lyrics] Use Banshee.WebBrowser instead of webkit-sharp
  * Bugs Fixed:
    - [build] Bring gnome-doc-utils autofoo into the tree
    - [Lyrics] Detect a false positive from
    - [Lyrics] Fixed LyricsWiki source
    - [U1MS] Set a TypeUniqueId for the source (bgo#626965)

Thu Sep  2 08:55:25 CDT 2010 -

- Update to version 1.7.4
  * New:
    - [OpenVP] Add various visualizations to the Now Playing source
    - [SoundMenu] Control Banshee from the sound menu available in Ubuntu
  * Enhancements:
    - User help is now available, automatically integrated into the Banshee help pages.
      To contribute to it, get in touch with the GNOME Documentation Project at
    - [AppIndicator] Avoid conflicts with NotificationArea by not being enabled at the same time
  * Bugs Fixed:
    - [AppIndicator] Fix toggle state issue when the window was launched from its starter
    - [AppIndicator] Stop the notifications from lagging and stacking up (bgo#616652)
    - [AppIndicator] Use banshee-panel icon if it exists
    - [ClutterFlow] Fix crash when checking GL extensions
    - [ClutterFlow] Copy the clutter-sharp assemblies during installation
    - [LiveRadio] Fix ShoutCAST streams (lp#572819)
    - [LiveRadio] Fix crash when disabling last enabled plugin (bgo#623983)
    - [Lyrics] Follow the WriteMetadata preference
    - [Mirage] Remove the ineffective "Duplicate Search" menu entry
    - [Mirage] Explicitly link mirageaudiotest to GStreamer libs (bgo#624084)
    - [Mirage] Delay initialization to avoid slowing down Banshee's startup
    - [StreamRecorder] Use a filesink in the gstreamer pipeline (bgo#616167)
    - [Telepathy] Update Now Playing information when gapless is on
    - [UbuntuOneMusicStore] Delay initialization until actually needed
- Updates in version 1.6.0
  * New:
    - [AppIndicator] use the new application indicator area available in Ubuntu.
  * Enhancements:
    - [ClutterFlow] Added an alphabet bar to the scrollbar for fast browsing
    - [Lyrics] Add support
  * Bugs Fixed:
    - [ClutterFlow] Fix shade bug when there's no shader support
    - [ClutterFlow] Fix party-mode transition, fixed wrong slider label
    - [ClutterFlow] Fix small bug, now stores user sorting setting
    - [ClutterFlow] Fix asynchronous clone creation when user clicks album currently not centered
    - [ClutterFlow] Fix fullscreen bug, fixing internationalisation strings (again)
    - [I18N] Replace all Catalog calls with calls to the Mono.Addins localizer
    - [Magnatune] Replace unicode char with \u expansion
    - [Mirage] Only load RandomBySimilar if Mirage working
    - [StreamRecorder] Added "unchanged" encoder to record streams as they are
    - [StreamRecorder] fixed encoder choose to not include plugins that are not found
    - [StreamRecorder] updated deprecated lame gstreamer plugin to lamemp3enc

Thu Mar 11 07:57:26 PST 2010 -

- Update to version 1.5.5
  * New:
    - [CoverWallpaper] new, migrated from Google Code
    - [LiveRadio] new, another way to discover internet radio stations
    - [Magnatune] new, browse and stream tracks from Magnatune
    - [Telepathy] new, browse your IM friends' music library, download or stream their tracks
    - [UbuntuOneMusicStore] new, browse and preview songs from the Ubuntu One Music Store
  * Enhancements:
    - [ClutterFlow] Added a slide out animation when user right-clicks album so he/she can see the cover better
    - [ClutterFlow] Dragging sensitivity is now adjustable
    - [Mirage] Much more sophisticated shuffle/fill-by similar
  * Bug fixes:
    - [Lyrics] Handle proxy config errors (bgo#611446)
    - [Mirage] Fix crash in RandomBySimilar (bgo#611066)

Wed Feb 24 14:17:08 PST 2010 -

- Update to version 1.5.4
  * Contains nine extensions:
    - AlarmClock
    - Awn
    - ClutterFlow (disabled in this build)
    - LCD
    - Lirc (disabled in this build)
    - Lyrics
    - Mirage
    - RadioStationFetcher
    - StreamRecorder

Thu Feb 11 14:47:07 PST 2010 -

- Initial packaging; git snapshot
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