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View File monodevelop.changes of Package monodevelop (Project Mono:Factory)

Sat Sep 17 12:30:12 UTC 2016 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Add a metadata file for https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:AppStore

Sun Jun  5 22:19:39 UTC 2016 - fwdsbs.to.11df@xoxy.net

- Added missing provides in order to help resolve dependencies in
  packages monodevelop-database and monodevelop-database-gdb

Mon May 30 00:00:00 UTC 2016 - fwdsbs.to.11df@xoxy.net

- fix monodevelop.pc. monodevelop-database v5.10 should build now. 
  * Added patch fix-monodevelop-pc.patch: remove missing /usr/lib/monodevelop/bin/Newtonsoft.Json.dll from monodevelop.pc

Sat Mar  5 08:33:20 UTC 2016 - i@marguerite.su

- remove needless dependency pkgconfig(gtksourceview-sharp-2.0)
  * it is needed with the option --enable-aspnet --enable-aspnetedit
  * gtksourceview-sharp2 has been merged into gnome-desktop-sharp2

Mon Dec 7 21:00:00 UTC 2015 - fwdsbs.to.11df@xoxy.net

- Update to
  * Dropped nuget-2.8.7-support.patch
  * Added fake nuget for use in build process - no external nuget dependencies will be deployed

Tue Oct 27 00:00:00 UTC 2015 - fwdsbs.to.11df@xoxy.net

- Update to
  * Added nuget-2.8.7-support.patch for nuget 2.8.7 support

Sat Aug 22 06:26:44 UTC 2015 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to
  * Improved: Added support for projects created in Visual Studio 2015
  * Fixed: Unable to reference main project classes in Unit Tests
  * Fixed: Fixed GTK log spew that can potentially cause IDE slowness

Thu Jun 11 04:49:03 UTC 2015 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to version
  * Improved: Nuget 2.8.5 support
  * Improved: Formatting of nuget messages in Status Bar
  * Improved: Use native menu for Test output context menu
  * Fixed: Focus issue in when searching in the SearchBar
  * Fixed: Ability to expand and collapse the detail of the Exception dialog
  * Fixed: Crash in Toolbar
  * Fixed: Duplicate 'Enable incremental builds' options
  * Fixed: Uncaught exceptions from unit tests can bring down the test runner

Sat May  2 05:12:47 UTC 2015 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to version 5.9
  * Added a redesigned new project dialog using a category hierarchy
    and file creation preview pane.
  * Added new Debugger visualizers (for color, images, locations) and
    IEnumerable expansions.
  * Added partial C# 6 Support to the Text Editor.
  * Added a preview of editor settings changes.
  * Updated Japanese translation.
  * Added support for fast build checks. This feature reduces the time
    it takes to check if a project needs to be built, so starting an app
    is much faster when no code changes are made.
  * Fixed: Tapping on a file or folder in the solution pad of a shared
    project causes the project to collapse
  * Fixed: Find and Replace in files changes the wrong strings
- Add downgrade_to_mvc3.patch as MCV4 is not yet available.
- New dependency pkgconfig(system.web.mvc3)
- Remove mono-data-postgresql depdency (dropped by upstream)

Sat Jan 17 06:59:17 UTC 2015 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- update to version 5.7
  * Improved organization of global preferences.
  * Improved the edit reference dialog.
  * The startup project name is now stored in the user solution settings file instead of the .sln file.
  * Find in Files command is now much faster and uses less memory when there are many hits.
  * Application output (and other output pads) now have a Search command.
  * Fixed crash when opening a project that uses an incompatible Subversion Working Copy format.
  * Several optimization and fixes in the Version Control status view.
  * Version Control Log view now displays a default icon for emails which aren’t linked on Gravatar.
  * Menu options for add-in NuGet packages have been renamed to make them easier to discover.
  * Error and warning icons applied to packages are now more consistent with other icons in the solution pad.
  * Fixed: MonoDevelop doesn't recognize that files exist after NuGet Update.
  * Fixed: Update all Packages in Solution not Updating Dependencies.
  * Fixed: Unable to add NuGet package again after removing it.
  * Hex debugger visualizer now shows a wider range of characters.
  * Fixed: Cannot use typeof operator with type parameters.
  * Fixed: Debugger reports a 'System.NotSupportedException' exception when using Set Next Statement command.
  * Fixed: Variable called dynamic confuses debugger.
  * Fixed: Unable to remove custom code template.
  * Fixed: Semicolon is put at the end of line instead at the position of cursor.
  * Fixed: Sort usings yields strange result
  * Fixed: Navigate Forward/Backward may cause a crash when used in rapid succession.
  * Fixed: Editor tooltips overlay new windows.
  * Fixed: Completion is not working for 'is' statement.
  * Fixed: Rename refactoring command fails with InvalidCastException on generic class name after 'new'.
  * Fixed: MonoDevelop not recognizing reflection extensions in PCL when Microsoft.Net.Http is present.
  * Fixed: #define code showing as comments if symbol is not declared in build options.
  * Fixed: Folding markers not correctly shown when the columns for #region and #endregion differ.
  * Fixed: C# string property in object initializer autocompletes to #if.
  * Fixed: Cannot open .cshtml files.
  * Fixed delay when opening the project context menu.
  * Fixed: Deleting a folder in the solution pad does not result in the folder being removed from the tree.
  * Fixed occasional crash when deleting a solution folder while the properties pad is visible.
  * Fixed: Copying info in the test output window results in wrong text being copied.
  * Fixed: MonoDevelop throws exception on doing Export Policy to specific file.
  * Fixed exception while creating VBNet->NUnit Library Project.
  * Fixed: Cannot change font of the Test Results pad (e.g. to monospace font).
  * Fixed: Nunit runner has trouble when class with TestFixture is defined without a namespace.
  * Fixed: Time summary not correctly shown in Unit Tests pad.
  * Fixed: T4 TextTransformation interface issue with Initialize.
  * Fixed: T4 ignores output directive if PreprocessTemplate() is used.
  * Fixed: 'Load previous solution on startup' option breaks loading projects from the command line.
  * Fixed: Removing reference to a shared project from project references causes UI freeze.
  * Fixed: Enabling MSBuild Support in a Xamarin.Forms Shared Project doesn't build.
  * Fixed: Go to Definition opens the assembly browser, but does not show the correct type.
  * Fixed: File appears twice when searching.
  * Fixed: "Add Package Source" popup window should remain at top.

Wed Dec 31 09:17:41 UTC 2014 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- fix "add-in could not be started MonoDevelop.GnomePlatform"

Sun Dec 21 16:15:25 UTC 2014 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- update to 5.5
  * Support NuGet package dependencies in Components
  * Support package version constraints in NuGet packages.config file
  * Fixed Xaml completion when using shared asset projects
  * Fixed crash in Subversion support ("Another Subversion operation is already in progress" error).
  * Fixed an IndexOutOfRangeException when opening a file with custom added encoding.
  * Fixed an issue where shared asset project references would be forgotten between MonoDevelop restarts.
  * Fixed an crash that would occur rarely when reloading a file that changed outside of MonoDevelop.
  * The text editor doesn't lose focus anymore when switching shell layouts.
  * Fixed occasinal crash when changing from 2 to 1-column mode.
- nunit has been unbundled bxc#23696
- monodevelop-debugger-gdb has been integrated

Sun Dec  7 20:11:50 UTC 2014 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- fix the internal dependency generator bnc#907278

Mon Jun 16 15:08:39 UTC 2014 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- update to 5.0.1
  * Higher resolution icons
  * Added NuGet support by default
  * Added F# support by default
  * Added Xamarin.Forms project templates.
  * Added Shared Assets Projects support.
  * The default PCL profile has been changed to Profile78 (.NET 4.5)
  * The "search for new files on project load" feature has been removed in favor of MSBuild wildcards in project files.
  * The resx file template is now available for all .NET project types.
  * Fixed resx codebehind generation for PCL projects.
  * The VS2012 solution format is now used by default, compatible with Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and later.
  * Added simple code completion when editing MSBuild project files.
  * The source editor now recognizes defines set automatically by the build system such as __ANDROID__.
  * Improved visual appearance of Source Code Analysis.
  * Derived symbol finding is much faster now.
  * Usage highlighting is now displayed in source analysis bar.
  * Fixed ‘Subversion Operation is already in progress’ issues.
  * Fixed issues with being able to delete current branch in Git.
  * Fixed IDE hanging when managing tags in Git.
  * Added support for upgrading Subversion repositories and reporting if the Subversion working copy is too new to handle.
  * Fixed an exception thrown when double clicking on Log diff.
  * Improved experience with the Checkout Dialog when handling invalid URLs, non-empty checkout directories and invalid credentials.
  * Fixed an issue which allowed users to make a commit with an empty message.
  * Changed Version Control Remove command’s confirmation text to “Remove” instead of “Delete” to prevent confusion of what will happen.
  * Remote Status button has been removed from Review and Commit for Git.
  * Optimized Review and Commit diff loading.
  * Optimized switching to Changes View when double clicking a diff in the Log.
  * Debugger: Generic methods now can be invoked in the Immediate Window.
  * Added possibility to choose whether you want to generate Asynchronous methods when using Web References.
  * Fixed issues with PCL and Web References.
  * Added Delete All context action for Web References Folder.
  * Split Web References folder into Web References and Web Services.
  * Fix execution target list unexpectedly changing.
  * The Test Pad now only shows tests that will be built in the active configuration.
  * Added PublicResXFileCodeGenerator custom build tool
  * Improved french translation
  * Fixed crash when using the Hex debugger visualizer
  * Files in the solution are now sorted by file name without extension.
  * When grouped files are ungrouped in the solution pad, this change will now be persisted correctly.
  * MSBuild project loading errors are now reported back to the build output pad.
  * The correct font is now used in custom UI elements on Windows.
  * ASP.NET file templates are now usable from ASP.NET MVC projects.
  * It’s no longer possible to create custom policies with null or invalid names.
  * Component references can now be removed from projects even when they are corrupt/invalid.
  * Downloaded updates are now kept in the cache when switching updater channels, and the cache is periodically pruned.
  * Files in the update download cache now have user-friendly names.
  * VI status area no longer hangs on some systems

Sun Mar  9 12:50:10 UTC 2014 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- update to 4.2.3
  * Fixed performance issue when opening very large files
  * Fixed excessive CPU usage in some cases
  * Added support for detecting simplified chinese encoding
  * Improved automatic code formatting
  * Code Issues Pad now supports File and Project grouping
  * Add support for local-copying package assembly references
  * Added support for reading projects created by Visual Studio 2013. However, they can currently only be built on Windows.
  * Moved the ‘Use MSBuild engine’ option to the Build panel for Projects
  * Improved the Exception Caught dialog
  * Implemented support for evaluating null references in the Immediate and Watch windows.
  * Added possibility to choose visibility for generated proxies.
  * Fixed issues with proxy namespace generation when URLs contained dashes
  * Fixed issues with Keychain storage for Git.
  * Added a way to disable Version Control per solution basis. It is accessed by right clicking a solution -> Options -> Version Control -> General -> ticking the Disable Version Control for this Solution.
  * Fixed entries in Commit Dialog being doubled
  * The status bar now displays the relative path of the opened file
  * Fixed: all menu items are disabled when MonoDevelop is in fullscreen mode
  * Fixed: changing desktop wallpaper causes UI misbehavior
  * Disabled Add-ins are no longer re-enabled after MonoDevelop Upgrade
  * Fixed memory leak caused by the code completion database

Sat Feb 22 08:40:40 UTC 2014 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.2.2
  * No Linux specific changes.

Thu Dec 26 19:02:21 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Added missing libgnomeui-2.so.0 for MonoDevelop.GnomePlatform.

Tue Nov 26 19:33:01 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.2.1
   * no changelog provided

Sat Nov 16 08:39:54 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.2
   + Improved support for on-the-fly formatting and indenting.
   + Improved source analysis (beta), with better performance, memory use and stability.
   + Fixed several issues when editing aspx and xml files.
   + Improved handling of files with mixed line endings.
   + Improved the look of in-line error bubbles.
   + Reloading a modified file from disk and restoring from Autosave are now undo-able actions.
   + Fixed F# syntax highlighting issues
   + Improved the speed and user experience of the import symbol completion
   + Added commands for tagging branches, removing and push tags (Git).
   + Fixed incorrect repository detection issue (Git).
   + Fixed error when adding Web References in a Subversion repository.
   + Improved progress monitoring and notifying for Subversion on Windows.
   + Added option for disabling version control support globally.
   + Improved support for visualizing big arrays using the hex visualizer (data is now incrementally fetched)
   + Allow stepping into autogenerated enumerators in user assemblies
   + Improved stability when debugging on the Microsoft .NET CLR.
   + Properly load and interpret projects which make use of properties and environment variables in the definition of project items.
   + Fixed bug that caused classes from System.Core and PCL framework assemblies to not be shown in code completion
   + Improved PCL profile selection panel
   + Implicit PCL framework references are now shown in the solution pad.

Sat Oct 26 10:44:27 UTC 2013 - sclifcon@gmail.com

- Update to 4.0.14
  + This is a hot fix release.

Sat Oct 19 16:06:37 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.13
  + Reduced the memory usage significantly (in particular for Git).
  + Blame view is now more compact for Git.
  + The Commit command and Review Changes have been squashed into the same handler. You can no longer directly invoke the Commit dialog by right clicking on a solution tree node.
  + Status View now allows diff copy-pasting.
  + Added a way to fix project/solution files that are in conflicted state. A right click option has been added.
  + Implemented Progress Monitoring for Subversion Commands.
  + Implemented cancelling of Version Control Checkout/Clone command.
  + Version Control: it now always properly initializes, not having issues with loading overlay icons on nodes anymore.
  + Version Control: Fixed issues with submodule update usage.
  + Version Control: Fixed many issues with wrong detection of repository type
  + Version Control: Fixed many issues with Subversion "Operation is in Progress".
  + Version Control: Fixed issues where localization was not culture invariant for stashes
  + Version Control: Fixed issues with Git pushing new branches to remote.
  + Added a c-string visualizer for byte[]
  + Added a hex visualizer for string, byte[] and char[]
  + Added support for char[] to the default text visualizer
  + Added basic code-completion support to the Immediate Window
- added --disable-update-mimedb to ./configure to avoid clashes
- fixed the internal dependency generator

Thu Aug  8 14:57:03 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.12
  + Fixes problems related to opening project files.

Sat Aug  3 11:36:57 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.11
  + Improved speed & memory usage
  + Format items in strings now are highlighted and get completion
  + Improved parsing error recovery (completion is now much less likely to break while typing)
  + Reworked completion options
  + Automatic bracket insertion for methods and constructors
  + Completion list may now contain items from other namespaces and import them
  + Usage highlighting has now indicators if a usage is changing the value or not
  + New message bubble design
  + Improved speed & memory usage
  + Added support for Subversion 1.7.
  + Improved user experience with Subversion commands.
  + Revert on Project/Solution nodes no longer recursively reverts containing items.
  + Added support for adding and removing items from ignore lists.
  + Improved user experience with committing and updating.
  + Fixes to Subversion Log view when handling items which have been deleted/added in the selected revision
  + Fixes to Subversion Blame view regarding line numbers.
  + Fixed Git merging/rebasing to a remote branch.
  + Files opened in the IDE are automatically reloaded after doing a version control update.
  + Git Checkout will now also clone submodules
  + Git branches with invalid names can no longer be created.
  + The version control Remove command no longer deletes the files from disk, only removes them from the repo.
  + Review Changes will now update itself, not open another tab if it’s used on the same node.
  + It is possible to copy-paste diffs from the Log Widget.
  + A warning is now shown when trying to commit unsaved files.
  + The tests pad now shows results from previous NUnit runs

Wed Jul 24 15:47:32 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.10
  + Added proper new line support to the text editor.
  + Added an icon to represent variables in the debugger.
  + Added debugger tooltips for multi-level properties.
  + Added debugger tooltips for class members when used in methods.

Fri Jun 28 19:43:48 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.9
  + Global performance improvements when building solutions with many projects.
  + Fixed loading of projects with wildcards on Windows
  + Build errors and warnings are not accumulated anymore between builds
  + Fixed several issues when editing HTML files.
  + Improvements in the vi editing mode
  + It is now possible to add and remove watch expressions
    to the Watch window even while not debugging.
  + Fixed debugger tooltips for ‘value’ in property setters
    and for method parameters with default values.
  + Adding and removing breakpoints should always work now.
  + Added Debug Test command in the context menu of the test tree.
- Update changelog with information gathered from
- http://monodevelop.com/Download is updated again,
  removed git source fetcher and separated addons as before.

Fri Jun 28 08:03:08 UTC 2013 - sclifcon@gmail.com

- Fixed detection of the MonoDevelop.Debugger

Fri Jun 21 19:23:02 UTC 2013 - sclifcon@gmail.com

- Added subpackages for monodevelop-database and monodevelop-debugger-gdb
- Added new profile for compiling new subpackages.

Sat May 18 09:17:11 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.8
  + This release removes a NullReferenceException when running
    mdtool to clean a solution from the command line.
- Changes from 4.0.7
  + This release adds critical improvements to the Updater service.
- Changes from 4.0.6
  + The Find in File functionality in the editor has been improved.

Sat May  4 13:04:06 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.5
  + Added support for file wildcards in project files
  + Added initial support for arbitrary project dependencies.
  + Fixed issue that caused solutions to be duplicated in the
    solution tree when opening directly from the file explorer.
  + Project folders can now be expanded/collapsed with double-click.
  + Global search now returns commands which are specific to the
    current selection.
  + Run will now build the startup project and any dependency of it.
  + Gutter font can now be changed
  + New smart tag system for code actions
  + Namespaces can now be renamed and find namespace references works now
  + VI mode status area has now a line, column indicator
  + Resolve namespace imports can now fix project references
  + Improved Breakpoint Hit Count functionality to support all of the
    functionality that Visual Studio provides (and more!)
  + Improved Breakpoint Pad to allow multi-selection
  + Allow users to search in the Call Stack Pad in the debugger
  + Added support for dragging & dropping code snippets from the
    Text Editor into the debugger’s Watch Pad
  + Many other fixes to the debugger
- Silenced some bogus RPMlint warnings

Fri Apr 26 07:34:58 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.4

Mon Apr  8 09:22:48 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to
  + unanounced, no changelog provided

Mon Apr  1 19:06:29 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to 4.0.1
  + no changelog provided
- Fetch directly from git as monodevelop.com/download is unmaintained

Fri Mar 15 11:01:33 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Update to version 4.0
  + no changelog provided

Fri Mar  1 13:15:02 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- spec file cleanup
  * license change: http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2009/Dec-15.html
  * fix RPM groups
  * add devel package
  * fix file endings
  * fix dependency generator
  * remove duplicates
  * remove spurious executable bits

Fri Feb  1 09:28:31 UTC 2013 - dimstar@opensuse.org

- Don't require mono-tools: it's just some documentation help and
  it is not available for mono 3 yet.

Sun Jan 20 01:02:06 UTC 2013 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- spec file cleanup
  * remove obsolete suse macros
  * use pkgconfig where possible
  * add project URL
  * remove redundant clean

Sat Dec 15 00:00:00 2012 - safknw@gmail.com

- Updated MD to 3.0.6:
  + Provides preliminary Android API17 (Jellybean 4.2) support.
  + Fixes loading projects created in VS2012.

Fri Nov 16 16:06:17 UTC 2012 - mailaender@opensuse.org

- Spec file cleanup
- Added requires for postgresql for database extensions
- Added requires for automake and libtool for packaging purposes

Sun Nov  11 2012 - sfarooqui@faichi.org

- Updated MD to 3.0.5 beta
- removed autoconf as it is no longer available.

Thu Apr  5 12:25:15 UTC 2012 - reddwarf@opensuse.org

- Remove autoreconf call. Unneded and broke build since autoconf
  was not available.
Wed Dec 21 10:28:55 UTC 2011 - coolo@suse.com

- add automake as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency

Mon Oct 31 23:14:39 UTC 2011 - nmarques@opensuse.org

- Update to 2.8.1
  * http://monodevelop.com/Download/What's_new_in_MonoDevelop_2.8
- Add monodevelop-upstream-d224fe1686.patch: MimeType entry needs
  to end with a ";" for freedesktop compliance. Accepted upstream
  commit d224fe1686
- Add monodevelop.rpmlintrc: we can hide a few expected warnings
- Use pkgconfig() calls whenever possible
- Remove fedora/rhel scriptlets and use openSUSE macros:
  + %desktop_database_postun
  + %icon_theme_cache_postun
  + %mime_database_postun
- Add libgnomeui to Requires for >= 1140 (load GNOME2 platform
  addin, dismisses non fatal error box on startup
- Add fdupes to Requires and macro on %install
- Split: devel and lang
- Removed all fedora/rhel scriptlets and several cleanups

Tue Feb 22 17:19:59 UTC 2011 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Update to 2.4.2
  * http://monodevelop.com/Download/MonoDevelop_2.4.2_Released

Thu Nov 18 22:32:26 UTC 2010 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Update to 2.4.1
  * http://monodevelop.com/Download/MonoDevelop_2.4_Released

Fri Oct 29 17:08:52 UTC 2010 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Update to 2.4
  * http://monodevelop.com/Download/MonoDevelop_2.4_Released

Tue Mar 16 17:12:51 UTC 2010 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Update to 2.2.2
  * http://monodevelop.com/Download/MonoDevelop_2.2.2_Released

Tue Jan 26 22:38:48 UTC 2010 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Update to 2.2
  * http://monodevelop.com/Download/MonoDevelop_2.2_Released

Thu Sep  3 20:47:45 UTC 2009 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Requires mono-tools (for monodoc) fixes bnc#536695

Mon Aug 24 16:55:12 UTC 2009 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Patch fixing syntax addins

Tue Mar 31 13:43:06 MDT 2009 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Update to 2.0
  * http://www.monodevelop.com/Download/MonoDevelop_2.0_Released

Mon Sep  8 16:57:31 MDT 2008 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Use the %configure macro (fixes a build issue on SLE10)

Fri Sep  5 12:44:20 MDT 2008 - ajorgensen@novell.com

- Patch from 1.0 branch fixing a number of bugs

Wed Apr 09 17:11:07 MST 2008 - wberrier@suse.de

- Remove vte-sharp2 from build requires.  It's not needed,
  and that package doesn't exist anymore.

Wed Mar 26 17:11:07 MST 2008 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 1.0
 -Bug fixes:
  - MD Crashes when you drag a menu inside its own submenu
  - Monodevelop and stetic destroy forms (bnc#362596)
  - Problem with subclassing any container widget (bnc#361650)
  - Version Control doesn't behave propertly (bnc#363858)
  - Comment and uncomment function (bnc#325469)
  - Create Package fails on projects with translations (bnc#362567)
  - Exception with null arguments or nonexistant paths when
    compiling/cleaning C project (bnc#361045)
  - MonoDevelop crashes when creating/opening C++ Console Project
  - Build Output autohide button missing (bnc#368436)
  - Have to hit esc twice to close the file/new file dialog
- Changes in 0.19 (1.0 RC1)
 -Will use 2.0 runtime as default
 -Icons have been tango-ified
 -More than 85 bugs fixed

Mon Jan 14 17:11:07 MST 2008 - wberrier@suse.de

- Fixed .desktop file to adhear to standards
- Fix naming of Slovenian translation
- Update to 0.18
 -packaging split (database, boo, and java in separate packages)
 -Improved Dock Manager
 -Circa 75 bugfixes
- Update to 0.17
 -Deployment of ASP.NET projects
 -Support for VS 2005 Web Application projects
 -ASP.NET Codebehind Generation Improvements
 -Generation of Satellite Assemblies
 -Makefile generation improvements
 -Various other IDE enhancements
 -Circa 90 bugfixes

Wed Oct 10 23:27:58 CEST 2007 - wberrier@suse.de

- Don't use fdupes afterall (fails build)

Tue Oct  9 21:11:07 CEST 2007 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 0.16
 -C/C++ Support
 -New Database Add-in
 -Text editor improvements
 -On-the-fly error underlining
 -Auto-generation of XML comment tags
 -New ASP.NET features
 -Multiple GTK# versions
 -ChangeLog add-in
 -More than 100 bugs fixed

Mon Sep 24 19:46:01 CEST 2007 - wberrier@suse.de

- monodevelop-fix_kde_crash_r86138.patch: fix #309204

Fri Aug  3 22:58:23 CEST 2007 - maw@suse.de

- Use %fdupes.

Fri Aug  3 21:20:14 CEST 2007 - wberrier@suse.de

- Remove upstream monodevelop-rename_ja_JP.patch
- Update to 0.15
 -Configurable keybindings
 -Output pad pinning
 -Makefile integration
 -Standard header support for source files
 -Localization add-in preview
 -Text editor improvements
 -Updated gtk# designer (support for gtk# 2.8 and 2.10 widgets)
 -Assembly signing
 -Message log for internal messages
 -More than 60 bugs fixed

Thu Jun 14 17:08:53 MST 2007 - wberrier@novell.com

- Put ja_JP locale files in valid location
- Update to 0.14
 -Improved Toolbox and Properties pad
 -Subversion add-in updates
  -auth prompts
  -supports newer versions of subversion
 -New refactory operations:
  -implement interface
  -encapsulate field
 -Search by filename or classname in Open Solution File Dialog
 -New class and member selector when browsing source
 -Improved smart indenting for C#
 -Project export/conversion
 -Packaging features: automatic bundling of an app
 -Desktop integration: automatically generate  shell wrappers,
  .desktop and .pc files
 -Improved New Project dialog
 -New Navigation Toolbar
 -Gtk# Designer updates:
  -better widget defaults
  -supports internal and custom widgets
  -images assigned to widgets are automatically added to project
 -Can add file to project while creating them
 -Improved VS2005 support and VS integration
 -VB.Net support utilizes new vbnc compiler
 -Close to 100 bugs fixed

Tue May 16 19:08:53 MST 2007 - wberrier@novell.com

- Remove gtkhtml2-devel from BuildRequires (not needed, allows
  building on sle10)

Tue Apr 24 20:38:53 MST 2007 - wberrier@novell.com

- Depend on version of boo found at build time

Fri Apr 13 19:18:53 CET 2007 - wberrier@novell.com

- add %debug_package so debug packages get created

Wed Apr 11 16:16:25 CET 2007 - wberrier@novell.com

- Add mono dep/req for older distros

Fri Apr  6 04:53:32 CET 2007 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 0.13.1:
 -Bugfix release to fix some asp.net compilation issues

- Adapt for buildservice
- Clean up unnecessary BuildRequires

Fri Mar  2 01:59:32 CET 2007 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 0.13:
 -More than 70 bugs fixed
 -Revamped VersionControl addin
 -New task view features (TODO type lists)
 -Code completion improvements and fixes
 -Native support for VisualStudio 2005 Project files
 -Custom commands in projects
 -Makefile integration
 -New Generic Project Type
 -New Deployment infrastruction
 -Automatic project reloading when changes in files detected
  while the project is open
 -Gtk# designer improvements (Undo/Redo support)
 -Context sensitive help for classes when F1 is pressed
 -Support for Win32Icon and Win32Resource options in C# projects
 -New Layout toolbar which includes a combobox for fast layout
 -Support for files outside of a project directory
 -Editor wrap mode selector
 -File viewer selector (possible to have multiple viewers for
  a filetype)
 -Improvements in ASP.NET support:
  -added a new option that can be used to disable compilation-time
   CodeBehind verification for different configurations
  -Several important stability fixes in AspNetEdit
  -Improvements to toolbox, now includes default items with icons
 -New Go to Type dialog, for easily jumping to a class defined
  in a project

Tue Jan 23 01:49:07 CET 2007 - ro@suse.de

- drop requires for gnome-filesystem

Wed Jan  3 22:51:19 CET 2007 - wberrier@suse.de

- handle mime files properly
 -spec file fixes from Andreas Hanke to fix bnc #225812

Fri Oct 20 02:01:19 CEST 2006 - ro@suse.de

- added mono-devel to buildrequires

Wed Sep  6 01:34:02 CEST 2006 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 0.12
 -Better code completion support, supports C# 2.0
 -Class information is shown using the syntax of the current
 -New "Open With" Menu
 -stetic menu designer
 -autotools project support
 -additional addin management features
 -Support for multiple text file encodings
 -ASP.NET Support
 -Lots of bug fixes and better stability

Wed Aug 30 18:59:18 CEST 2006 - wberrier@suse.de

- Add mono-nunit to BuildRequires

Tue Aug  1 03:22:37 CEST 2006 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 0.11
- Lots of new features and fixes, too many to list here.  One big
  addition is the stetic gui designer integration
- 2.4.0 -> 2.8.0 hack now unnecessary

Mon Mar 27 01:00:51 CEST 2006 - ro@suse.de

- removed ifarch from noarch package

Sat Mar 25 02:27:11 CET 2006 - wberrier@suse.de

- Require mono-basic so that vbnet templates will compile

Thu Mar 16 00:16:09 CET 2006 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update references for gtk# 2.4 to 2.8 in template files
  ** Otherwise all the gtk#2 template projects will fail to compile **

Mon Mar 13 21:51:39 CET 2006 - wberrier@suse.de

- Remove mime.cache and quote update_desktop args

Sat Feb 18 00:04:03 CET 2006 - gekker@suse.de

- fixup desktop file for UI team

Wed Feb  1 09:48:23 CET 2006 - aj@suse.de

- Fix Requires and BuildRequires to build again.

Wed Jan 25 21:47:00 CET 2006 - mls@suse.de

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Fri Jan 13 22:44:19 CET 2006 - gekker@suse.de

- Fixup nfb and Requires for new gtk-sharp2 packaging

Mon Jan  9 19:05:17 CET 2006 - gekker@suse.de

- Fix to build against new mono version 1.1.13

Mon Dec 12 23:29:07 CET 2005 - wberrier@suse.de

- Convert to noarch package, and clean up build deps

Wed Nov 30 00:31:02 CET 2005 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 0.9 (which obsoletes the version control patch)

Fri Nov 18 17:37:02 CET 2005 - wberrier@suse.de

- Patch VersionControl AddIn to compile with mcs 1.1.10

Mon Nov  7 14:06:23 CET 2005 - sbrabec@suse.cz

- Renamed rename *-sharp-2_0 to *-sharp2 in Requires (#132436).

Wed Oct 26 02:27:30 CEST 2005 - ro@suse.de

- remove mono-debugger from nfb for the moment

Fri Oct 21 02:35:14 CEST 2005 - ro@suse.de

- rename gecko-sharp-2_0 and gtksourceview-sharp-2_0 in nfb

Thu Oct 13 22:45:35 CEST 2005 - wberrier@suse.de

- Update to 0.8 and add configure options (--enable-nunit --enable-versioncontrol --enable-monoextensions)

Fri Sep 23 02:37:35 CEST 2005 - ro@suse.de

- remove libgdiplus-devel from nfb (dropped)

Tue Sep 13 17:57:10 CEST 2005 - gekker@suse.de

- Disable boo support so monodevelop will run (113802)

Sun Sep  4 11:09:32 CEST 2005 - aj@suse.de

- Update check-build.sh.

Tue Aug 30 11:42:52 CEST 2005 - ro@suse.de

- do not require mono-debugger on ppc (can not build there)

Fri Aug 26 14:59:44 CEST 2005 - ro@suse.de

- nfb: monodoc -> monodoc-core

Thu Aug 18 23:35:23 CEST 2005 - gekker@suse.de

- Fix desktop category for menus.

Tue Aug 16 09:20:20 CEST 2005 - aj@suse.de

- Add check-build script.

Tue Aug  9 21:18:44 CEST 2005 - gekker@suse.de

- Fix requirements
- Remove files that conflict with shared-mime-info
- Verify that bugs #71734 and #71735 are fixed

Mon Aug  8 00:56:28 CEST 2005 - ro@suse.de

- rename nfb and deps for gtksourceview-sharp and gecko-sharp

Fri Aug  5 04:52:03 CEST 2005 - gekker@suse.de

- Update to version 0.7
- Remove upstreamed patches

Wed May 18 23:12:25 CEST 2005 - gekker@suse.de

- fix to build with mono-1.1.7

Tue Mar  1 18:59:07 CET 2005 - gekker@suse.de

- fix requires (66770).

Tue Feb 15 16:39:53 CET 2005 - ro@suse.de

- fix build on x86_64

Tue Feb  8 22:44:06 CET 2005 - gekker@suse.de

- Add patches to fix namespacing issues.
- Add suse_update_desktop_config

Tue Dec 14 05:15:49 CET 2004 - clahey@suse.de

- New package.