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Mon Jul 22 21:50:07 UTC 2019 - Manuel Schnitzer <>

- updated to version 12.3.3

  ==== Bug fixes

  * Use the application's name in error message if a task is not found.
    Pull Request #303 by tmatilai

  ==== Enhancements:

  * Use explicitly.

Sat Dec  8 16:30:12 UTC 2018 - Stephan Kulow <>

- updated to version 12.3.2
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 12.3.2
  ==== Bug fixes
  * Fixed test fails caused by 2.6 warnings.
    Pull Request #297 by hsbt
  ==== Enhancements:
  * Rdoc improvements.
    Pull Request #293 by colby-swandale
  * Improve multitask performance.
    Pull Request #273 by jsm
  * Add alias `prereqs`.
    Pull Request #268 by take-cheeze

Thu Mar 22 05:30:42 UTC 2018 -

- updated to version 12.3.1
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 12.3.1
  ==== Bug fixes
  * Support did_you_mean >= v1.2.0 which has a breaking change on formatters.
    Pull request #262 by FUJI Goro.
  ==== Enhancements:
  * Don't run task if it depends on already invoked but failed task.
    Pull request #252 by Gonzalo Rodriguez.
  * Make space trimming consistent for all task arguments.
    Pull request #259 by Gonzalo Rodriguez.
  * Removes duplicated inclusion of Rake::DSL in tests.
    Pull request #254 by Gonzalo Rodriguez.
  * Re-raise a LoadError that didn't come from require in the test loader.
    Pull request #250 by Dylan Thacker-Smith.

Sun Dec  3 19:32:14 UTC 2017 -

- updated to version 12.3.0
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 12.3.0
  ==== Compatibility Changes
  * Bump `required_ruby_verion` to Ruby 2.0.0. Rake was already
    removed to support for Ruby 1.9.x.
  === Enhancements:
  * Support `test-bundled-gems` task on ruby core.

Thu Oct 26 10:08:57 UTC 2017 -

- updated to version 12.2.1
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 12.2.1
  ==== Bug fixes
  * Fixed to break Capistrano::Application on capistrano3.
  === 12.2.0
  ==== Enhancements:
  * Make rake easier to use as a library
    Pull request #211 by @drbrain
  * Fix quadratic performance in FileTask#out_of_date?
    Pull request #224 by @doudou
  * Clarify output when printing nested exception traces
    Pull request #232 by @urbanautomaton
  ==== Bug fixes
  * Account for a file that match 2 or more patterns.
    Pull request #231 by @styd

Mon Sep 11 12:50:02 UTC 2017 -

- updated to version 12.1.0
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 12.1.0
  ==== Enhancements:
  * Added did_you_mean feature for invalid rake task.
    Pull request #221 by @xtina-starr
  * Enabled to dependency chained by extensions. Pull request #39 by Petr Skocik.
  * Make all of string literals to frozen objects on Ruby 2.4 or later.
  ==== Bug fixes
  * Typo fixes in rakefile.rdoc. Pull request #180 by Yuta Kurotaki.
  * Fix unexpected behavior of file task with dryrun option.
    Pull request #183 by @aycabta.
  * Make LoadError from running tests more obvious. Pull request #195
    by Eric Hodel.
  * Fix unexpected TypeError with hash stayle option. Pull request #202
    by Kuniaki IGARASHI.

Wed Dec  7 05:51:04 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 12.0.0
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 12.0.0
  ==== Compatibility Changes
  * Remove arguments on clear #157 by Jesse Bowes
  * Removed `rake/contrib` packages. These are extracted to `rake-contrib` gem.
  * Removed to deprecated warnings for `last\_comment`.
  ==== Enhancements:
  * Re-use trace option on `cleanup` task. #164 by Brian Henderson
  * Actions adore keyword arguments #174 by Josh Cheek
  * Rake::TaskArguments#key? alias of #has_key? #175 by Paul Annesley

Wed Sep 21 04:48:47 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 11.3.0
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 11.3.0 / 2016-09-20
  * Remove to reference `Fixnum` constant. Pull request #160 by nobu

Sun Jun 12 04:34:37 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 11.2.2
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 11.2.2 / 2016-06-12
  Bug fixes:
  * Fix unexpected behavior with multiple dependencies on Rake::TestTask
  === 11.2.1 / 2016-06-12
  Bug fixes:
  * Fix regression of dependencies handling on Rake::TestTask. Report #139
  === 11.2.0 / 2016-06-11
  Bug fixes:
  * Fix unexpected cut-out behavior on task description using triple dots
    and exclamation. Report #106 from Stephan Kämper and Pull request #134 by Lee
  * Fix empty argument assignment with `with_defaults` option. Pull request #135
    by bakunyo
  * Ignore to use `hwprefs` on Darwin platform. Use sysctl now. Report #128
  * Spawn options for sh Pull equest #138 by Eric Hodel.
  * Allow to specify dependencies(prerequisites) for Rake::TestTask
    Pull request #117 by Tim Maslyuchenko
  * Use Bundler task instead of hoe for gem release.
  * Remove explicitly load to rubygems for Ruby 1.8.
  * Unify to declare `Rake::VERSION`.
  * Support xz format for PackageTask.

Wed Apr  6 06:30:07 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 11.1.2
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 11.1.2 / 2016-03-28
  Bug fixes:
  * Remove `-W` option when Rake::TestTask#verbose enabled. It's misunderstanding
    specification change with Rake 11. Partly revert #67

Mon Mar 14 05:33:10 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 11.1.1
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 11.1.1 / 2016-03-14
  Bug fixes:
  * Use `-W` instead of `--verbose` when Rake::TestTask#verbose enabled.
    JRuby doesn't have `--verbose` option.

Fri Mar 11 05:41:42 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 11.1.0
 see installed History.rdoc

Thu Mar 10 05:41:47 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 11.0.1
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 11.0.0(dev) / 2016-
  Bug fixes:
   * Correctly handle bad encoding in exception messages. Pull request #113
     by Tomer Brisker
   * Fix verbose option at TestTask. Pull request #67 by Mike Blumtritt
   * Make FileList#exclude more analogous to FileList#include.
   * Use instead of Open3.popen3 for CPU counter.
   * Make Rake::Task#already_invoked publicly accessible.
     Pull request #93 by Joe Rafaniello
   * Lookup prerequisites with same name outside of scope instead of
     matching self. Pull request #96 by Sandy Vanderbleek
   * Make FileList#pathmap behave like String#pathmap.
     Pull request #61 by Daniel Tamai
   * Add fetch method to task arguments.
     Pull request #12 by Chris Keathley
   * Use ruby warnings by default. Pull request #97 by Harold Giménez
  Compatibility Changes:
   * Removed to support Ruby 1.8.x
   * Removed constant named `RAKEVERSION`
   * Removed Rake::AltSystem
   * Removed Rake::RubyForgePublisher
   * Removed Rake::TaskManager#last_comment. Use last_description.
   * Removed Rake::TaskLib#paste
   * Removed Top-level SshDirPublisher, SshFreshDirPublisher, SshFilePublisher
     and CompositePublisher from lib/rake/contrib/publisher.rb
   * Removed "rake/runtest.rb"

Wed Jan 13 05:49:14 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 10.5.0
 see installed History.rdoc

  === 10.5.0 / 2016-01-13
  * Removed monkey patching for Ruby 1.8. Pull request #46 by Pablo Herrero.
  * Inheritance class of Rake::FileList returns always self class.
    Pull request #74 by Thomas Scholz

Wed Feb  4 12:38:31 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 10.4.2
  * Rake no longer edits ARGV.  This allows you to re-exec rake from a rake task.
  * Documented how Rake::DSL#desc handles sentences in task descriptions.
  * Added support for Pathname in rake tasks. 
  * Rake now ignores falsy dependencies which allows for easier programmatic
    creation of tasks.
  * Etc.nprocessors is used for counting the number of CPUs.
  * Updated rake manpage.
  * Add Rake::LATE to allow rebuilding of files that depend on deleted files.
  * Fix relinking of files when repackaging.
  * Try counting CPUs via cpuinfo if host_os was not matched.

Wed Oct 22 15:20:39 UTC 2014 -

- Fixed last pieces of new macros

Sun Oct 12 12:13:34 UTC 2014 -

- adapt to new rubygem packaging style

Sun May 18 09:04:44 UTC 2014 -

- updated to version 10.3.2
 Bug fixes:
 * Rake no longer infinitely loops when showing exception causes that refer to
   each other.  Bug #272 by Chris Bandy.
 * Fixed documentation typos.  Bug #275 by Jake Worth.

Mon Apr 21 16:55:26 UTC 2014 -

- updated to version 10.3.1
 Bug fixes:
 * Really stop reporting an error when cleaning already-deleted files.  Pull
   request #269 by Randy Coulman
 * Fixed infinite loop when cleaning already-deleted files on windows.
 === 10.3 / 2014-04-15
 * Added --build-all option to rake which treats all file prerequisites as
   out-of-date.  Pull request #254 by Andrew Gilbert.
 * Added Rake::NameSpace#scope.  Issue #263 by Jon San Miguel.
 Bug fixes:
 * Suppress org.jruby package files in rake error messages for JRuby users.
   Issue #213 by Charles Nutter.
 * Fixed typo, removed extra "h".  Pull request #267 by Hsing-Hui Hsu.
 * Rake no longer reports an error when cleaning already-deleted files.  Pull
   request #266 by Randy Coulman.
 * Consume stderr while determining CPU count to avoid hang.  Issue #268 by
   Albert Sun.

Sun Apr  6 05:38:51 UTC 2014 -

- updated to version 10.2.2
 Bug fixes:
 * Restored Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility

Sun Jan  5 14:39:59 UTC 2014 -

- updated to version 10.1.1, no changelog

Thu Jun 27 04:59:31 UTC 2013 -

- fix usage of update-alternatives

Thu Jun 20 13:37:45 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 10.1.0
  New Features:
  * Add support for variable length task argument lists. If more actual
    arguments are supplied than named arguments, then the extra
    arguments values will be in args.extras.
  * Application name is not displayed in the help banner. (Previously
    "rake" was hardcoded, now rake-based applications can display their
    own names).
Sun Apr 14 08:25:26 UTC 2013 -

- updated to version 10.0.4

Tue Mar 19 19:21:18 UTC 2013 -

- use update-alternatives (new gem2rpm)

Sat Dec 22 07:32:51 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 10.0.3, same changelog as 10.0.1...

Wed Nov 28 13:22:04 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 10.0.2

Thu Nov 15 11:05:50 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 10.0.1
 = Rake 10.0.1 Released
   "Jim, when will Rake reach version 1.0?"
 Over the past several years I've been asked that question at
 conferences, panels and over twitter. Due to historical reasons (or
 maybe just plain laziness) Rake has (incorrectly) been treating the
 second digit of the version as the major release number. So in my head
 Rake was already at version 9.
 Well, it's time to fix things. This next version of Rake drops old,
 crufty, backwards compatibility hacks such as top level constants, DSL
 methods defined in Object and numerous other features that are just no
 longer desired. It's also time to drop the leading zero from the
 version number as well and call this new version of rake what it
 really is: Version 10.
 So, welcome to Rake 10.0!
 Rake 10 is actually feature identical to the latest version of Rake 9
 (that would be the version spelled 0.9.3), *except* that Rake 10 drops
 all the sundry deprecated features that have accumulated over the years.
 If your Rakefile is up to date and current with all the new features
 of Rake 10, you are ready to go. If your Rakefile still uses a few
 deprecated feeatures, feel free to use Rake 9 (0.9.3) with the same
 feature set. Just be aware that future features will be in Rake 10
 family line.

Wed Nov 14 06:01:23 UTC 2012 -

- updated to version 10.0.0
 * Show only the interesting portion of the backtrace by default (James M. Lawrence).
 * Added --reduce-compat optiont to remove backward compatible DSL hacks (James M. Lawrence).
 * lib/rake/file_list.rb (Rake::FileList#egrep): there is no need to
   open files in binary mode. (NAKAMURA Usaku)

Tue Jul 31 12:52:58 UTC 2012 -

- use new gem2rpm to provide new provisions 

Thu May 10 12:32:09 UTC 2012 -

- make sure we do not compile against ruby19 - it won't work

Mon Apr  2 12:49:40 UTC 2012 -

- update to
  * The rake test loader now removes arguments it has processed.  Issue #51
  * Rake::TaskArguments now responds to #values_at
  * RakeFileUtils.verbose_flag = nil silences output the same as 0.8.7
  * Rake tests are now directory-independent
  * Rake tests are no longer require flexmock
  * Commands constant is no longer polluting top level namespace.

Fri Jul 22 08:34:54 UTC 2011 -

-  update to 0.9.2
  * Added deprecation warnings to the Rake DSL methods.
  * *Incompatible* *change*: Rake DSL commands ('task', 'file', etc.)  are
    no longer private methods in Object.  If you need to call 'task :xzy' inside
    your class, include Rake::DSL into the class.  The DSL is still available at
    the top level scope (via the top level object which extends Rake::DSL).
  * Rake now warns when the deprecated :needs syntax used.
  * Rake history is now UTF-8 encoded.
  * Rake now uses case-insensitive comparisons to find the Rakefile on Windows.
    Based on patch by Roger Pack.
  * Rake now requires (instead of loads) files in the test task.  Patch by Cezary
  * Fixed typos.  Patches by Sean Scot August Moon and R.T. Lechow.
  * Rake now prints the Rakefile directory only when it's different from the
    current directory.  Patch by Alex Chaffee.
  * Improved rakefile_location discovery on Windows.  Patch by James Tucker.
  * Rake now recognizes "Windows Server" as a windows system.  Patch by Matthias
  * Rake::RDocTask is deprecated.  Use RDoc::Task from RDoc 2.4.2+ (require
  * Rake::GemPackageTask is deprecated.  Use Gem::PackageTask (require
  * Rake now outputs various messages to $stderr instead of $stdout.
  * Rake no longer emits warnings for Config.  Patch by Santiago Pastorino.
  * Split rake.rb into individual files.
  * Support for the --where (-W) flag for showing where a task is defined.
  * Fixed quoting in test task.
  * Fixed the silent option parsing problem.
  * Fixed :verbose=>false flag on sh and ruby commands.
  * Rake command line options may be given by default in a RAKEOPT
    environment variable.
  * Errors in Rake will now display the task invocation chain in effect
    at the time of the error.
  * Accepted change by warnickr to not expand test patterns in shell
    (allowing more files in the test suite).
  * Fixed that file tasks did not perform prereq lookups in scope
    (Redmine #57).

Fri Jun 11 10:00:01 UTC 2010 -

- use rubygems_requires macro

Mon Mar  8 12:31:14 UTC 2010 -

- require newer rubygems

Sun Jul 26 03:47:26 CEST 2009 -

- update to 0.8.7
  * Fixed EXEEXT for JRuby on windows.
  * Minor fixes to the RDoc generation (removed dependency on darkfish
    and removed inline source option).
  * Now allow # comments to comment a task definition.
  * Better support for the system command on Windows.

Fri Mar 20 16:19:02 CET 2009 -

- update to 0.8.4
  * Case is preserved on rakefile names. (patch from 
    James M. Lawrence/quix)
  * Improved Rakefile case insensitivity testing (patch from 
    Luis Lavena).
  * Windows system dir search order is now: HOME, HOMEDRIVE + 
    HOMEPATH, APPDATA, USERPROFILE (patch from Luis Lavena)
  * MingGW is now recognized as a windows platform. (patch from 
    Luis Lavena)
  * Removed reference to manage_gem to fix the warning produced 
    by the gem package task.
  * Fixed stray ARGV option problem that was interfering with
    Test::Unit::Runner. (patch from Pivotal Labs)
  * Numerous fixes to the windows test suite (patch from Luis Lavena).
  * Improved Rakefile case insensitivity testing (patch from Luis
  * Better support for windows paths in the test task (patch from 
    Simon Chiang/bahuvrihi)

Wed Oct 15 17:12:18 CEST 2008 -

- update to 0.8.3
  * Enhanced the system directory detection in windows. We now
    found.  (Patch supplied by James Tucker). Rake no long aborts
    if it can't find the directory.
  * Added fix to handle ruby installations in directories with
    spaces in their name.
- additional changes from 0.8.2
  * Fixed bug in package task so that it will include the subdir
    directory in the package for testing. (Bug found by Adam Majer)
  * Added ENV var to rakefile to prevent OS X from including
    extended attribute junk in a tar file.
    (Bug found by Adam Majer)
  * Fixed filename dependency order bug in test_inspect_pending and
    test_to_s_pending. (Bug found by Adam Majer)
  * Fixed check for file utils options to make them immune to the
    symbol/string differences. (Patch supplied by Edwin Pratomo)
  * Fixed bug with rules involving multiple source
    (Patch supplied by Emanuel Indermühle)
  * Switched from getoptlong to optparse
    (patches supplied by Edwin Pratomo)
  * The -T option will now attempt to dynamically sense the size of
    the terminal.  RAKE_COLUMNS will override any dynamic sensing.
  * FileList#clone and FileList#dup have better sematics w.r.t.
    taint and freeze.
  * Added ability clear prerequisites, and/or actions from an
    existing task.
  * Added the ability to reenable a task to be invoked a second
  * Changed RDoc test task to have no default template. This makes
    it easier for the tempate to pick up the template from the
  * Changed from using Mutex to Monitor. Evidently Mutex causes
    thread join errors when Ruby is compiled with
    -disable-pthreads. (Patch supplied by Ittay Dror) 
  * Fixed bug in makefile parser that had problems with extra
    spaces in file task names. (Patch supplied by Ittay Dror)
  * Added a performance patch for reading large makefile dependency
    files. (Patch supplied by Ittay Dror)
  * Default values for task arguments can easily be specified with
    the :with_defaults method. (Idea for default argument merging
    supplied by (Adam Q. Salter)
  * The -T output will only self-truncate if the output is a tty.
    However, if RAKE_COLUMNS is explicitly set, it will be honored
    in any case. (Patch provided by Gavin Stark).
  * Numerous fixes for running under windows. A big thanks to
    Bheeshmar Redheendran for spending a good part of the afternoon
    at the Lonestar Ruby Conference to help me work out these

Wed Feb 20 17:54:31 CET 2008 -

- update to 0.8.1
  * Removed requires on parsedate.rb (in Ftptools)
  * Removed ftools from rake.rb.  Made it options in sys.rb
- additional changes from 0.8.0
  * Added task parameters (e.g. "rake build[version7]")
  * Made task parameters passable to prerequisites.
  * The 'desc' command will now document task argument names.
  * Comments are limited to 80 columns or so
    (suggested by Jamis Buck).
  * Added -D to display full comments (suggested by Jamis Buck).
  * The rake program will set the status value used in any explicit
    exit(n) calls. (patch provided by Stephen Touset)
  * Fixed error in functional tests that were not including session
    (and silently skipping the functionl tests.
  * Removed --usage and make -h the same as -H.
  * Make a prettier inspect for tasks.

Mon May 14 13:18:50 CEST 2007 -

- update to version 0.7.3
  * Added existing and existing! methods to FileList
  * FileLists now claim to be Arrays (via is_a?) to get better
    support from the FileUtil module.
  * Added init and top_level for custom rake applications.
- additional changes from 0.7.2
  * Error messages are now send to stderr rather than stdout
    (from Payton Quackenbush).
  * Better error handling on invalid command line arguments
    (from Payton Quackenbush).
  * Added rcov task and updated unit testing for better code
  * Fixed some bugs where the application object was going to the
    global appliation instead of using its own data.
  * Added square and curly bracket patterns to FileList#include
    (Tilman Sauerbeck).
  * Added plain filename support to rule dependents (suggested by
    Nobu Nakada).
  * Added pathmap support to rule dependents.
  * Added a 'tasks' method to a namespace to get a list of tasks
    associated with the namespace.
  * Fixed the method name leak from FileUtils (bug found by Glenn
  * Added rake_extension to handle detection of extension
  * Added test for noop, bad_option and verbose flags to sh
  * Removed dependency on internal fu_xxx functions from FileUtils.
  * Added a 'shame' task to the Rakefile.
  * Added tar_command and zip_command options to the Package task.
  * Added a description to the gem task in GemPackageTask.
  * Fixed a bug when rules have multiple prerequisites (patch by
    Joel VanderWerf)
  * Added a protected 'require "rubygems"' to test/test_application
    to unbreak cruisecontrol.rb.
  * Added the handful of RakeFileUtils to the private method as
  * Added block based exclusion.
  * The clean task will no longer delete 'core' if it is a
  * Removed rake_dup.  Now we just simply rescue a bad dup.
  * Refactored the FileList reject logic to remove duplication.
  * Removed if __FILE__ at the end of the rake.rb file.

Wed Jun 21 01:11:41 CEST 2006 -

- use rubygems_with_buildroot_patch instead of the versioned

Mon Jun 19 19:08:33 CEST 2006 -

- Update to version 0.7.1
- Switched to gem based rake.

Wed Jan 25 21:41:04 CET 2006 -

- converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires

Fri Jan 20 17:22:37 CET 2006 -

- Update to version 0.7.0

Mon Oct 17 03:36:52 CEST 2005 -

- Initial package of version 0.6.2