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Fri Aug 12 04:33:17 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version
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Wed Jul 13 04:31:39 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 4.2.7
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  ## Rails 4.2.7 (July 12, 2016) ##
  *   Inspecting an object with an associated array of over 10 elements no longer
      truncates the array, preventing `inspect` from looping infinitely in some
      *Kevin McPhillips*
  *   Ensure hashes can be assigned to attributes created using `composed_of`.
      Fixes #25210.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Queries such as `Computer.joins(:monitor).group(:status).count` will now be
      interpreted as  `Computer.joins(:monitor).group('computers.status').count`
      so that when `Computer` and `Monitor` have both `status` columns we don't
      have conflicts in projection.
      *Rafael Sales*
  *   ActiveRecord::Relation#count: raise an ArgumentError when finder options
      are specified or an ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid when an invalid type
      is provided for a column name (e.g. a Hash).
      Fixes #20434
      *Konstantinos Rousis*
  *   Correctly pass MySQL options when using structure_dump or structure_load
      Specifically, it fixes an issue when using SSL authentication.
      *Alex Coomans*

Tue Mar  8 05:31:37 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version 4.2.6
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  ## Rails 4.2.6 (March 07, 2016) ##
  *   Fix a bug where using `t.foreign_key` twice with the same `to_table` within
      the same table definition would only create one foreign key.
      *George Millo*
  *   Fix regression in dirty attribute tracking after #dup.  Changes to the
      clone no longer show as changed attributes in the original object.
      *Dominic Cleal*
  *   Fix regression when loading fixture files with symbol keys.
      Closes #22584.
      *Yves Senn*
  *   Fix `rake db:structure:dump` on Postgres when multiple schemas are used.
      Fixes #22346.
      *Nick Muerdter*, *ckoenig*
  *   Introduce `connection.data_sources` and `connection.data_source_exists?`.
      These methods determine what relations can be used to back Active Record
      models (usually tables and views).
      *Yves Senn*, *Matthew Draper*

Tue Mar  1 05:33:54 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version
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  ## Rails (February 26, 2016) ##
  *   No changes.
  ## Rails (January 25, 2015) ##
  *   No changes.

Tue Jan 26 05:31:50 UTC 2016 -

- updated to version
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Fri Nov 13 05:31:15 UTC 2015 -

- updated to version 4.2.5
 see installed

  ## Rails 4.2.5 (November 12, 2015) ##
  *   No longer pass deprecated option `-i` to `pg_dump`.
      *Paul Sadauskas*
  *   Set `scope.reordering_value` to `true` if :reordering values are specified.
      Fixes #21886.
      *Hiroaki Izu*
  *   Avoid disabling errors on the PostgreSQL connection when enabling the
      standard_conforming_strings setting. Errors were previously disabled because
      the setting wasn't writable in Postgres 8.1 and didn't exist in earlier
      versions. Now Rails only supports Postgres 8.2+ we're fine to assume the
      setting exists. Disabling errors caused problems when using a connection
      pooling tool like PgBouncer because it's not guaranteed to have the same
      connection between calls to `execute` and it could leave the connection
      with errors disabled.
      Fixes #22101.
      *Harry Marr*
  *   Includes HABTM returns correct size now. It's caused by the join dependency
      only instantiates one HABTM object because the join table hasn't a primary key.
      Fixes #16032.
          Project.first.salaried_developers.size # => 3
          Project.includes(:salaried_developers).first.salaried_developers.size # => 1
          Project.first.salaried_developers.size # => 3
          Project.includes(:salaried_developers).first.salaried_developers.size # => 3
  *   Descriptive error message when fixtures contain a missing column.
      Closes #21201.
      *Yves Senn*
  *   `bin/rake db:migrate` uses
      `ActiveRecord::Tasks::DatabaseTasks.migrations_paths` instead of
      *Tobias Bielohlawek*
  *   Fix `rewhere` in a `has_many` association.
      Fixes #21955.
      *Josh Branchaud*, *Kal*
  *   Added run_cmd class method to ActiveRecord::Tasks::DatabaseTasks for
      drying up Kernel.system() calls within this namespace and to avoid
      shell expansion by using a paramter list instead of string as arguments
      for Kernel.system(). Thanks to Nate Berkopec for supply patch to get
      test units passing.
      *Bryan Paxton*
  *   Avoid leaking the first relation we call `first` on, per model.
      Fixes #21921.
      *Matthew Draper*, *Jean Boussier*
  *   Allow deserialization of Active Record models that were YAML encoded prior
      to Rails 4.2
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Correctly apply `unscope` when preloading through associations.
      *Jimmy Bourassa*
  *   Ensure `select` quotes aliased attributes, even when using `from`.
      Fixes #21488
      *Sean Griffin & @johanlunds*
  *   Correct query for PostgreSQL 8.2 compatibility.
      *Ben Murphy*, *Matthew Draper*
  *   Uniqueness validator raises descriptive error when running on a persisted
      record without primary key.
      Closes #21304.
      *Yves Senn*

Tue Aug 25 04:31:14 UTC 2015 -

- updated to version 4.2.4
 see installed

  ## Rails 4.2.4 (August 24, 2015) ##
  *   Skip statement cache on through association reader.
      If the through class has default scopes we should skip the statement
      Closes #20745.
      *Rafael Mendonça França*
  *   Fixes #19420. When generating schema.rb using Postgres BigInt[] data type
      the limit: 8 was not coming through. This caused it to become Int[] data type
      after doing a rebuild off of schema.rb.
      *Jake Waller*
  *   Fix state being carried over from previous transaction.
      Considering the following example where `name` is a required attribute.
      Before we had `new_record?` returning `true` for a persisted record:
          author = Author.create! name: 'foo'
 = nil
        # => false
          author.new_record? # => true
      Fixes #20824.
      *Roque Pinel*
  *   Correctly ignore `mark_for_destruction` when `autosave` isn't set to `true`
      when validating associations.
      Fixes #20882.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Fix through associations using scopes having the scope merged multiple
      Fixes #20721.
      Fixes #20727.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   `ActiveRecord::Base.dump_schema_after_migration` applies migration tasks
      other than `db:migrate`. (eg. `db:rollback`, `db:migrate:dup`, ...)
      Fixes #20743.
      *Yves Senn*
  *   Correctly raise `ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch` when assigning
      a wrong type to a namespaced association.
      Fixes #20545.
      *Diego Carrion*
  *   Prevent error when using `force_reload: true` on an unassigned polymorphic
      belongs_to association.
      Fixes #20426.
      *James Dabbs*

Fri Jun 26 04:31:24 UTC 2015 -

- updated to version 4.2.3
 see installed

  ## Rails 4.2.3 (June 25, 2015) ##
  *   Let `WITH` queries (Common Table Expressions) be explainable.
      *Vladimir Kochnev*
  *   Fix n+1 query problem when eager loading nil associations (fixes #18312)
      *Sammy Larbi*
  *   Fixed an error which would occur in dirty checking when calling
      `update_attributes` from a getter.
      Fixes #20531.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Ensure symbols passed to `ActiveRecord::Relation#select` are always treated
      as columns.
      Fixes #20360.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Clear query cache when `ActiveRecord::Base#reload` is called.
      *Shane Hender*
  *   Pass `:extend` option for `has_and_belongs_to_many` associations to the
      underlying `has_many :through`.
      *Jaehyun Shin*
  *   Make `unscope` aware of "less than" and "greater than" conditions.
      *TAKAHASHI Kazuaki*
  *   Revert behavior of `db:schema:load` back to loading the full
      environment. This ensures that initializers are run.
      Fixes #19545.
      *Yves Senn*
  *   Fix missing index when using `timestamps` with the `index` option.
      The `index` option used with `timestamps` should be passed to both
      `column` definitions for `created_at` and `updated_at` rather than just
      the first.
      *Paul Mucur*
  *   Rename `:class` to `:anonymous_class` in association options.
      Fixes #19659.
      *Andrew White*
  *   Fixed a bug where uniqueness validations would error on out of range values,
      even if an validation should have prevented it from hitting the database.
      *Andrey Voronkov*
  *   Foreign key related methods in the migration DSL respect
      `ActiveRecord::Base.pluralize_table_names = false`.
      Fixes #19643.
      *Mehmet Emin İNAÇ*
  *   Reduce memory usage from loading types on pg.
      Fixes #19578.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Fix referencing wrong table aliases while joining tables of has many through
      association (only when calling calculation methods).
      Fixes #19276.
  *   Don't attempt to update counter caches, when the column wasn't selected.
      Fixes #19437.
      *Sean Griffin*
  *   Correctly persist a serialized attribute that has been returned to
      its default value by an in-place modification.
      Fixes #19467.
      *Matthew Draper*
  *   Fix default `format` value in `ActiveRecord::Tasks::DatabaseTasks#schema_file`.
      *James Cox*
  *   Dont enroll records in the transaction if they dont have commit callbacks.
      That was causing a memory grow problem when creating a lot of records inside a transaction.
      Fixes #15549.
      *Will Bryant*, *Aaron Patterson*
  *   Correctly create through records when created on a has many through
      association when using `where`.
      Fixes #19073.
      *Sean Griffin*

Wed Jun 17 04:32:38 UTC 2015 -

- updated to version 4.2.2
 see installed

  ## Rails 4.2.2 (June 16, 2015) ##
  * No Changes *

Mon Mar 23 11:15:05 UTC 2015 -

- updated to version 4.2.1
 *   Fixed ActiveRecord::Relation#becomes! and changed_attributes issues for type column
     Fixes #17139.
 *   `remove_reference` with `foreign_key: true` removes the foreign key before
     removing the column. This fixes a bug where it was not possible to remove
     the column on MySQL.
     Fixes #18664.
 *   Add a `:foreign_key` option to `references` and associated migration
     methods. The model and migration generators now use this option, rather than
     the `add_foreign_key` form.
 *   Fix rounding problem for PostgreSQL timestamp column.
     If timestamp column have the precision, it need to format according to
     the precision of timestamp column.
 *   Respect the database default charset for `schema_migrations` table.
     The charset of `version` column in `schema_migrations` table is depend
     on the database default charset and collation rather than the encoding
     of the connection.
 *   Respect custom primary keys for associations when calling `Relation#where`
     Fixes #18813.
 *   Fixed several edge cases which could result in a counter cache updating
     twice or not updating at all for `has_many` and `has_many :through`.
     Fixes #10865.
 *   Foreign keys added by migrations were given random, generated names. This
     meant a different `structure.sql` would be generated every time a developer
     ran migrations on their machine.
     The generated part of foreign key names is now a hash of the table name and
     column name, which is consistent every time you run the migration.
 *   Fixed ActiveRecord::Relation#group method when argument is SQL reserved key word:

Mon Jan 19 21:15:26 UTC 2015 -

- update to 4.1.9:
  * `db:schema:load` and `db:structure:load` no longer purge the database
  before loading the schema. This is left for the user to do.
  `db:test:prepare` will still purge the database.
  * Bring back `db:test:prepare` to synchronize the test database schema.
  * Renaming a table in pg also renames the primary key index.
  * Make it possible to access fixtures excluded by a `default_scope`.
  * `timestamps` and `add_timestamps` passes additional options along.
  (like `null: false`)
  * Cache `CollectionAssociation#reader` proxies separately before and after
    the owner has been saved so that the proxy is not cached without the
    owner's id.
  * Fix preloading of associations which unscope a default scope.
  * Do not use `RENAME INDEX` syntax for MariaDB 10.0.
  * Allow included modules to override association methods.
  * Schema loading rake tasks (like `db:schema:load` and `db:setup`) maintain
    the database connection to the current environment.
  * `db:purge` with MySQL respects `Rails.env`.
  * Fixed automatic maintaining test schema to properly handle sql structure
    schema format.
  * Fix has_many :through relation merging failing when dynamic conditions are
    passed as a lambda with an arity of one.

Mon Nov 10 14:00:03 UTC 2014 -

- To get rails 4 running on SLE 11 i have switched the
  rb_build_versions definition to rub21 as it is activated within
  devel:languages:ruby. That way we can get running rails 4 on
  SLE 11 too.

Sun Oct 12 17:02:33 UTC 2014 -

- updated to version 4.1.6, see

Wed Jul 23 13:30:41 UTC 2014 -

- - initial package