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Fri Feb 14 10:04:23 UTC 2014 - gber@opensuse.org

- add mupdf-fix-array-overflow.patch in order to fix a stack-based
  buffer overflow in xps_parse_color() (bnc#863975)

Sat Jan  4 20:08:44 UTC 2014 - gber@opensuse.org

- update to version 1.3
  * Windows RT viewer app for MuPDF.
  * Library changes to support progressive loading (display PDF
    files as they download). Windows/Linux/MacOS viewer supports
    this using curl.
  * Incremental updates to PDF files are now (optionally) preserved
    on loading/saving.
  * Prototype support for checking PDF Digital Signatures.
  * Initial annotation support (strike-out, underline, highlight
   and ink) (library and android builds only).
  * Fix operation on Android API level 8.
  * Android redraw optimisations.
  * Android app now supports Google Cloud Print.
  * Android app translated into many languages.
  * Android support for more architectures.
  * Improvements to store (avoid collisions causing unnecessary
  * Windows apps use Unicode filenames now.
  * PDF function handling improved; functions can now be passed to
    devices without 'sampling'.
  * PDF image handling improved; images can now be passed to
   devices without decompression.
  * Indexed images are no longer uncompressed at load time, saving
  * Caching of rendered tiles for speed.
  * Improved text analysis mode, capable of spotting
    columns/indents, right-to-left text etc.
  * HTML output mode now includes image output.
  * PDF password encoding handling improved.
  * MuPDF now opens Jpeg, Tiff and PNG files directly.
  * Bug preventing OpenXPS files from being opened fixed.
  * Initial (feature incomplete) SVG and PDF output devices.
  * PWG raster (mono/grey/RGB) and PCL (mono) output devices.
  * Various performance improvements (including tilings and mesh
    based shadings).
  * Revamped directory structure to reflect recent changes.
  * Various potential SEGV, SoftMask and rendering fixes.
  * Many potential crashes in Jpeg2000 and JBIG2 images fixed.
- restore desktop file and icon which were dropped by upstream
- build with support for progressive rendering via libcurl

Wed Jun 12 16:58:48 UTC 2013 - dvaleev@suse.com

- set ExclusiveArch:  %{ix86} x86_64 %{arm}. v8 is available only
  for those architectures 

Mon Apr 29 13:13:20 UTC 2013 - gber@opensuse.org

- fix broken setting of CFLAGS introduced by the previous change
Sun Apr 28 10:28:56 UTC 2013 - dap.darkness@gmail.com

- Fixed "ld: relocation R_X86_64_32 against `.rodata' can not
  be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC".

Fri Apr  5 17:31:25 UTC 2013 - gber@opensuse.org

- update to version 1.2
  - Change licensing terms to GNU AGPL (from GNU GPL).
  - Renamed 'mubusy' to 'mutool'.
  - Add support for Javascript and forms handling.
  - PDF 1.7 Extension Level 8 encryption implemented.
  - Oversized and stroke text clipping implemented.
  - Prototype transition support.
  - Add fz_open_document_with_stream to allow non-file based
  - Text searching API.
  - Highlight and copy text selection API.
  - Pass matrices and rectangles by reference for improved
  - Change shadings to decompose at render times; massive memory
  - Performance enhancements for color conversion and fax
  - ARM optimisations for color conversion and bitmap scaling.
  - Bitmap subsampling stage introduced, with ARM optimisations.
  - Type 3 fonts; glyphs are now handled as display lists.
  - Scan converter performance improvements.
  - Fix many SEGVs with out of spec files.
  - Various rendering fixes.

Wed Jan 16 21:51:03 UTC 2013 - gber@opensuse.org

- update to version 1.1
  - The command line tools have been combined into one tool that
    does all: mubusy
  - Rendering bugs fixed (text clipping, stroked text etc).
  - Better handling of 'large' (uncachable) glyphs.
  - Minor speed optimisations.
  - Shading bug fixes.
  - Move to using dynamically allocated parsing buffers (more
  - Support for UserUnits.
  - Fix bugs with image predictors (including with 16 bit images).
  - More resilient to out of spec files.
  - Extract pdf writing capability into the library from pdfclean,
    and expand on it to allow for linearisation. Bug fixes in the
    garbage collection of unused objects.
  - Improve pdf writing recognition of images.
  - Improved font matching.
  - Start to move away from macros to inline functions (helpful for
    applications requiring certification).
  - Many bugs fixed.
  - Removal of all global variables: we now pass a context pointer
    through the code freeing us from the use of globals within the
  - Multi-threaded operation: while MuPDF does not require a thread
    library, hooks are in place so that if one is used, significant
    speedups can be gained from using multiple cores to render.
  - New error handling: a portable exception-like system is used to
    allow neater handling of errors. This leads to more stability
    and better resilience to broken files.
  - Public/Private API: the API has undergone a significant
    revision (required by some of the above changes, plus
    renaming/revising for clarity and consistency), and has been
    split into public and private headers. The plan is that the
    public portion of the API should remain much more static in
  - Improved Text Extraction device: a cleaner API to the
    experimental text extraction device, offering a list of styles,
    and more cleanly delineated content.
  - Documentation: All public header entry points/structures are
    now documented and overviews of how to call the library to
    render pages both in single and multi-threaded mode are given.
  - A new scavenging memory manager; makes much better use of the
    memory available by freeing cached items 'just in time'.
  - Many, many, bugfixes.
- removed obsolete mupdf-use-xdg-open.patch and

Sun Jan  8 14:31:24 UTC 2012 - gber@opensuse.org

- added mupdf-default-resolution.patch in order to change the
  default resolution to 96 DPI which should be more reasonable for
  most desktops

Fri Dec  2 18:03:34 UTC 2011 - gber@opensuse.org

- hide from menu since mupdf must be called with a filename
- added mupdf-use-xdg-open.patch in order to use xdg-open for
  launching a browser

Fri Dec  2 14:07:57 UTC 2011 - gber@opensuse.org

- initial packaging