File aws-cli.changes of Package aws-cli.1658

Thu Dec 10 22:05:44 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.9.12 (bsc#958686)
  + feature:aws configure add-model: Added command for updating commands
    in the CLI and clients in boto3. (issue 1664)
  + feature:aws cloudfront create-invalidation: Add a new --paths option.
    (issue 1662)
  + feature:aws cloudfront sign: Add a new command to create a signed url.
    (issue 1668)
  + feature:aws autoscaling: Added support for protecting instances from
    scale-in events.
  + feature:aws rds: Added support for Aurora encryption at rest.
- From version 1.9.11
  + feature:aws rds: Added support for specifying port number.
  + feature:aws ds: Added support for Microsoft ActiveDirctory.
  + feature:aws route53: Added support for TrafficFlow, a new management
    and modeling layer for Route53.
  + feature:Timeouts: Added additonal options for configuring socket timeouts.
- From version 1.9.10
  + feature:aws config: Added support for dedicated hosts.
  + feature:aws s3: Added support for custom metadata in cp, mv, and sync.
- From version 1.9.9
  + feature:aws s3api: Added support for the aws-exec-read canned ACL on
  + feature:aws elasticbeanstalk: Added support for composable web applications.
  + feature:aws ec2: Added support for EC2 dedicated hosts.
  + feature:aws ecs: Added support for task stopped reasons and task start
    and stop times.
- From version 1.9.8
  + feature:Read Timeouts: Add --cli-read-timeout to specify the number of
    seconds until a read times out.
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix regression when downloading a restored Glacier object
    (issue 1650 <>__)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue when encountering "out of disk space" errors as
    well as permissions errors when downloading large files (issue 1645,
    issue 1442)
  + bugfix:aws opsworks register: Support --no-verify-ssl argument for the
    aws opsworks register command (issue 1632)
  + feature:s3: Add support for Server-Side Encryption with KMS and
    Server-Side Encryption with Customer-Provided Keys. (issue 1623)
- From version 1.9.7
  + feature:aws rds: Cross account snapshot sharing and Modify DB Instance
    Visibility features
  + bugfix:memory management: Resolve a potential memory leak when creating
    lots of clients on Python 2.6 and Linux 2.6
  + bugfix:presign url: Now generate_presigned_url() works correctly with
    different expiry time
- From version 1.9.6
  + bugfix:shorthand: Allow . as a valid key character. (issue 1628)
  + feature:aws apigateway: Support for stage variables to configure
    the different deployment stages
- From version 1.9.5
  + bugfix:aws help: Gracefully handle Ctrl-C interrupts. (issue 1619)
  + bugfix:aws datapipeline create-default-roles: Fix issue with error
    handling. (issue 1618)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Skip glacier objects when downloading from S3. (issue 1581)
  + feature:aws s3api: Auto-populate --copy-source-sse-customer-key-md5
    (botocore issue 709)
- From version 1.9.4
  + feature:aws datapipeline create-default-roles: Creates default IAM
    roles for creating EMR clusters. (issue 1616)
  + feature:aws devicefarm: Add commands for updating and deleting projects,
    device pools, uploads, and runs.
- From version 1.9.3
  + feature:aws iam: Add support for resource-level policy simulation
- From version 1.9.2
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix some local path validation issues (issue 1575)
  + bugfix:aws storagegateway: Fix --tape-ar-ns, --volume-ar-ns, and
    --vtl-device-ar-ns to --tape-arns, --volume-arns, and --vtl-device-arns,
    respectively. The old arguments are still supported for backwards
    compatibility, but are no longer documented. (issue 1599)
  + bugfix:aws configservice subscribe: Fix an issue when creating a new
    S3 bucket (issue 1593)
  + bugfix:aws apigateway put-integration: Fix issue with --uri and
    --integration-http-method parameters (issue 1605)
- From version 1.9.1
  + feature:aws ssm: Add support for Amazon EC2 Run Command
  + feature:aws apigateway: Add support for Amazon API Gateway
- From version 1.9.0
  + feature:aws iam: Add policy simulator support
  + feature:aws autoscaling: Add support for launch configurations
    that include encrypted Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes
  + feature:configure: Add support for ca_bundle config variable
  + feature:Assume Role: Add role_session_name config variable to control
    the RoleSessionName when assuming roles (issue 1389)
  + bug:Argument Parsing: Handle case when empty list parameter was
    specified with no value (issue 838)
- From version 1.8.13
  + feature:aws deploy: Compress zip files when using aws deploy push
    (issue 1534 <>--)
  + bugfix:Shorthand Parser: Fix issue when display error message for
    multiline shorthand syntax values (issue 1543)
  + bugfix:aws route53: Automatically retry Throttling and
    PriorRequestNotComplete errors (botocore issue 682)
  + feature:aws s3/s3api: Add support for changing the bucket addressing
    style (botocore issue 673)
  + bugfix:aws s3api: Add missing --server-side-encryption option to
    upload-part command
  + feature:aws kms: Add ability to delete customer master keys (CMKs)

Sat Oct 10 02:08:07 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.8.12 (bsc#949877)
  + feature:aws iot: Add support for AWS IoT
  + feature:aws iot-data: Add support for AWS IoT Data Plane
  + feature:aws lambda: Add support for aliasing and function versioning
  + feature:aws ecs: Update commands
  + feature:aws marketplacecommerceanalytics: Add support for AWS
    Marketplace Commerce Analytics
  + feature:aws firehose: Add support for Amazon Kinesis Firehose
  + feature:aws inspector: Add support for Amazon Inspector
  + feature:aws kinesis: Add support for updating stream retention periods
  + feature:aws configservice: Add support for config rules
  + feature:aws waf: Add support for AWS WAF
  + feature:aws ec2: Add support for spot blocks
  + feature:aws cloudfront: Add support for adding Web ACLs to CloudFront
  + feature:aws es: Adds support for the new Amazon Elasticsearch
  + feature:aws cloudtrail: Adds support for log file integrity validation,
    log encryption with AWS KMS-Managed Keys (SSE-KMS), and trail tagging.
  + feature:aws rds create-db-instance: --db-instance-class has a new value
    as db.t2.large
  + feature:aws workspaces: Adds support for volume encryption in Amazon
  + feature:aws ses: Adds 17 new operations for accepting incoming emails.
  + feature:aws cloudformation describe-account-limits: This is a new API.
  + feature:aws ec2 modify-spot-fleet-request: This is a new API.
  + bugfix:aws elasticbeanstalk: Documentation update.
  + feature:aws cognito-sync: Update API to latest version
  + feature:aws cognito-identity: Update API to latest version
  + bugfix:Assume Role Provider: Fix issue where profile does not exist
    errors were not being propogated back to the user (issue 1515)
  + bugfix:Shorthand Syntax: Fix parser regression when a key name has an
    underscore character (issue 1510)
  + feature:aws s3: Add support for STANDARD_IA storage class to the aws s3
    commands (issue 1511)
  + feature:aws logs: Add support for create-export-task, cancel-export-task,
    and describe-export-tasks.
  + bugfix:Output: Only omit printing response to stdout if the response is
    an empty dictionary (issue 1496)
  + feature:aws s3/s3api: Update Amazon S3 commands to the latest version
  + feature:aws ec2 request-spot-fleet: Add new Diversified bidding strategy
  + feature:aws ec2 describe-snapshots: Add new dataEncryptionKeyId and
    StateMessage parameters
  + feature:aws efs describe-mount-targets: Add new optional MountTargetId
  + feature:aws route53: Add calculated health checks and latency health checks
  + bugfix:StreamingBody: File-like object for HTTP response can now be
    properly closed
  + feature:aws iam: Add two new APIs that enable programmatic access to
    the IAM policy simulator
  + feature:aws importexport: Documentation update
  + bugfix:aws machinelearning: Remove a constraint
  + feature:aws kinesis get-records: Add a timestamp field to all Records
  + bugfix:aws cloudfront: Add paginators and waiters
  + feature:aws storagegateway: Add support for resource tagging.
  + feature:aws ec2 request-spot-fleet: Add support for new request config
  + bugfix:Shorthand Parser: Fix regression where '-' character was not
    accepted as a key name in a shorthand value (issue 1470)
  + bugfix:Shorthand Parser: Fix regression where spaces in unquoted
    values were not being accepted (issue 1471)
  + feature:aws configservice: Add support for listing discovered resources
  + bugfix:aws emr create-default-roles: Fix the issue where the command
    would fail to honor an existing AWS_CA_BUNDLE environment setting and
    end up with "SSLError: object has no attribute" (issue 1468)
  + feature:Shorthand Syntax: Add support for nested hashes when using
    shorthand syntax (issue 1444)
  + feature:aws codepipeline: Add support for specification of an encryption
    key to use with the artifact bucket, when creating and updating a pipeline
  + feature:aws s3: Add support for event notification filters
  + bugfix:aws iam create-virtual-mfa-device: Fix issue when an error
    response is received from the create-virtual-mfa-device command (issue 1447)
  + feature:aws elasticbeanstalk: Add support for enhanced health reporting
    in aws elasticbeanstalk commands
  + feature:Shared Credentials File: Add support for changing the shared
    credentials file from the default location of ~/.aws/credentials
    by setting the AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE environment variable
    (botocore issue 623)
  + feature:Waiters: Add aws iam wait instance-profile-exists and aws
    iam wait user-exists commands (botocore issue)
  + feature:aws swf: Add support for Added support for invoking AWS
    Lambda tasks from an Amazon SWF workflow.
  + feature:aws devicefarm: Add support for testing iOS applications
    with AWS Device Farm.

Fri Jul 31 10:03:34 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.7.42 (fate#318337)
  - feature:``aws opsworks``: Add support for managing Amazon ECS
  - feature:``aws rds``: Add support for Amazon Aurora
  - feature:``aws s3api``: Add support for more types of event notifications.
  - feature:``aws s3api``: Add support for GET/HEAD storage class response
  - feature:``aws logs``: Add destination API support.
  - feature:``aws glacier``: Add support for Vault Lock.
  - feature:``aws emr``: Add support for release-based clusters.
  - feature:``aws ecs``: Update API

Mon Jun  1 20:47:37 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.7.31 (bnc#905354)
    - Follow up to previous update to address API compatibility issues
      with botocore
    - Improved lambda support
    - Add support for uploading code using Amazon S3
    - Preview services are now documented
      and will also show up in the list of available services
  + From 1.7.30
    - Add support for ``aws efs``
    - Add paginators and waiters for ``aws ecs``

Tue May 26 20:56:02 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 1.7.29 (bnc#905354)
  + Follow up to previous update to address compatibility with latest
  + From 1.7.28
    - feature:aws ec2: Add support for Spot Fleet.
    - feature:aws opsworks: Add support for custom AutoScaling.
    - feature:aws elasticbeanstalk: Update model to latest version.
  + From 1.7.27
    - feature:aws ds: Add support for AWS Directory Service.
    - feature:aws ec2: Add support for VPC endpoints for Amazon S3.
    - feature:aws ec2: Add support for EIP Migration.
    - feature:aws logs: Add support for filtering log events.
  + From 1.7.26
    - feature:aws glacier: Add support for vault policies.
    - bugfix:aws iam create-open-id-connect-provider: Fix issue where the
      --url parameter would try to retrieve the contents from the url instead
      of use the url as its value. (issue 1317)
    - bugfix:aws workspaces: Fix issue where throttling errors were not
      being retried (botocore issue 529)
  + From 1.7.25
    - feature:aws dynamodb query: Add support for KeyConditonExpression.
  + From 1.7.24
    - feature:aws help topics: Add support for listing available help topics.
    - feature:aws help config-vars: Add help topic for configuration variables.
    - feature:aws help return-codes: Add help topic for return codes.
    - feature:aws help s3-config: Add help topic for configuration of s3
    - bugfix:aws lambda create-function/update-function-code: Improve
      error message when invalid --zip-file values are provided (issue 1296)
    - feature:aws ec2: Add support for new VM Import APIs, including
      import-image. The new APIs provide support for importing multi-volume
      VMs to Amazon EC2 and other enhancements.
    - feature:aws iam: Update AWS IAM command to latest version
  + From 1.7.23
    - feature:aws cognito-sync: Add support for Amazon Cognito Events.
    - bugfix:Parsing: Treat empty XML nodes in a response as an empty
      string instead of None if the underlying structure member is a string.
      This fixes the broken password-data-available Amazon EC2 waiter. Note:
      this changes the output of the CLI and may affect filtering with the
      --query parameter. (issue 1252, botocore issue 506)
  + From 1.7.22
    - bugfix:aws ecs: Minor documentation fixes.
  + From 1.7.21
    - feature:aws workspaces: Add support for Amazon WorkSpaces.
    - feature:aws machinelearning: Add support for Amazon Machine Learning.
    - feature:aws s3api: Add support for specifying Lambda bucket
      notifications without needing to specify an invocation role.
    - feature:aws lambda: Update to latest api.
    - feature:aws ecs: Add support for Amazon ECS Service scheduler.
  + From 1.7.20
    - feature:aws datapipeline: Add support for deactivating pipelines.
    - feature:aws elasticbeanstalk: Add support for cancelling in-progress
      environment updates or application version deployment.
  + From 1.7.19
    - feature:aws codedeploy: Add register, deregister, install, and
      uninstall commands and update to the latest AWS CodeDeploy API.
    - feature:aws rds: Add support for describe-certificates.
    - feature:aws elastictranscoder: Add support for PlayReady DRM.
    - feature:aws ec2: Add support for D2 instances.
  + From 1.7.18
    - bugfix:Pagination: Fix issue where disabling pagination did not work
      when shadowing arguments. Affects commands such as aws route53
    - feature:aws elastictranscoder: Add support for job timing and
      input/output metadata
    - feature:aws iam: Add NamedPolicy to GetAccountAuthorization details
    - feature:aws opsworks: Allow for BlockDeviceMapping on EC2 instances
      launched through OpsWorks
  + From 1.7.17
    - feature:aws emr: Adds support for Amazon S3 client-side encryption
      in Amazon EMR and setting configuration values for several variables
      in the create-cluster and ssh commands. Also, the create-default-roles
      command will now auto-populate the Service Role and Instance Profile
      variables in the configuration file with the default roles after they
      are created.
  + From 1.7.16
    - feature:aws ec2 wait image-available: Add support for polling until
      an EC2 image is available (issue 1105)
    - feature:aws ec2 wait: Add support for additional EC2 waiters including
      instance-status-ok, password-data-available,
      spot-instance-request-fulfilled, and system-status-ok
    - feature:aws s3api: Add support for Amazon S3 cross region replication
    - feature:aws s3api: Add support for Amazon S3 requester pays (issue 797)
    - bugfix:Tab Completion: Fix issue where tab completion could not handle
      an LC_CTYPE of UTF-8 (issue 1233)
    - bugfix:aws s3api put-bucket-notification: Fix issue where an empty
      notification configuration could not be specified (botocore issue 495)
    - bugfix:aws cloudfront: Fix issue when calling cloudfront commands
      (issue 1234)
    - bugfix:aws ec2 copy-snapshot: Fix issue with the aws ec2 copy-snapshot
      command not correctly generating the presigned url argument
      (botocore issue 498)
  + From 1.7.15
    - feature:aws elastictranscoder: Add support for Applied Color
    - bugfix:aws --profile: Fix issue where explicitly specifying profile
      did not override credential environment variables. (botocore issue 486)
    - bugfix:aws datapipeline list-runs: Fix issue with --schedule-interval
      parameter. (issue 1225)
    - bugfix:aws configservice subscribe: Fix issue where users could not
      subscribe to a s3 bucket that they had no HeadBucket permissions to.
      (issue 1223)
    - bugfix:aws cloudtrail create-subscription: Fix issue where command
      would try to fetch the contents at a url using the contents of the
      custom policy as the url. (issue 1216)
  + From 1.7.14
    - feature:aws logs: Update aws logs command to the latest model.
    - feature:aws ec2: Add paginators for the describe-snapshots sub-command.
    - feature:aws cloudtrail: Add support for the new lookup-events
    - bugfix:aws configure set: Fix issue when setting nested configuration
    - feature:aws s3: Add support for --metadata-directive that allows
      metadata to be copied or replaced for single part copies. (issue 1188)
  + From 1.7.13
    - feature:aws cloudsearch: Update aws cloudsearch command to the latest
    - feature:aws cognito-sync: Update aws cognito-sync command to allow
      customers to receive near-realtime updates as their data changes as
      well as exporting historical data. Customers configure an Amazon
      Kinesis stream to receive the data which can then be processed and
      exported to other data stores such as Amazon Redshift.
    - bugfix:aws opsworks: Fix issue with platform detection on linux
      systems with python3.3 and higher (issue 1199)
    - feature:Help Paging: Support paging through more when running help
      commands on windows (issue 1195)
    - bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue where read timeouts were not retried.
      (issue 1191)
    - feature:aws cloudtrail: Add support for regionalized policy templates
      for the create-subscription and update-subscription commands.
      (issue 1167)
    - bugfix:parsing: Fix issue where if there is a square bracket inside
      one of the values of a list, the end character would get removed.
      (issue 1183)
  + From 1.7.12
    - feature:aws datapipeline: Add support for tagging.
    - feature:aws route53: Add support for listing hosted zones by name
      and getting the hosted zone count.
    - bugfix:aws s3 sync: Remove --recursive parameter. The sync command is
      always a recursive operation meaning the inclusion or exclusion of
      --recursive had no effect on the sync command. (issue 1171)
    - bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue where --endpoint-url was being ignored
      (issue 1142)
  + From 1.7.11
    - bugfix:aws sts: Allow calling assume-role-with-saml without credentials.
    - bugfix:aws sts: Allow users to make regionalized STS calls by
      specifying the STS endpoint with --endpoint-url and the region with
      --region. (botocore issue 464)
  + From 1.7.10
    - bugfix:aws sts: Fix regression where if a region was not activated
      for STS it would raise an error if call was made to that region.
  + From 1.7.9
    - feature:aws cloudfront: Update to latest API
    - feature:aws sts: Add support for STS regionalized calls
    - feature:aws ssm: Add support for Amazon Simple Systems Management
      Service (SSM)
  + From 1.7.8
    - bugfix:aws s3: Fix auth errors when uploading large files to the
      eu-central-1 and cn-north-1 regions (botocore issue 462)
  + From 1.7.7
    - bugfix:aws ec2 revoke-security-group-ingress: Fix parsing of a
      --port value of ICMP echo request (issue 1075)
    - feature:aws iam: Add support for managed policies
    - feature:aws elasticache: Add support for tagging
    - feature:aws route53domains: Add support for tagging of domains
  + From 1.7.6
    - feature:aws dynamodb: Add support for index scan
    - bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue where literal value for --website-redirect
      was not being used. (issue 1137)
    - bugfix:aws sqs purge-queue: Fix issue with the processing of the
      --queue-url parameter (issue 1126)
    - feature:aws s3: Add support for config variable for changing S3 runtime
      values (issue 1122)
    - bugfix:Proxies: Fix issue with SSL certificate validation when using
      proxies and python 2.7.9 (botocore issue 451)
  + From 1.7.5
    - bugfix:aws datapipeline list-runs: Fix issue where --status values
      where not being serialized correctly (issue 1110)
    - bugfix:Output Formatting: Handle broken pipe errors when piping the
      output to another program (issue 1113)
    - bugfix:HTTP Proxy: Fix issue where aws s3/s3api commands would hang
      when using an HTTP proxy (issue 1116)
    - feature:aws elasticache wait: Add waiters for the aws elasticache
      wait (botocore issue 443)
    - bugfix:Locale Settings: Fix issue when Mac OS X has an LC_CTYPE value
      of UTF-8 (issue 945)
  + From 1.7.4
    - feature:aws dynamodb: Add support for online indexing.
    - feature:aws importexport get-shipping-label: Add support for
    - feature:aws s3 ls: Add --human-readable and --summarize options
      (issue 1103)
    - bugfix:aws kinesis put-records: Fix issue with base64 encoding for
      blob types (botocore issue 413)
  + From 1.7.3
    - feature:aws emr: Add support for security groups.
    - feature:aws cognitio-identity: Enhance authentication flow by beingi
      able to save associations of IAM roles with identity pools.
  + From 1.7.2
    - feature:aws autoscaling: Add ClassicLink support.
    - bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue where mtime was set before file was finished
      downloading. (issue 1102)

Sun Jan 18 12:44:53 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 1.7.1 (bnc#905354)
  + bugfix:``aws s3 cp``: Fix issue with parts of a file being
    downloaded more than once when streaming to stdout
    (`issue 1087 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``--no-sign-request``: Fix issue where requests were still trying to
    be signed even though user used the ``--no-sign-request`` flag.
    (`botocore issue 433 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws cloudsearchdomain search``: Fix invalid signatures when
    using the ``aws cloudsearchdomain search`` command
    (`issue 976 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws cloudhsm``: Add support for AWS CloudHSM.
  + feature:``aws ecs``: Add support for ``aws ecs``, the Amazon EC2
    Container Service (ECS)
  + feature:``aws rds``: Add Encryption at Rest and CloudHSM Support.
  + feature:``aws ec2``: Add Classic Link support
  + feature:``aws cloudsearch``: Update ``aws cloudsearch`` command
    to latest version
  + bugfix:``aws cloudfront wait``: Fix issue where wait commands did not
    stop waiting when a success state was reached.
    (`botocore issue 426 <>`_)
  + bugfix:``aws ec2 run-instances``: Allow binary files to be passed to
    (`botocore issue 416 <>`_)
  + bugfix:``aws cloudsearchdomain suggest``: Add ``--suggest-query``
    option to fix the argument being shadowed by the top level
    ``--query`` option.
    (`issue 1068 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws emr``: Fix issue with endpoints for ``eu-central-1`` and
    (`botocore issue 423 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where empty XML nodes are now parsed
    as an empty string ``""`` instead of ``null``, which allows for
    round tripping ``aws s3 get/put-bucket-lifecycle``
    (`issue 1076 <>`__)
  + bugfix:AssumeRole: Fix issue with cache filenames when assuming a role
    on Windows
    (`issue 1063 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3 ls``: Fix issue when listing Amazon S3 objects containing
    non-ascii characters in eu-central-1
    (`issue 1046 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws storagegateway``: Update the ``aws storagegateway`` command
    to the latest version
  + feature:``aws emr``: Update the ``aws emr`` command to the latest
  + bugfix:``aws emr create-cluster``: Fix script runnner jar to the current
    region location when ``--enable-debugging`` is specified in the
    ``aws emr create-cluster`` command
  + bugfix:``aws datapipeline get-pipeline-definition``: Rename operation
    parameter ``--version`` to ``--pipeline-version`` to avoid shadowing
    a built in parameter
    (`issue 1058 <>`__)
  + bugfix:pip installation: Fix issue where pip installations would cause
    an error due to the system's python configuration
    (`issue 1051 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws elastictranscoder``: Update the ``aws elastictranscoder``
    command to the latest version
  + bugfix:Non-ascii chars: Fix issue where escape sequences were being printed
    instead of the non-ascii chars
    (`issue 1048 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws iam create-virtual-mfa-device``:  Fix issue with ``--outfile``
    not supporting relative paths
    (`issue 1002 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws sqs``: Add support for Amazon Simple Queue Service purge queue
    which allows users to delete the messages in their queue.
  + feature:``aws opsworks``: Add AWS OpsWorks support for registering and
    assigning existing Amazon EC2 instances and on-premises servers.
  + feature:``aws opsworks register``: Registers an EC2 instance or machine with
    AWS OpsWorks. Registering a machine using this command will install the
    AWS OpsWorks agent on the target machine and register it with an existing
    OpsWorks stack.
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue with expired signatures when retrying
    failed requests
    (`botocore issue 399 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws cloudformation get-template``: Fix error message when
    template does not exist
    (`issue 1044 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws kinesis put-records``: Add support for PutRecord operation. It
    writes multiple data records from a producer into an Amazon Kinesis
    stream in a single call
  + feature:``aws iam get-account-authorization-details``: Add support for
    GetAccountAuthorizationDetails operation. It retrieves information about
    all IAM users, groups, and roles in your account, including their
    relationships to one another and their attached policies.
  + feature:``aws route53 update-hosted-zone-comment``: Add support for updating
    the comment of a hosted zone.
  + bugfix:Timestamp Arguments: Fix issue where certain timestamps were not
    being accepted as valid input
    (`botocore issue 389 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Skip files whose names cannot be properly decoded
    (`issue 1038 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws kinesis put-record``: Fix issue where ``--data`` argument
    was not being base64 encoded
    (`issue 1033 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws cloudwatch put-metric-data``: Fix issue where the
    values for ``--statistic-values`` were not being parsed properly
    (`issue 1036 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws datapipeline``: Add support for using AWS Data Pipeline
    templates to create pipelines and bind values to parameters in the pipeline
  + feature:``aws elastictranscoder``: Add support for encryption of files in
    Amazon S3
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where requests were not being
    resigned correctly when using Signature Version 4
    (`botocore issue 388 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where KMS encrypted objects could not be
    (`issue 1026 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where datetime's were not being
    parsed properly when a profile was specified
    (`issue 1020 <>`__)
  + bugfix:Assume Role Credential Provider: Fix issue with parsing
    expiry time from assume role credential provider
    (`botocore issue 387 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws redshift``: Add support for integration with KMS
  + bugfix:``aws cloudtrail create-subscription``: Set a bucket config
    location constraint on buckets created outside of us-east-1.
    (`issue 1013 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws deploy push``: Fix s3 multipart uploads
  + bugfix:``aws s3 ls``: Fix return codes for non existing objects
    (`issue 1008 <>`__)
  + bugfix:Retrying Signed Requests: Fix issue where requests using
    Signature Version 4 signed with temporary credentials were not
    being retried properly, resulting in auth errors
    (`botocore issue 379 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3api get-bucket-location``: Fix issue where getting the
    bucket location for a bucket in eu-central-1 required specifying
    ``--region eu-central-1``
    (`botocore issue 380 <>`__)
  + bugfix:Timestamp Input: Fix regression where timestamps without any timezone
    information were not being handled properly
    (`issue 982 <>`__)
  + bugfix:Signature Version 4: You can enable Signature Version 4 for Amazon S3
    commands by running ``aws configure set default.s3.signature_version s3v4``
    (`issue 1006 <>`__,
    `botocore issue 382 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws emr``: Fix issue where ``--ssh``, ``--get``, ``--put``
    would not work when the cluster was in a waiting state
    (`issue 1007 <>`__)
  + feature:Binary File Input: Add support for reading file contents as binary
    by prepending the filename with ``fileb://``
    (`issue 1010 <>`__)
  + bugfix:Streaming Output File: Fix issue when streaming a response to a file
    and an error response is returned
    (`issue 1012 <>`__)
  + bugfix:Binary Output: Fix regression where binary output was no longer
    being base64 encoded
    (`issue 1001 <>`__,
    `issue 970 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws lambda``: Add support for Amazon Lambda
  + feature:``aws s3``: Add support for S3 notifications
  + bugfix:``aws configservice get-status``: Fix connecting to endpoint without
    using ssl.
    (`issue 998 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws deploy push``: Fix some python compatibility issues
    (`issue 1000 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws deploy``: Adds support for AWS CodeDeploy
  + feature:``aws configservice``: Adds support for AWS Config
  + feature:``aws kms``: Adds support AWS Key Management Service
  + feature:``aws s3api``: Adds support for S3 server-side encryption using
  + feature:``aws ec2``: Adds support for EBS encryption using KMS
  + feature:``aws cloudtrail``: Adds support for CloudWatch Logs delivery
  + feature:``aws cloudformation``: Adds support for template summary.
  + feature:AssumeRole Credential Provider: Add support for assuming a role
    by configuring a ``role_arn`` and a ``source_profile`` in the AWS
    config file
    (`issue 991 <>`__,
    `issue 990 <>`__)
  + feature:Waiters: Add a ``wait`` subcommand that allows for a command
    to block until an AWS resource reaches a given state
    (`issue 992 <>`__,
    `issue 985 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where request was not properly signed
    on retried requests for ``aws s3``
    (`issue 986 <>`__,
    `botocore issue 375 <>`__)
  + bugfix:``aws s3``: Fix issue where ``--exclude`` and ``--include`` were
    not being properly applied when a s3 prefix was provided.
    (`issue 993 <>`__)
  + feature:``aws cloudfront``: Adds support for wildcard cookie names and
    options caching.
  + feature:``aws route53``: Add further support for private dns and sigv4.
  + feature:``aws cognito-sync``: Add support for push sync.
  + bugfix:Pagination: Only display ``--page-size`` when an operation can be
    (`issue 956 <>`__)
  + feature:``--generate-cli-skeleton``: Generates a JSON skeleton to fill out
    and be used as input to ``--cli-input-json``.
    (`issue 963 <>`_)
  + feature:``--cli-input-json``: Runs an operation using a global JSON file
    that supplies all of the operation's arguments. This JSON file can
    be generated by ``--generate-cli-skeleton``.
    (`issue 963 <>`_)
  + feature:``aws s3/s3api``: Show hint about using the correct region when
    the corresponding error occurs
    (`issue 968 <>`__)

Thu Oct 23 23:01:44 UTC 2014 -

- Update to version 1.5.3  (bnc#902598)
  + feature:aws ec2 describe-volumes: Add support for optional pagination.
  + feature:aws route53domains: Add support for auto-renew domains.
  + feature:aws cognito-identity: Add for Open-ID Connect.
  + feature:aws sts: Add support for Open-ID Connect
  + feature:aws iam: Add support for Open-ID Connect
  + bugfix:aws s3 sync: Fix issue when uploading with
       --exact-timestamps (issue 964)
  + bugfix:Retry: Fix issue where certain error codes were not being
       retried (botocore issue 361)
  + bugfix:aws emr ssh: Fix issue when using waiter interface to wait on
       the cluster state (issue 954)
  + feature:aws cloudsearch: Add support for advance Japanese language
  + feature:aws rds: Add support for gp2 which provides faster access than
       disk-based storage.
  + bugfix:aws s3 mv: Delete multi-part objects when transferring objects
       across regions using --source-region (issue 938)
  + bugfix:aws emr ssh: Fix issue with waiter configuration not being
       found (issue 937)
  + feature:aws dynamodb: Update aws dynamodb command to support storing
       and retrieving documents with full support for document models. New
       data types are fully compatible with the JSON standard and allow you
       to nest document elements within one another.
  + bugfix:aws configure: Fix bug where aws configure was not properly
       writing out to the shared credentials file
  + bugfix:S3 Response Parsing: Fix regression for parsing S3 responses
       containing a status code of 200 with an error response body (botocore
       issue 342)
  + bugfix:Shorthand Error Message: Ensure the error message for shorthand
       parsing always contains the CLI argument name (issue 935)
  + bugfix:Response Parsing: Fix response parsing so that leading and
       trailing spaces are preserved
  + feature:Shared Credentials File: The aws configure and aws configure set
       command now write out all credential variables to the shared
       credentials file ~/.aws/credentials (issue 847)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Write warnings and errors to standard error as opposed to
       standard output. (issue 919)
  + feature:aws s3: Add --only-show-errors option that displays errors and
       warnings but suppresses all other output.
  + feature:aws s3 cp: Added ability to upload local file streams from
       standard input to s3 and download s3 objects as local file streams to
       standard output. (issue 903)
  + feature:aws emr create-cluster: Add support for --emrfs.
  + feature:aws iam: Update aws iam command to latest version.
  + feature:aws cognito-sync: Update aws cognito-sync command to latest
  + feature:aws opsworks: Update aws opsworks command to latest version.
  + feature:aws elasticbeanstalk: Add support for bundling logs.
  + feature:aws kinesis: Add suport for tagging.
  + feature:Page Size: Add a --page-size option, that controls page size
       when perfoming an operation that uses pagination. (issue 889)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Added support for ignoring and warning about files that
       do not exist, user does not have read permissions, or are special
       files (i.e. sockets, FIFOs, character special devices, and block
       special devices) (issue 881)
  + feature:Parameter Shorthand: Added support for structure(list-scalar,
       scalar) parameter shorthand. (issue 882)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix bug when unknown options were passed to aws s3
       commands (issue 886)
  + bugfix:Endpoint URL: Provide a better error message when an invalid
       --endpoint-url is provided (issue 899)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue when keys do not get properly url decoded when
       syncing from a bucket that requires pagination to a bucket that
       requires less pagination (issue 909)
  + feature:aws cloudsearchdomain: Added sigv4 support.
  + bugfix:Credentials: Raise an error if an incomplete profile is found
       (issue 690)
  + feature:Signing Requests: Add a --no-sign-request option that, when
       specified, will not sign any requests.
  + bugfix:aws s3: Added -source-region argument to allow transfer between
       non DNS compatible buckets that were located in different regions.
       (issue 872)
  + feature:aws elb: Add support for AWS Elastic Load Balancing tagging
  + feature: aws emr: Move emr out of preview mode.
  + bugfix: aws s3api: Fix serialization of several s3 api commands.
       (issue botocore 193)
  + bugfix: aws s3 sync: Fix issue for unnecessarily resyncing files on
       windows machines. (issue 843)
  + bugfix: aws s3 sync: Fix issue where keys were being decoded twice when
       syncing between buckets. (issue 862)
  + bugfix:aws ec2 describe-network-interface-attribute: Fix issue where
       the model for the aws ec2 describe-network-interface-attribute was
       incorrect (issue 558)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Add option to not follow symlinks via
       --[no]-follow-symlinks. Note that the default behavior of following
       symlinks is left unchanged. (issue 854, issue 453, issue 781)
  + bugfix:aws route53 change-tags-for-resource: Fix serialization issue
       for aws route53 change-tags-for-resource (botocore issue 328)
  + bugfix:aws ec2 describe-network-interface-attribute: Update parameters
       to add the --attribute argument (botocore issue 327)
  + feature:aws autoscaling: Update command to the latest version
  + feature:aws elasticache: Update command to the latest version
  + feature:aws route53: Update command to the latest version
  + feature:aws route53domains: Add support for Amazon Route53 Domains
  + feature:aws elasticloadbalancing: Update to the latest service model.
  + bugfix:aws swf poll-for-decision-task: Fix issue where the default
       paginated response is missing output response keys (issue botocore 324)
  + bugfix:Connections: Fix issue where connections were hanging when
       network issues occurred issue botocore 325)
  + bugfix:aws s3/s3api: Fix issue where Deprecations were being written
       to stderr in Python 3.4.1 issue botocore 319)
  + feature:aws support: Update aws support command to the latest version
  + feature:aws iam: Update aws iam command to the latest version
  + feature:aws emr: Add --hive-site option to aws emr create-cluster and
       aws emr install-application commands
  + feature:aws s3 sync: Add an --exact-timestamps option to the aws s3
       sync command (issue 824)
  + bugfix:aws ec2 copy-snapshot: Fix bug when spaces in the description
       caused the copy request to fail (issue botocore 321)
  + feature:aws cwlogs: Add support for Amazon CloudWatch Logs
  + feature:aws cognito-sync: Add support for Amazon Cognito Service
  + feature:aws cognito-identity: Add support for Amazon Cognito Identity
  + feature:aws route53: Update aws route53 command to the latest version
  + feature:aws ec2: Update aws ec2 command to the latest version
  + bugfix:aws s3/s3api: Fix issue where --endpoint-url wasn't being used
        for aws s3/s3api commands (issue 549)
  + bugfix:aws s3 mv: Fix bug where using the aws s3 mv command to move a
        large file onto itself results in the file being deleted (issue 831)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue where parts in a multipart upload are stil being
        uploaded when a part has failed (issue 834)
  + bugfix:Windows: Fix issue where python.exe is on a path that contains
        spaces (issue 825)
  + feature:aws opsworks: Update the aws opsworks command to the latest version
  + bugfix:Shorthand JSON: Fix bug where shorthand lists with a single
        item (e.g. --arg Param=[item]) were not parsed correctly. (issue 830)
  + bugfix:Text output: Fix bug when rendering only scalars that are
        numbers in text output (issue 829)
  + bugfix:aws cloudsearchdomain: Fix bug where --endpoint-url is required
        even for help subcommands (issue 828)
  + feature:aws cloudsearchdomain: Add support for the Amazon CloudSearch
        Domain command.
  + feature:aws cloudfront: Update the Amazon CloudFront command to the
        latest version
  + feature:aws ses: Add support for delivery notifications
  + bugfix:Region Config: Fix issue for cn-north-1 region (issue botocore 314)
  + bugfix:Amazon EC2 Credential File: Fix regression for parsing EC2
        credential file (issue botocore 315)
  + bugfix:Signature Version 2: Fix timestamp format when calculating
        signature version 2 signatures (issue botocore 308)
  + feature:aws configure: Add support for setting nested attributes
        (issue 817)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue when uploading large files to newly created
        buckets in a non-standard region (issue 634)
  + feature:aws dynamodb: Add support for a local region for dynamodb
        (aws dynamodb --region local ...) (issue 608)
  + feature:aws elasticbeanstalk: Update aws elasticbeanstalk model to the
        latest version
  + feature:Documentation Examples: Add more documentatoin examples for
        many AWS CLI commands
  + feature:aws emr: Update model to the latest version
  + feature:aws elastictranscoder: Update model to the latest version
  + feature:aws s3api: Add support for server-side encryption with a
        customer-supplied encryption key.
  + feature:aws sns: Support for message attributes.
  + feature:aws redshift: Support for renaming clusters.
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix bug related to retrying requests when 500 status
        codes are received (issue botocore 302)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix when when using S3 in the cn-north-1 region
        (issue botocore 301)
  + bugfix:aws kinesis: Fix pagination bug when using the get-records
        operation (issue botocore 304)
  + bugfix:Python 3.4.1: Add support for python 3.4.1 (issue 800)
  + feature:aws emr: Update preview commands for Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  + bugfix:aws s3: Add filename to error message when we're unable to stat
        local filename (issue 795)
  + bugfix:aws s3api get-bucket-policy: Fix response parsing for the aws
        s3api get-bucket-policy command (issue 678)
  + bugfix:Shared Credentials: Fix bug when specifying profiles that don't
        exist in the CLI config file (issue botocore 294)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Handle Amazon S3 error responses that have a 200 OK
        status code (issue botocore 298)
  + feature:aws sts: Update the aws sts command to the latest version
  + feature:aws cloudsearch: Update the aws cloudsearch command to the
        latest version
  + feature:Shorthand: Add support for surrounding list parameters with []
        chars in shorthand syntax (issue 788)
  + feature:Shared credential file: Add support for the ~/.aws/credentials file
  + feature:aws ec2: Add support for Amazon EBS encryption
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue when --delete and --exclude filters are used
        together (issue 778)
  + feature:aws route53: Update aws route53 to the latest model
  + bugfix:aws emr: Fix issue with aws emr retry logic not being applied
        correctly (botocore issue 285)
  + feature:aws cloudtrail: Add support for eu-west-1, ap-southeast-2
  + bugfix:aws ec2: Fix issue when specifying user data from a file
        containing non-ascii characters (issue 765)
  + bugfix:aws cloudtrail: Fix a bug with python3 when creating a
        subscription (issue 773)
  + bugfix:Shorthand: Fix issue where certain shorthand parameters were
        not parsing to the correct types (issue 776)
  + bugfix:aws cloudformation: Fix issue with parameter casing for the
        NotificationARNs parameter (botocore issue 283)
  + feature:aws cloudformation: Add support for updated API
  + feature:aws sqs: Add support for message attributes
  + bugfix:aws s3api: Fix issue when setting metadata on an S3 object
        (issue 356)
  + feature:aws autoscaling: Add support for launching Dedicated Instances
        in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  + feature:aws elasticache: Add support to backup and restore for Redis
  + feature:aws dynamodb: Update aws dynamodb command to the latest API
  + bugfix:Output Format: Fix issue with encoding errors when using text
        and table output and redirecting to a pipe or file (issue 742)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue with sync re-uploading certain files (issue 749)
  + bugfix:Text Output: Fix issue with inconsistent text output based on
       order (issue 751)
  + bugfix:aws datapipeline: Fix issue for aggregating keys into a list
       when calling aws datapipeline get-pipeline-definition (issue 750)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue when running out of disk space during aws s3
       transfers (issue 739)
  + feature:aws s3 sync: Add --size-only param to the aws s3 sync command
       (issue 472, issue 719)
  + bugfix:aws cloudtrail: Fix issue when using create-subscription
       command (issue botocore 268)
  + feature:aws cloudsearch: Amazon CloudSearch has moved out of preview
       (issue 730)
  + bugfix:aws s3 website: Fix issue where --error-document was being
       ignored in certain cases (issue 714)
  + feature:aws opsworks: Update aws opsworks model to the latest version
  + bugfix:Pagination: Fix issue with --max-items with aws route53, aws iam,
       and aws ses (issue 729)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue with fips-us-gov-west-1 endpoint (issue
       botocore 265)
  + bugfix:Table Output: Fix issue when displaying unicode characters in
       table output (issue 721)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix regression when syncing files with whitespace
       (issue 706, issue 718)
  + bugfix:aws ec2: Fix issue with EC2 model resulting in responses not
       being parsed.
  + feature:aws ec2: Add support for Amazon VPC peering
  + feature:aws redshift: Add support for the latest Amazon Redshift API
  + feature:aws cloudsearch: Add support for the latest Amazon CloudSearch API
  + bugfix:aws cloudformation: Documentation updates
  + bugfix:Argument Parsing: Fix issue when list arguments were not being
        decoded to unicode properly (issue 711)
  + bugfix:Output: Fix issue when invalid output type was provided in a
        config file or environment variable (issue 600)
  + bugfix:aws datapipeline: Fix issue when serializing pipeline definitions
        containing list elements (issue 705)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue when recursively removing keys containing
        control characters (issue 675)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Honor --no-verify-ssl in high level aws s3 commands
        (issue 696)
  + bugfix:Parameters: Fix issue parsing with CLI parameters of type long
        (issue 693)
  + bugfix:Pagination: Fix issue where --max-items in pagination was always
        assumed to be an integer (issue 689)
  + feature:aws elb: Add support for AccessLog
  + bugfix:Bundled Installer: Allow creation of bundled installer with pip
        1.5 (issue 691)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue when copying objects using aws s3 cp with key
        names containing + characters (issue #614)
  + bugfix:ec2 create-snapshot: Remove Tags key from output response
        (issue 247)
  + bugfix:aws s3: aws s3 commands should not be requiring regions (issue 681)
  + bugfix:CLI Arguments: Fix issue where unicode command line arguments
        were not being handled correctly (issue 679)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue where S3 downloads would hang in certain cases
        and could not be interrupted (issue 650, issue 657)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Support missing canned ACLs when using the --acl
        parameter (issue 663)
  + bugfix:aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters: Fix pagination issue
        when calling aws rds describe-engine-default-parameters (issue 607)
  + bugfix:aws cloudtrail: Merge existing SNS topic policy with the
        existing AWS CloudTrail policy instead of overwriting the default
        topic policy
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue where streams were not being rewound when
        encountering 307 redirects with multipart uploads (issue 544)
  + bugfix:aws elb: Fix issue with documentation errors in aws elb help
        (issue 622)
  + bugfix:JSON Parameters: Add a more clear error message when parsing
         invalid JSON parameters (issue 639)
  + bugfix:aws s3api: Properly handle null inputs (issue 637)
  + bugfix:Argument Parsing: Handle files containing JSON with leading
         and trailing spaces (issue 640)

Thu Feb 27 14:43:32 UTC 2014 -

- Include in SLE 12 (FATE #315990)

Wed Feb 26 17:20:36 UTC 2014 -

- update to version 1.2.13
  + feature:aws route53: Update aws route53 command to support string-match
    health checks and the UPSERT action for the aws route53
    change-resource-record-sets command
  + bugfix:Command Completion: Don't show tracebacks on SIGINT (issue 628)
  + bugfix:Docs: Don't duplicate enum values in reference docs (issue 632)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Don't require s3:// prefix (issue 626)
  + feature:aws configure: Add support for configure get and configure set
    command which allow you to set and get configuration values from the AWS
    config file (`issue 602 <`__)
  + bugfix:aws s3: Fix issue with Amazon S3 downloads on certain OSes
    (`issue 619 <`__)
  + Add support for the --recursive option in the aws s3 ls command
    (issue 465 <
  + Add support for the AWS_CA_BUNDLE environment variable so that users
    can specify an alternate path to a cert bundle (issue 586)
  + Add metadata_service_timeout and metadata_service_num_attempts config
    parameters to control behavior when retrieving credentials using an
    IAM role (issue 597)
  + Retry intermittent aws s3 download failures including socket timeouts
    and content length mismatches (issue 594)
  + Fix response parsing of aws s3api get-bucket-location (issue 345)
  + Fix response parsing of the aws elastictranscoder command (issue 207)
  + Update aws elasticache command to not require certain parameters

Sat Jan 18 13:57:04 UTC 2014 -

- Initial build
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