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<patchinfo incident="1290">
  <issue id="943017" tracker="bnc">L3: rcntp status or ntpq -p returns IP address instead of DNS name of the time server.</issue>
  <issue id="947023" tracker="bnc">SLES 12 Release Notes Tracker Bug - Update Wanted</issue>
  <issue id="319525" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="317853" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="317866" tracker="fate"/>
The Release Notes of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 have been updated to document:

- New: NTP 4.2.8. (bsc#943017, fate#319525)
- New: Boot from devices larger than 2 TiB. (fate#317853)
- New: module-init-tools replaced by kmod. (fate#317866)
  <summary>Recommended update for release-notes-sles</summary>
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