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<patchinfo incident="2125">
  <issue id="919723" tracker="bnc">DISPLAYMANAGER_STARTS_XSERVER doesn't work with gdm</issue>
  <issue id="958054" tracker="bnc">Under z/VM 6.3 APAR VM 65419 has to be installed.</issue>
  <issue id="965592" tracker="bnc">zypper Search not aware of cve</issue>
  <issue id="961638" tracker="bnc">Xen PV guest won't display boot menu in VNC console</issue>
  <issue id="963395" tracker="bnc">SLES 12 SP1 Release Notes: Update Wanted</issue>
  <issue id="317891" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="317893" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="318063" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319053" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319118" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319136" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319388" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319493" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319517" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319638" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="319640" tracker="fate"/>
  <issue id="320402" tracker="fate"/>
The Release Notes of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 have been updated to document:

- Updating registration status after a rollback. (fate#319118)
- New features of Virtual Machine Driver Pack 2.3. (fate#319517)
- GRUB does not support vfb/vkbd any more. (fate#320402, bsc#961638)
- Starting X after upgrading. (fate#319640, bsc#919723)
- Puppet has been updated. (fate#319493)
- Wireshark has been updated. (fate#319388)
- Supported network devices for virtualized systems. (fate#317893)
- Supported disk formats and protocols for virtualized systems. (fate#317891)
- Automatic removal of Add-on products. (fate#319638)
- Zypper can list already installed and unneeded patches by CVE number. (fate#319053, bsc#965592)
- Installation of recommended packages. (fate#319136)
- APAR requirements for 10GbE RoCE Express feature. (fate#318063, bsc#958054)
  <summary>Recommended update for release-notes-sles</summary>
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