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<patchinfo incident="2591">
  <issue id="1028105" tracker="bnc">Unable to register SLES 12 SP2 s390x after installation, read_values -s return_code =-2</issue>
  <issue id="965263" tracker="bnc">Permanently online DASD on SLES12 causes vm fail to startup</issue>
  <issue id="931634" tracker="bnc">FATE 319010 Loopback mounting of Images with 4k blocksize</issue>
This update for s390-tools fixes the following issues:

- Fix cio_ignore boot order dependencies to avoid boot failure in some special
  configurations. (bsc#965263)
- Skip partition check and BLKRRPART ioctl for emulated devices. (bsc#931634)
- Fix detection of the STHYI instruction on  z/VM 6.2. (bsc#1028105)
  <summary>Recommended update for s390-tools</summary>
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