File README-ceph-test.txt of Package ceph.4518

Packaging note

The ceph-test.spec file is generated automatically by running

Originally, the ceph-test RPM was generated by ceph.spec but this excessively
bloated the build and caused trouble in Factory/Leap when the ceph package was
added to Ring2 because qemu and libvirt depend on it.

The new ceph.spec file does not build ceph-test. This reduces the HW
constraints (less memory, less disk). Ring2 is more-or-less happy.

The script is run manually every time the package is updated.
This generates the ceph-test.spec from ceph.spec. The ceph-test.spec does
everything the original ceph.spec used to do (and hence the build constraints
are very high), but only generates the ceph-test RPM - everything else is
removed at the end of the %install phase.

The ceph-test package is implemented as a linkpac. Since the ceph-test RPM is
required only for teuthology, it doesn't matter so much that only a very few build
workers have enough power to build it.