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<patchinfo incident="10855">
  <issue id="1102682" tracker="bnc">VUL-0: CVE-2018-5390: kernel live patch: denial of service conditions with low rates of specially modified packets aka "SegmentSmack"</issue>
  <issue id="2018-5390" tracker="cve" />
  <description>This update for the Linux Kernel 4.4.121-92_104 fixes one issue.

The following security issue was fixed:

- CVE-2018-5390: The Linux kernel could be forced to make very expensive calls to tcp_collapse_ofo_queue() and tcp_prune_ofo_queue() for every incoming packet which can lead to a denial of service (bsc#1102682).
<summary>Security update for the Linux Kernel (Live Patch 28 for SLE 12 SP2)</summary>