File bash-4.1-bash.bashrc.dif of Package bash.4748

|BNC#577221 - Non-login, interactive bash executes /etc/bash.bashrc
|             yet not documented
|Jared Hudson    2010-02-04 22:47:01 UTC
|bash-3.2-147.4.1 executes /etc/bash.bashrc when invoking an interactive,
|non-login shell yet this is not documented. The man page should mention
|this in its INVOCATION section. I've checked the source code and it's
|hard coded to execute /etc/bash.bashrc (SYS_BASHRC macro)
--- doc/bash.1
+++ doc/bash.1	2010-02-18 09:47:36.864126675 +0000
@@ -323,8 +323,8 @@ exists.
 When an interactive shell that is not a login shell is started,
 .B bash
-reads and executes commands from \fI~/.bashrc\fP, if that file exists.
-This may be inhibited by using the
+reads and executes commands from \fI/etc/bash.bashrc\fP then \fI~/.bashrc\fP
+when those files exist and are readable. This may be inhibited by using the
 .B \-\-norc
 The \fB\-\-rcfile\fP \fIfile\fP option will force
@@ -415,7 +415,8 @@ daemon, usually \fIrshd\fP, or the secur
 .B bash
 determines it is being run in this fashion, it reads and executes
-commands from \fI~/.bashrc\fP, if that file exists and is readable.
+commands from \fI/etc/bash.bashrc\fP then  \fI~/.bashrc\fP when
+those files exist and are readable.
 It will not do this if invoked as \fBsh\fP.
 .B \-\-norc
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