File dbus-1-python.changes of Package dbus-1-python

Sat Nov 16 07:02:42 UTC 2013 -

- Add missing dependency on python-gobject (bnc#850792)

Mon Jun  3 18:03:27 UTC 2013 -

- Removed the %{RELEASE} from the dbus-1 Requires: entries (fixes also Factory
  auto check).

Sun Jun  2 20:55:23 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 1.2.0:
  - libdbus 1.6 or later is now required.
  - Unicode Corrigendum 9: when used with a suitable version of libdbus
    (1.6.10 or later, or 1.7.2 or later), noncharacters in strings are
    now accepted
  - Support DBusException('something with non—ASCII') under Python 2
    (Michael Vogt, smcv; fd.o #55899)
  - Correct some misleading wording in COPYING which was written under the
    assumption that libdbus could actually be relicensed to MIT/X11
    (Thiago Macieira)
  - Avoid variable-length arrays, because MSVC++ is still stuck in 1998
    (based on patches from Christoph Höger, fd.o #51725)
  - Remove unnecessary uses of stdint.h (fd.o #51725)
  - Add support for Unix compilers not supporting 'inline', for completeness
  - Use GObject.__class__ instead of GObjectMeta, which can no longer be
    imported from gi.repository.GObject in pygobject 3.8
  - Fix autoreconfiscation on Automake 1.13 (Marko Lindqvist, fd.o #59006)
- Removed libxml2-python runtime requirement (not needed).

Mon Nov 19 18:33:18 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 1.1.1:
  - libdbus 1.6 or later is now recommended. It is not strictly required yet.
  - Validate UTF-8 according to the rules libdbus uses, falling back to our
    own (inefficient) implementation if not compiled against dbus >= 1.6
  - Under Python 3, in the absence of introspection or signature='...',
    pass dbus.ObjectPath or dbus.Signature arguments with the obvious
    signature 'o' or 'g', not 's'. This previously only worked in Python 2.
  From version 1.1.0:
  - dbus.gobject_service is deprecated. Use dbus.gi_service and PyGI in new
  API changes:
  - dbus.gobject_service works in legacy PyGObject 2 applications again,
    like it did before 1.0. The down side is that it doesn't work in all PyGI
    applications any more, unlike 1.0. In PyGI applications, depend on
    dbus-python >= 1.1 and use dbus.gi_service instead - its API is the same.
    (fdo#48904, deb#670516)
  - dbus.gobject_service has been removed from Python 3 builds altogether.
  - Use DBusBasicValue from libdbus 1.5, if available, rather than reinventing
  - Put sockets for the regression tests in /tmp, not the builddir, fixing
    test failures in a really long builddir (fdo#46747)
  - Fix a reference leak in dbus_py_variant_level_set (fdo#47108)
  - Modify AM_CHECK_PYTHON_HEADERS so the "another way" works with Python 3

Sun May 27 11:04:49 UTC 2012 -

- dbus-1-python3 package added 

Thu Mar  8 20:33:58 UTC 2012 -

- New upstream version 1.0.0:
  - libdbus 1.4 or later is now required.
  - Python 2.6 or later is now required. If Python 3 is used, it must be
    version 3.2 or later.
  - GNU make (or, at your own risk, another make with the GNU $(patsubst)
    extension) is now required.
  API changes:
  - dbus_bindings, which was never meant to be public API and has been
    deprecated for nearly 5 years, has finally been removed.
  - The repr() of every dbus-python object is now unicode.
  - The Python 3 API is not the same as the Python 2 API; see PY3PORT.rst for
  - Python 3 compatibility (fd.o #26420)
  - MethodCallMessage and SignalMessage now have a more useful repr()
  - OOM while appending a unicode object to a message no longer leaks a string
  - If libdbus somehow gives us invalid UTF-8, don't crash
  - Fix rst2html failure in non-UTF-8 locales
 From version 0.84.0:
  - fd.o #30812: add the UnixFd type, and support Unix fd passing if compiled
    against a new enough libdbus
  - fd.o #34342: add Connection.set_allow_anonymous(bool)
  - fd.o #21017: add configure arguments PYTHON_INCLUDES and PYTHON_LIBS which
    can be used to override $PYTHON-config
  - fd.o #35626: clear ProxyObject's pending introspection queue after
  - fd.o #22560: remove duplicate code from example-async-client
  - fd.o #36206: allow signature='x' among ProxyObject method arguments
- Spec file updates:
  - Removed pyrex from BuildRequires: (not needed anymore).
  - Removed "autoreconf -fi" from %build section and also libtool requirement
    (not needed).
  - Added epydoc and python-docutils in BuildRequires: to enable generation of
    HTML docs and API documentation.

Wed Jan 25 10:23:39 UTC 2012 -

- license update: MIT
  SPDX format for MIT license

Fri Sep 30 20:07:54 UTC 2011 -

- add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable

Sun Sep 18 17:17:12 UTC 2011 -

- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
  (cf. packaging guidelines)
- Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build

Tue Jan  4 17:58:24 UTC 2011 -

- new upstream version 0.83.2 :
 - libdbus 1.2 is still supported, but libdbus >= 1.4 is 
 - Make BusConnection.list_activatable_names actually call 
   ListActivatableNames, not ListNames
 - Don't override CFLAGS when adding compiler warnings
 - Fix compilation on platforms where Py_ssize_t is larger than 
   int, like x86-64
 - fd.o #21831: deserialize empty byte arrays with byte_arrays=True 
   as ByteArray(''), not ByteArray('None')
 - fd.o #23278, #25105: fix crashes when trying to append more 
   struct entries than the signature allows with libdbus 1.4 
 - fd.o #23831: fix crashes when an embedded Python interpreter 
   imports dbus, is finalized, is re-initialized, and re-imports 
 - fd.o #21172: avoid some deprecation warnings in Python 2.6
 - fd.o #15013: add dbus.lowlevel.MESSAGE_TYPE_SIGNAL etc., for 
   those who care about message types at a low level
 - When removing signal matches, clean up internal state, avoiding 
   a memory leak in long-lived Python processes that connect to 
   signals from arbitrarily many object paths (fd.o #17551)
 - When setting the sender of a message, allow it to be 
   org.freedesktop.DBus so you can implement a D-Bus daemon in 
   pure Python

Sun Oct 31 12:37:02 UTC 2010 -

- Use %_smp_mflags

Sun Aug  9 08:45:50 CEST 2009 -

- use new python macros

Tue Sep  9 00:36:16 CEST 2008 -

- use py_sitedir macro in filelist 

Tue Jul 29 16:36:27 CEST 2008 -

- new upstream version 0.83.0
 - Add bindings for DBusServer (thanks to Mathias Hasselmann,
   Huang Peng; fd.o #14322, #15514).
 - Omit the service's traceback from certain D-Bus errors:
   specifically, those that were probably deliberately raised as
   part of an API. Subclasses of DBusException that indicate
   programmer error can turn the traceback back on if it seems
   likely to be useful.
 - Don't emit spurious Error messages if libdbus gives object-path
   handlers a message that isn't a method call (most likely because
   of binding to a locally emitted signal, as in fd.o #14199).
 - Make multiple filters added by Connection.add_message_filter
   work (fd.o #15547, thanks to Huang Peng).
 - Make the API docs build correctly when out-of-tree
 - Require dbus 1.0 so we can get rid of DBUS_API_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE

Tue Dec 11 10:25:40 CET 2007 -

- supplying reply_handler but not error_handler raises
  MissingReplyHandlerException instead of
  MissingErrorHandlerException, and vice versa (fd.o #12304, patch
  from René Neumann)
- Using non-recursive make for dbus/ directory should fix builds in
  some environments (fd.o #12741) 
- Everything is now under the same MIT/X11 license used for
  Collabora code in the previous release
- Added copyright headers to some files that were still missing

Wed Dec  5 11:49:42 CET 2007 -

- new upstream version 0.82.3 (skipped 0.82.1 and 0.82.2)
 -  Don't try to distribute COPYING.LGPL-2.1 - no longer exists
 -  Fix NEWS indentation
 -  Mention relicensing in NEWS
 -  Update NEWS, and add regression tests for fd.o #12096 and
 -  fd.o #12432: fix documentation for remove_from_connection
 -  dbus.exceptions.DBusException: allow setting _dbus_error_name
    in subclasses
 -  Don't raise KeyError when closing private dbus.Bus.
    (fd.o #12096)
 -  Also deprecate private dbus.Bus in favour of
    dbus.bus.BusConnection - the only things you gain from using
    dbus.Bus are the shared-instance behaviour and some strange
    more-than-one-way-to-do-it APIs.
  - Relicense Collabora code under the MIT/X11 license proposed for
    dbus core, removing all references to the LGPL as a result
  - dbus.service: Don't assume that exceptions passed to
    asynchronous callbacks are the same as the pending exception
    (fd.o #12403,
  -, test/ Use @abs_top_builddir@,
  - This fixes incorrect Python path for docs and tests if doing
    an out-of-tree
  - build using an absolute path for $(srcdir), and is also
    less ugly.
  - Unset dbus_python_released
  - Release 0.82.2
  - Mention in NEWS that API docs are generated by default
  - Reorganise README to reflect that API docs are generated
    by default
  - Mention incompatibility with 0.82.1 more prominently
  - Check for epydoc version >= 3, and default to building API docs
    if available
  - Update NEWS to mention #11623 fix
  - Add rel_path_keyword to @method (fd.o #11623)
  - Avoid deprecated API in cross-test
  - Fix introspection on objects with more than one connection or
    more than one object path (bugs.fd.o #11794)
  - NEWS: mention the solved build problems related to
  - Re-fix checking for Python include paths. Use $PYTHON-config
    like in 0.82.1 if we can, use the hard-coded logic from
    versions prior to 0.82.0 if we can't.
  - Complete the .m4 renaming
  - Move dbus-py-add-rst2htmlflag.m4 to jh-add-cflag.m4 - the
    contents of two of the .m4 files were the opposite of what
    they should be
  - Move jh-add-cflag.m4 to dbuspy-add-rst2htmlflag.m4 - the
    contents of two of the .m4 files were the opposite of what
    they should be
  - Revert "Use python-config to get Python cppflags (patch from
    Ubuntu, fd.o #11282)."
  - Python < 2.5 didn't have python-config (although some
    distributions, e.g. Debian and Ubuntu, shipped it as an
    add-on). Even for 2.5, some distributions install it under
    gratuitously different names (hi, Gentoo). As a result, this
    patch needs replacing with one that doesn't rely on having
  - _dbus_bindings/mainloop.c: Remove Watch and Timeout.
    They were never used, and didn't make a great deal of sense.
    I now believe the right direction for pure-Python mainloop
    support is to define a Pythonic main loop abstraction and
    coerce libdbus to fit into it, rather than pretending the
    objects in libdbus' abstraction are Python objects.
  - NEWS: update with timeout fix
  - Measure async call timeout in seconds as intended, not in
    ms (blocking calls already used seconds). Add regression tests
  - test-client: Avoid deprecated usage - explicitly pass
    SessionBus() to BusName ctor
  - Try to avoid importing things from _dbus_bindings when they
    could be imported from public API
  - Bump version to 0.82.1.YYYYMMDD
  - Avoid cpp directives inside macro calls, to be nice to old
    gcc versions
  - NEWS, 0.82.1, the "double precision" release
  - Use PyArg_ParseTuple correctly, fixing the timeout in
    send_message_with_reply and send_message_with_reply_and_block.
    (bugs.fd.o #11489; thanks to Marco Pesenti Gritti for report
    and initial patch)
  - Unset dbus_python_released
  - .gitignore: ignore patch(1) cruft, and detached signatures
    for the release tarballs
  - dbus.proxies: If making a call with ignore_reply=True, don't
    block for introspection
    as public API in dbus.lowlevel
  - Get stacklevel right on deprecation of not specifying bus in
  - _dbus_bindings: add DBUS_INTROSPECT_1_0_XML_DOCTYPE_DECL_NODE
  - Avoid using deprecated dbus_watch_get_fd()
  - dbus.service: Deprecate the omission of the `bus` argument in
    the BusName constructor.
  - Explicit is better than implicit.
  - Stop using interactive-Python syntax in tutorial to reduce
    user confusion. Closes bugs.fd.o #11209.

Tue Jun 19 19:08:38 CEST 2007 -

- new upstream version 0.82.0 (skipped 0.80.2 and 0.81.0)
  - dbus.service.Object can start off with no Connection or object path, and
    become exported later. If suitable class attributes are set, objects can
    even be exported on multiple connections, or with multiple object-paths,
    or both.
  - dbus.service.FallbackObject implements a whole subtree of object-path space
    (fd.o #9295).
  - ``@method`` accepts a parameter ``connection_keyword`` so methods can find
    out which connection to use for any follow-up actions.
  - ``@signal`` has a new parameter ``rel_path_keyword`` which gets the path at
    which to emit the signal, relative to the path of the FallbackObject.
    ``path_keyword`` is now deprecated, and will raise an exception if used
    on an object with ``SUPPORTS_MULTIPLE_OBJECT_PATHS``, including any
- update to 0.81.0
  - When an Error message on the bus is represented as a DBusException, the
    error name is copied into the exception and can be retrieved by
    get_dbus_name(). Exception handlers should use this instead of looking at
    the stringified form of the exception, unless backwards compatibility
    is needed.
  - DBusException objects now get all arguments from the Error message, not
    just the first (although there will usually only be one). Use the 'args'
    attribute if you need to retrieve them.
  - The Connection, BusConnection and Bus classes have a method
    list_exported_child_objects(path: str) -> list of str, which wraps
  - You can remove objects from D-Bus before they become unreferenced, by
    using dbus.service.Object.remove_from_connection()
- update to 0.80.2
  - Fix numerous memory and reference leaks
  - Only use -Werror if the user specifically asks for it
  - Audit tp_dealloc callbacks to make sure they correctly preserve the
    exception state
  - Relicense files solely owned by Collabora Ltd. more permissively (LGPL/AFL
    rather than GPL/AFL) - this includes the tutorial and all the C code

Fri Mar  9 12:06:50 CET 2007 -

- add python-xml to 'Requires' 

Sun Mar  4 20:46:40 CET 2007 -

- fix completely broken build
- new package: dbus-1-python-devel 

Thu Mar  1 12:18:55 CET 2007 -

- new upstream version 0.80.1
- drop patch dbus-python_bindings_fix.diff 

Mon Nov  6 15:54:33 CET 2006 -

- loosen dependency to D-Bus  

Mon Sep 25 12:51:53 CEST 2006 -

- add %{py_requires} (b.n.c #207919) 

Tue Aug  1 23:03:57 CEST 2006 -

- new upstream version 0.71

Tue Aug  1 23:03:23 CEST 2006 -

- split out binings to sparate spec files
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