File kiwi-rpmlintrc of Package kiwi.4750

# kiwi needs xsltproc to convert older config.xml files to the current schema
addFilter("explicit-lib-dependency libxslt")

# kiwi includes hidden md5 sums for its boot images
addFilter("hidden-file-or-dir /usr/share/kiwi/image/.*\/\.checksum.md5")

# kiwi includes the SVN revision of this build as hidden file
addFilter("hidden-file-or-dir /usr/share/kiwi/.revision")

# kiwi includes pub keys in .ssh as hidden file
addFilter("hidden-file-or-dir /usr/share/kiwi/image/.*/.*/root/root/.ssh")

# don't apply perl naming policy on kiwi
addFilter("kiwi.* perl5-naming-policy-not-applied")

# don't care for zero length .bs files

# don't check for file duplicates
addFilter("cross-directory-hard-link .*")

# don't check for locale locations, they are used in the initrd only
addFilter("file-not-in-%lang .*")

# don't check for included file deps in doc example descriptions
addFilter("W: doc-file-dependency .*")

# don't check for repeated names as they are set by pdb not by spec
addFilter("W: name-repeated-in-summary .*")

# don't check for manual page of binaries used in initrd only
addFilter("W: no-manual-page-for-binary dcounter");
addFilter("W: no-manual-page-for-binary startshell");
addFilter("W: no-manual-page-for-binary utimer");
addFilter("W: no-manual-page-for-binary driveready");

# kiwi master package can't be noarch if sub packages are arch specific
addFilter("W: no-binary");

# allow hidden kiwirc file for the tests
addFilter("W: hidden-file-or-dir /usr/share/kiwi/tests/unit/.kiwirc")
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