File libgit2-dont-test-rc4.patch of Package libgit2.9827

commit 45a2ee3f401d0e2f23d84b987099e0dc34a68117
Author: Carlos Martín Nieto <>
Date:   Mon Jan 9 17:53:21 2017 +0000

    https: don't test that RC4 is invalid
    None of our crypto backends actually reject RC4 as a cipher so don't
    test for it and instead keep it as something we'd like to do.

diff --git a/tests/online/badssl.c b/tests/online/badssl.c
index 6dacc18..aa4c24d 100644
--- a/tests/online/badssl.c
+++ b/tests/online/badssl.c
@@ -67,6 +67,9 @@ void test_online_badssl__old_cipher(void)
 	git_clone_options opts = GIT_CLONE_OPTIONS_INIT;
 	opts.fetch_opts.callbacks.certificate_check = cert_check_assert_invalid;
+	/* FIXME: we don't actually reject RC4 anywhere, figure out what to tweak */
+	cl_skip();
 	if (!g_has_ssl)
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