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@@ -35,28 +35,10 @@ lio-utils are deprecated and have been s
 Starting the Target
-lio-utils will install an init.d script in /etc/init.d/target. Calling
-/etc/init.d/target start mounts Target/configFS and loads the
-target_core_mod. Upon successfully starting up the first time, you
-should see the following:
-target:~# /etc/init.d/target start
-Loading target_core_mod/ConfigFS core:   [OK]
-And the following will appear in the kernel ring buffer (dmesg) and
-klogd output in /var/log:
-TARGET_CORE[0]: Loading Generic Kernel Storage Engine: v3.0.0 on Linux/i686 on 2.6.30
-TARGET_CORE[0]: Initialized ConfigFS Fabric Infrastructure: v1.0.0 on Linux/i686 on 2.6.30
-SE_PC[0] - Registered Plugin Class: TRANSPORT
-PLUGIN_TRANSPORT[1] - pscsi registered
-PLUGIN_TRANSPORT[2] - stgt registered
-CORE_STGT[0]: Bus Initalization complete
-PLUGIN_TRANSPORT[4] - iblock registered
-PLUGIN_TRANSPORT[5] - rd_mcp registered
-PLUGIN_TRANSPORT[6] - fileio registered
-SE_PC[1] - Registered Plugin Class: OBJ
-PLUGIN_OBJ[1] - dev registered
+lio-utils uses systemd to manage it's the service it provides. Calling
+"systemctl start target" mounts target/configfs and loads the
+target_core_mod. Running "systemctl status target" should show you
+that the service has started correctly.
 Configuring the Target
@@ -204,14 +186,14 @@ Successfully created TCM/ConfigFS storag
 Displaying the Target status
-The status of the live Target can be displayed with /etc/init.d/target
-status, which calls tcm_node --listhbas to show the current
+The status of the live Target can be displayed with the target_status
+script, which calls tcm_node --listhbas to show the current
 Target/configFS storage objects. Here is the target status after
 successfully registering the Linux/BLOCK, Linux/pSCSI, Linux/VFS and
 Target/RAMDISK objects with individual calls to tcm_node --block,
 --scsi, --scsibyudev, --fileio, and --ramdisk:
-target:~# /etc/init.d/target status
+target:~# target_status
 [---------------------------] TCM/ConfigFS Status [----------------------------]
 \------> rc_mcp_0
         HBA Index: 3 plugin: rc_mcp version: v1.0.0
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