File mailman-2.1.5-no_extra_asian.dif of Package mailman.15639

--- misc/
+++ misc/
@@ -70,14 +70,14 @@
 # In a normal interactive Python environment, the japanese.pth and korean.pth
 # files would be imported automatically.  But because we inhibit the importing
 # of the site module, we need to be explicit about importing these codecs.
-if not jaok:
-    import japanese
+# if not jaok:
+#    import japanese
 # As of KoreanCodecs 2.0.5, you had to do the second import to get the Korean
 # codecs installed, however leave the first import in there in case an upgrade
 # changes this.
-if not kook:
-    import korean
-    import korean.aliases
+# if not kook:
+#     import korean
+#    import korean.aliases
 # Arabic and Hebrew (RFC-1556) encoding aliases. (temporary solution)
 import encodings.aliases
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