File of Package mvapich2.4642

# This script has to be run prior to a check-in if changes were done
# to spec and/or changes
sed -e "s,^\(Name:.*mvapich2\),\1-testsuite," mvapich2.spec > mvapich2-testsuite.spec
sed -e "s,^\(Name:.*mvapich2\),\1-psm," mvapich2.spec > mvapich2-psm.spec
sed -e "s,^\(Name:.*mvapich2\),\1-psm2," mvapich2.spec > mvapich2-psm2.spec
cp mvapich2.changes mvapich2-testsuite.changes
cp mvapich2.changes mvapich2-psm.changes
cp mvapich2.changes mvapich2-psm2.changes

osc service localrun format_spec_file
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