File README.SUSE of Package ndiswrapper


Setting up ndiswrapper with SUSE Linux 10.2 requires the following

(1) Get an NDIS driver for your wireless network adapter. See for lists of supported
    chipsets and driver links.

(2) Each driver consists of a <driver>.inf file and one or more
    DLLS. As superuser, install the driver with "ndiswrapper 
    -i <driver>.inf". This copies the driver to a directory below

(3) Load the ndiswrapper module with "modprobe ndiswrapper". The
    system log /var/log/messages will indicate success or failure.

(4) To ensure that ndiswrapper will always use the same network
    interface name, call "ndiswrapper -m". This step is optional;
    usually ndiswrapper will not change to a different interface.

(5) Configure the wireless network adapter in YaST, Network Devices,
    Network Card. Choose "Other", Device Type = Wireless, Configuration
    Name = 0, Module Name = ndiswrapper. Leave the other fields to
    their defaults. Configure the wireless settings.
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